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  1. ian_m

    Split filter between 2 tanks

    This is one way of doing one filter and two tanks. Still has a failure mode of if connecting pipe gets blocked it will pump the 2nd tanks contents in to the first and onto the floor !!! Personally buy two smaller filters, one for each tank, then if pipes get blocked etc nothing will empty out...
  2. ian_m

    Boosting pump?

    No no. You can't run pumps like this in parallel. The failure mode for this is if the Eheim filter gets blocked or pump fails, the other pump may force water backwards through the filter, pushing all the debris/detritus etc out through the other pump and into the tank, defeating the purpose of...
  3. ian_m

    Boosting pump?

    No you can't put pumps in series, without causing issues to one or other of the pumps. One of the pumps may over power the other pump and damage it, this normally shows itself with the impellor being demagnetised on the pump that is being "forced" faster than it wants to run. Much better is a...
  4. ian_m

    Filters timed to turn off at night for 2-3 hrs

    I once had my filter on a timer, that turned off 7pm till 11pm when we were in the lounge, where the tank is, so that the room was 100% quite for TV watching. However once or twice the timer came on but the filter pump did not start, just sat there and buzzed, no water flowing. I either heard...
  5. ian_m

    Silicone Hose

    Because silicone tubing has quite a few issues: It is very very expensive compared to standard PVC/polyurethane tubing. Quality silicone is maybe 10 times more expensive. Silicone is hard to clamp and can suffer from creep if using standard jubilee type clips, especially if the wall is thick...
  6. ian_m

    Experiences with canister filters in a power outage?

    My tank went for 3 days with no power after a substation neutral fault tripped our house RCD whilst I was away. Tank dropped to 15'C odd, but once power was restored all seemed OK. Was winter and house was about 8'C inside which was a nice welcome to come home to.
  7. ian_m

    Power Outage

    I had 3 days one winter, when a neutral fault at substation tripped the house RCD whilst I was away. Tank was 15'C but all recovered once power was returned. No change to plants and fish.
  8. ian_m

    Measured amount of water required fast

    The bigger peristaltic pumps will do 11ml per RPM so at 300rpm will dose 100ml in about 2 seconds. BUT will probably not be very accurate and more importantly cost £600....:(
  9. ian_m

    Measured amount of water required fast

    Perfect for high flow peristaltic pump, used by the marine boys to continuously change water. Peristaltic pump removes 100ml of water in a couple of mins to a drain, every so often and another pump (with float valve to stop over fill) pumps replacement water from premixed 50G drum located miles...
  10. ian_m

    Measured amount of water required fast

    peristaltic pump mini 220 series - wmcpumps.com The 30rpm 3 roller pump here (@240v) will pump 35ml per minute (1.18ml per rev), so run for 3 minutes give 100ml odd. I have seen these type high flow peristaltic pumps used in the marine world, to remove a quantity of dirty water and pump a set...
  11. ian_m

    Change water filter system

    Sponge from old filter in new filter, leave a couple of weeks, job done.
  12. ian_m

    Spraybar for bottom back

    Something like this for two filters and CO2 is how you do it.
  13. ian_m

    Spraybar for bottom back

    This is the standard preferred easiest and safest option as it keeps the two filters completely separate from each other. Just clean each filter alternately, job done. You can either make your own long length spray bar from PVC pipe or join together the two filters supplied spray bars with a...
  14. ian_m

    Filter still cycled?

    I went for 3 days once after a power cut. "Cycle" ext. canister before use? This is also why if you have an electric car charge point YOU MUST have a PEN device (protective earth neutral) fitted that will detect the missing neutral (and/or earth) to substation and isolate the supply. If a PEN...
  15. ian_m

    Oase BioMaster Thermo External Filter

    You would to find a 60Hz to 50Hz converter unit, they do exist, maybe not too expensive as not much power is required. You could just try running it on 60Hz, it will just run faster, hopefully shouldn't be too much of an an issue. Or get a 60Hz 110V US model and a low cost 230V to 110V...
  16. ian_m

    Reducing flow - intake or outflow?

    If using a valve to reduce filter flow, generally and flow reducing valve should be on the output. If reducing flow on the input the pumps impellor can cavitate and/or pull air out of the water, end up making a noise, making the filter "burp" air, reducing the cooling water flow around the...
  17. ian_m

    Watercooling pump as pump ?

