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  1. Tony Swinney

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    Nice plants Dave - I think I might have a go at this :D Thanks for posting. Tony
  2. Tony Swinney

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    No worries Dave, maybe you could bring it along to Dans BBQ :wink: :D Good to chat with you on Saturday - if you can remember :lol: Tony
  3. Tony Swinney

    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    Love it Dave - I'd like to try something like this in the future so I'll be watching your thread ! How much water do you need in there - just covering the gravel or up to the height of the pots ? Good luck with it ! Cheers Tony
  4. Tony Swinney

    My emersed setup

    Wow ! How cool is that set up - looks like a whole new world of fun, though I dont know a thing about it (yet) :D Great post, I look forward to seeing more. Cheers Tony