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  1. Tony Swinney

    Tonys 200l "Horatio's Cave" - #175 IAPLC 2013

    Hi, Ive been meaning to start a journal of this tank for some time, but life has been awfully busy for the past few months - hence my general absence from the forum :( Anyhows, this tank is the 200L optiwhite that was previously Peacocks Crypt Tonys 'Peacocks Crypt' - The End | UK Aquatic...
  2. Tony Swinney

    Tonys 'Peacocks Crypt' - The End

    [EDIT] You can miss out all of the pre-scape ramblings by jumping to half way down page5 when the fun starts :D :D :D [EDIT] Hi all This is more of a pre-journal at this stage really ! I’ve just bought an Osaka 260 set up to build my first proper planted tank, but having decided that I...