    Just have to be careful as some pumps are designed to "push" water far far better than they can pull. In fish world it is better to "pull" after the filter so you are pumping cleaner water.
  18. ian_m

    Eheim filter flow ratings?

    Most reputable filter manufacturers show some form of "actual rate", but some do stretch it a bit, like FX5 below. Why on earth would you be interested in "filter circulation" with no filtration media ????
  19. ian_m

    Eheim filter flow ratings?

    JBL actually specify their cannister filter rates WITH practical usable lengths of hose and filter filled with their media. Also state that the pump rate, as "on the box", is in fact for the pump running with no hoses of media.
  20. ian_m

    hi I'm dave

    Keep it simple and keep the filter separate. Joining together filter input and filter output hoses is a big no-no. If one filter is more powerful (or less blocked) than the other then it can push water the wrong way through the weaker filter. Couple of people have had a "wipe out" where the...
  21. ian_m

    Seeding a new filter

    When I got a replacement 2nd filter, I just connected it up to the tank, no transferring of media. Next water change a week later the filter was rather dirty which was a shock/surprise....
  22. ian_m

    JBL Filter Leaking

    Media baskets stacked correctly. Media baskets not stacked correctly. Guess which one will leak if you force it closed....😷
  23. ian_m

    JBL Filter Leaking

    I have also had leaks where I trapped a plant stem/plant bits in the filter seal and it leaked slowly. Yes and no. When you take the detachable pipes off, the water left "behind the valves" drops out and, yes does get into the pump head, but generally is not much. If you are detaching the...
  24. ian_m

    JBL Filter Leaking

    You haven't stacked the internal media baskets properly. When the media baskets are stacked correctly the pump head rests with about 1-2mm gap all round, closing to 0mm when clips are closed. If you stack the baskets incorrectly there will be greater than 1-2mm gap on one end, but using the...
  25. ian_m

    Juwel eccoflow 600

    The latest datasheet for the Rio 240 says it comes with EccoFlow 600. I fitted a 1000l/hr Juwel pump to my Vision 180 and whilst it did give greater flow, tended to end up completely compressing & blocking the filter material, leading to the impellor shaft wearing away and a lot of noise...
  26. ian_m

    Remote Filtration

    With a new tank with an overflow this is the way to go with remote filtration, as it is automatically balances. Pump runs slow, overflow overflows slow... pumps runs fast overflow overflows fast, all self balancing. Upon pump failure water flows into sump until tank level drops and the tank...
  27. ian_m

    Remote Filtration

    Nice idea, but numerous issues to be considered/worked around. Balancing the system will be hard if not impossible with two pumps, you are almost guaranteed to end up with the pumps "hunting" (stop starting), a very common scenario with multiple pumps and control switches. Pumps are not happy...
  28. ian_m

    Remote Filtration

    Not really fail safe. Normal fail safe in sumps is passive, there is extra volume in both the sump and tank to take "extra" water. The water to the sump MUST come from an overflow, no pumping allowed. If the pump fails, water flows from tank and fills the sump, taking up the extra volume you...
  29. ian_m

    Remote Filtration

    The "marine big boys" do remote filtration all the time. Generally will be some form of overflow to a sump, then pumped remotely to filtration and then back into the tank. Much better as pump is pushing, so no chance of cavitation and you can get a pump that will work pumping along long lengths...
  30. ian_m

    Remote Filtration

    Unfortunately the above system will not work (other than the impossibility of cleaning the pipes and maybe even getting air out the pipes). The FX series manuals states: People have exceed this and if inlet is too long the pump will cavitate and if outlet is too long you will serious reduce...
  31. ian_m

    Is there a negative

    Yes connecting pipes is a big no no, as you say. There is a fatal failure mode. If the combined outlet gets blocked or flow severely reduced or even one filter is off there is a chance that the more powerful (or running) filter will overcome the other one, forcing water and all the filter...
  32. ian_m

    quieter alternative for JBL

    I have had exactly the same problem with my 8 year old e1501 installed in my Vision 180 cabinet, I am sure over the years it got louder and more and more noticeable. I can't believe when I first installed it in 2012 I would have allowed something so noisy in my lounge. So: I got a new impeller...
  33. ian_m

    Spray Bar and Tall Background Plants

    The only issue with your setup, inlet on left feeding spray bar on right is you will have exceptionally long (possibly too long) section of piping, "crossing over the flows". Any extra lengths of piping reduces the flow from the nice expensive filters you have purchased. So you would probably be...
  34. ian_m

    Clear spraybar

    One issue with a clear spray bar, as I found out when I messed around with prototyping clear PVC spray bars, is that they are near the top of the tank, near the lights and almost instantly suffer from unsightly green algae growing on both inside and outside. This is probably way spray bars are...
  35. ian_m

    CristalProfi greenline

    You need to replace the O-rings shown here. When they wear/harden water leaks into the head assembly. When you tip the pump head up it leaks water from arrowed points below, as water has been leaking past the O-rings into the pump head body. I think the O-rings are 15mm x 2.5mm. I have a...
  36. ian_m

    Filter opinion

    This is how you incorporate an 16/22mm inline heater into larger diameter pipework without affecting the flow. See the 3rd picture in the link below of Zeus's monster tank. You do the same with CO2 injector as well.... https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/olympus-is-calling.43046/page-3#post-475073
  37. ian_m

    Estimate flow loss when reducing pipe diameter?

    This is how you connect smaller diameter "devices" (diffuser below) in a larger pipe. This is Zeus's from his tank. https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/olympus-is-calling.43046/page-3#post-475073 The bypass allows flow around the diffuser, with the valve controlling the amount flowing in the...
  38. ian_m

    Which JBL Filter (or alternative)

    I use only 1/2 the ceramics in the 3 trays in mine, as flow is more important than actual filtration. Mine is an older e1501 with 3 ceramic trays. I have an "UP" diffuser on the filter output as well. Can you remove 1/2 the filter foams if yours is the new e1501 ? This is the tray arrangement...
  39. ian_m

    Which JBL Filter (or alternative)

    I designed and used the dosing pumps as I would have been away for over 3 weeks in summer 2012, which probably meant no tank "fiddling" for over 5 weeks. This was my original design in 2012. https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/diy-dual-peristaltic-dosing-pump-with-alternate-switching.22332/...
  40. ian_m

    Which JBL Filter (or alternative)

    This is what the e1501 looks like in the left hand cabinet. I moved the shelf up, to hold all the mains plugs from my PLC tank controller (and air pump, not shown in the picture). In the right hand cupboard I have my dosing pumps, again controlled via PLC. Dosing pipes terminate through the...
  41. ian_m

    Which JBL Filter (or alternative)

    Yes. Issue was caused by taller plants blocking/stopping the circular flow. Proved by placing a drop checker (attached to a stone) in the algae area and seeing it stayed blue'ish despite turning green elsewhere in the tank. Cured by a combination of power head and trimming plants. And yes the...
  42. ian_m

    Which JBL Filter (or alternative)

    I have a Vision 180 and the biggest filter I could find that would fit in the cabinet (without removing doors, cutting holes etc) was the JBL e1501. This is the flow I get. I also used a 3200l/hr power head as I was getting BBA in certain areas, due to insufficient CO2 distribution and flow...
  43. ian_m

    Product Review JBL CristalProfi e1500 Review (Picture Heavy)

    Well I received a complete pump head replacement for my 8 year old e1501, well done JBL. This is the "newer" model pump head that has the "distributer" plate that doesn't require exact positioning of the thin rubber gasket on the internal trays. Not sure it is 100% as whisper quiet as my old...
  44. ian_m

    Product Review JBL CristalProfi e1500 Review (Picture Heavy)

    Well....further news. After raising a support ticket with JBL about my very noisy e1501 filter, despite it being nearly 8 years old, they are sending me a replacement pump head. Well I never. Shame I had to buy a replacement e1502 in the mean time, but then I was not happy leaving a noisy and...
  45. ian_m

    Product Review JBL CristalProfi e1500 Review (Picture Heavy)

    That's strange, can't easily see how the water can bypass any of the trays if assembled correctly. My bottom ceramic rings were definitely in the flow and absolutely filthy with yuk. I know there were numerous small changes from 1500 series to e1501 series and finally e1502 series. Told you...
  46. ian_m

    Product Review JBL CristalProfi e1500 Review (Picture Heavy)

    Resurrecting and old thread.... (see update couple of messages below about JBL sending me a replacement e1501 pump head !!). Well my e1501, bought in Feb 2012 (so nearly 8 years old), started making quite a load hum/buzz. Water flow unaffected (I think) but sufficiently loud to be not...
  47. ian_m

    Tank circulation help

    External JBLe1501 and internal Juwel 600l/hr.
  48. ian_m

    Tank circulation help

    I changed my Juwel 600l/hr to 1000l/hr pump head, basically so I wouldn't need to possibly purchase an external filter and it was a bit of disaster. - The pump head was so powerful is "collapsed" the sponges in the filter, thus seriously reducing the output flow rate. - When collapsed the...
  49. ian_m

    Small pump and heater for water changes

    Which is another reason why the copper does not and cannot dissolve. There are a couple of cases where there can be copper issues. In the 70's and early 80's copper pipe was drawn using graphite as a lubricant and due to improper practice (not cleaning correctly) ended up with granules of...
  50. ian_m

    Small pump and heater for water changes

    If your tap water contained copper dissolved from copper pipes, all our houses would be flooded after the pipes dissolved after many years. My parents house was replumbed in the 60's and no sign of missing copper pipes after 60 years.
  51. ian_m

    Will this work

    Well spotted, absolutely correct, it will syphon the tank contents into your sump and onto the floor if you accidently over fill your tank.
  52. ian_m

    Will this work

    Couple of issues I can see straight away... 1. Cleaning the in tank piping is not easy (or safe !!!). This is why people have overflow type piping (outlet at water level) or "over the rim" type syphons, so can easily be cleaned without any risk of tank emptying whilst they are cleaning. 2...
  53. ian_m

    Central heating / circulation pumps

    Thank you. In this day and expensive age it is worth spending a little time checking these things out. I don't mind paying a little more in the beginning if its cheaper in the long run. My JBLe1501 filter @1400l/hr is only 23W which compared to older JBL models, and other manufacturers older...
  54. ian_m

    Effect of changing pipework diameter

    Friction on dirty walls of pipe. You will be devastatingly surprised how much your filter flow rate increases when you brush out the filter piping. I use a JBL Cleany, I got for a couple of quid 2nd hand on Ebay. http://www.jbl.de/en/products/detail/2457/jbl-cleany No problem should not affect...
  55. ian_m

    Spraybar and skimmer inlet

    I don't get a surface film. Usually a surface film is an strong indication something is out of balance in the tank. Surface film can occur in new tanks as plants/water/substrate "settles down" and in mature tanks is a sign plants are suffering releasing organics (oil) into the water. You need...
  56. ian_m

    Effect of changing pipework diameter

    Sorry looks like dreaming....again....:D. The head height is only relevant if both ends of the system are open ie you are pumping water from a bucket on the floor into your tank. A cannister filter and CH system are closed systems and pumping head height is not really relevant as the head height...
  57. ian_m

    Spraybar and skimmer inlet

    Not too sure where you have got these kind of half truths from ? A spray bar, positioned slight below the surface of the water, is one on the most excellent ways of getting decent water flow and distribution around the whole of a tank. This is even more so if you are injecting CO2 via an inline...
  58. ian_m

    Effect of changing pipework diameter

    Nope not true. Gravity has absolutely no effect in a closed loop circulation in a canister filter situation. Gravity & syphoning only come into effect when the lower end of a pipe is open to atmosphere, which in a canister filter it is not. The pump in a cannister filter has only got to...
  59. ian_m

    Central heating / circulation pumps

    You do need to consider running cost as central heating pumps are not that efficient in terms of water volume pumped per watt power consumed. So for my electric @ 17p / KWhr, yearly running cost for a 2400l/hr central heating pump, consuming 48Watts is 365 * 24 * 0.17 * 48/1000 -> £71. For an...
  60. ian_m

    Central heating / circulation pumps

    Corrosion prevention. These mods have been done for years, my mate had a reef tank in late 80's and he used Gundfoss central heating pumps along with the plastic replacement end as his main circulation pumps. The clever thing is the impellor is magnetically coupled thus no sealed rotating...
  61. ian_m

    Use of ascorbic acid and potassium sorbate

    Also ascorbic acid drops pH making the potassium sorbate a better preservative/anti-mould agent.
  62. ian_m

    Recommend a filter for 260l

    The FX4 (and FX6) are wonderfully powerful filters @ 1700l/hr for FX4 and would be adequate turn over for your 260l tank along with say powerhead. The x10 rule applies to manufacturers "on the box" values for tank capacity and filter flow rate takes into account the fact that actual tank volume...
  63. ian_m

    Pump with good head height

    I use a Eheim 1002 (1000l/hr, head 2m) to pump warmed water from a keg next to my tank. I use thick wall 16/22m PVC pipe as connecting pipe so it doesn't kink. Works fine. I also use a JBL u750 pump, connected to a length of hose pipe to pump waste water out window at front of house onto the lawn.
  64. ian_m

    Bacteria life

    After a power failure one Xmas, a substation neutral fault, everyone on my estates house RCB's tripped. Power was restored after couple of hours, but we were away and only came back 3 days later to reset house RCB. Fish water temperature was 15 odd, anyway all powered on fine, fish were ok after...
  65. ian_m

    New filter - which one?

    https://www.finest-filters.co.uk/ I have bought Juwel compatible foams from them, work fine.
  66. ian_m

    New filter - which one?

    I am going to give my JBL e1501 a minus one point in recommendations (leave all the pluses, low power, quite, easy to clean, excellent pipe locks, fits in cupboard etc). Yesterday, during water change I popped it open to clean the coarse sponge, put it all back in cupboard, re-applied power and...
  67. ian_m

    New filter - which one?

    Below JBL e1501 in left hand cupboard of Juwel Vision 180 stand.
  68. ian_m

    New filter - which one?

    I would choose the biggest filter you can get in your cabinet. I spent ages measuring, finding dimensions etc and eventually went for e1501 as it was biggest that would fit into Juwel Vision 180 cabinet without having to modify the stand. I could have got a larger filter in, but then would have...
  69. ian_m

    New filter - which one?

    Looks like the e1502 uses different sponges and water path in uppermost filter basket. With the e1501 I have, the water flows through the inlet pipes, through the coarse filters labelled F1, down the sides of the baskets to the bottom and back up through all the trays. I tend to rinse the...
  70. ian_m

    New filter - which one?

    The newer JBLe1502 is only 20Watts. This is 20/1000 * 0.17 * 24 * 365 -> £30 a year to run (@17p per unit electricity). Some considerably cheaper equivalent flow filters take much more power eg APS1400 is only £60 (compared to £160 for e1502) but 35Watts thus costs £53 a year to run, £20 odd...
  71. ian_m

    New filter - which one?

    JBL e1501. 1400l/hr. Standard 16/22 piping. Fits neatly in Juwel Vision 180 cabinet. Pipes fit neatly in cut out at rear of tank. Any more questions ?
  72. ian_m

    Clear Vinyl tubing for the filter.

    Yes safe (sure you mean vinyl ? not PVC). Cheaper stuff does harden due to light exposure after a year or two. Ebay has plenty of PVC tube that is relatively light safe.
  73. ian_m

    Santa Monica Filtration

    Clearly for marine tanks with sumps where you wish to remove nitrates and phosphates. Also needs an air supply, to act as an air lift to pull water through, which would quickly degas any CO2.
  74. ian_m

    Filter bacteria

    One Christmas whilst we were away our estate had a neutral fault at the substation which tripped the house RCD on virtually the whole estate. The fault was cleared pretty quickly, apparently, but no one was at home to reset our RCD. We got home about 10 minutes after our house alarm went off due...
  75. ian_m

    Thoughts on spraybar direction

    You can make your own needle wheel impellor. https://barrreport.com/threads/needle-wheel-diy-modifications.5683/ https://barrreport.com/threads/most-efficient-diy-needle-wheel.6981/#post-54697 Quick Google returns loads of ways reefers modify standard pump. 3D printer clearly helps in some cases.
  76. ian_m

    Inlet strainer for 20mm pipe

    Please share as I'm looking for an inlet filter/shrimp strainer for a larger diameter intake pipe. Best I have found are strainers for beer making, they are available in quite large sizes.
  77. ian_m

    Thoughts on spraybar direction

    You need a valve in the bypass so you can control the flow going via the CO2 loop, like as in Zeus's setup. https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/olympus-is-calling-aps-ef2-with-venturi-fitted.43046/#post-461575
  78. ian_m

    Flow amd co2 reactors

    I have 5600l/hr in my 180l tank, x30 rate and fish have no problem going where ever they like in the tank.
  79. ian_m

    Using Pressurized oxygen instead of air pump?

    Hmm. Pressurised oxygen is quite dangerous, unless you know what you are doing. Rubber and many plastics are attacked by 100% O2. Grease/oil spontaneously combust. So 100% O2 has no place in fish tank.
  80. ian_m

    External filter for flow or powerhead

    How to do CO2 with two filters.
  81. ian_m

    Running two filters through single hoses

    This is how you use two filters with CO2 injection on a tank.
  82. ian_m

    Running two filters through single hoses

    No. The pressure at the joint of the two filters and inlet pipe will be the same when the remaining working pump is pumping (obvious really !!), thus there will be the same pressure difference between the plain intake and intake of the non working filter. A pressure difference causes water to...
  83. ian_m

    Running two filters through single hoses

    No, the water doesn't stay in the non working filter. The working filter will draw the water backwards through the non working filter, thus pulling out all the carefully filtered detritus into the working filter.
  84. ian_m

    Gravity water flow

    Depends on the pressure ie head of water above the open pipe.
  85. ian_m

    Seachem Purigen Will Be Render Useless By Dechlorinator?

    Purigen is only affected by dechlorinators that have things like anti-slime coat in. Seachem Prime doesn't have issues. I have been using Prime and Purigen for years and Purigen still works after "recharge". I also rinse the Purigen, after soaking in bleach, with strong Prime solution to remove...
  86. ian_m

    reverse osmosis pump

    The pump says 24V DC, so it is highly likely that polarity must be observed. You should be able, using fine pliers or other "proddy type instrument" be able to insert down the sides of the pump lead contacts, to release the contacts from their housing. They can then be re-inserted the other way...
  87. ian_m

    Holiday Disaster: 200+ Litres on Floor

    I think at that point it is getting far too complicated and liable to have some other "room flooding" failure method. What about a water leak and a power failure ? Most people just have continuous runs of pipe from tank inlets/outlets to filter. Obviously, as we know inserting devices into...
  88. ian_m

    Holiday Disaster: 200+ Litres on Floor

    No good, as the water will simply syphon through the now turned off filter. Any "outlet", "crack", "opening" to the air, in tubing/fixings below tank surface level, will always let water flow. You could, if really worried, put the whole diffuser in a water filter cartridge housing, though you...
  89. ian_m

    Holiday Disaster: 200+ Litres on Floor

    Surely the filter will just keep on pumping, until its inlet, low in the tank (eg 75mm as in your case) is exposed. This will happen regardless of any one way valves fitted to the system. Even turning the filter off, after detecting a leak won't help as the water will simply syphon out of the...
  90. ian_m

    Holiday Disaster: 200+ Litres on Floor

    That won't work, as the water will simple syphon through the filter and out onto the floor before the anti-return valve. Also nobody has really made a reliable anti-return valve that works with "dirty water". This is the only case I have ever heard of, of a CO2 diffuser breaking, when not due...
  91. ian_m

    Return Pump Check Valve Problem

    You can't really ever put a non return valve in dirty water supplies, they will always find something to jam them eg snails, plants, limescale etc. Industrially you would use a motorised (or spring loaded) valve to prevent dirty water back flow in dirty water. You need to explain more why you...
  92. ian_m

    External filter Size

    The x10 rule is for actual "on the box" tank size and the actual "on the box" filter size. So the Fluval 106 meets this requirements fine. The x10 rule is to allow a generous margin of filter performance degradation due to dirty filter media. JBL state their JBL e702 @ "on the box" value of...
  93. ian_m

    pipe diameter, flow rate and velocity

    From the video I make it 2 x 9 (whole spray bar) + 6 (shortened spray bar) = 25 holes. This is a standard JBL 22mm spray bar.
  94. ian_m

    pipe diameter, flow rate and velocity

    Something like this, is what you are trying to achieve. This a JBLe1501 (1400l/hr) filter with slightly extended spray bar to cover the whole of the back of the tank. This creates circular flow across the top, down the front and across all the plants. I added a power head as I found there...
  95. ian_m

    Sump auto water changer

    Yes the marine boys do this to perform timed water changes. They prepare water in a container (dechlorinator & salt) and just pump into tank and allow the excess to overflow out into a drain. Issues you need to consider are: - 2nd drain/overflow in case primary drain gets blocked. - Emergency...
  96. ian_m

    Submersible pump for water changes?

    My Byron ones came from a combination of Amazon and Ebay. I still have them if you are interested, 6 of them and two remotes. The remotes also have time slots so can be used as a timer plug.
  97. ian_m

    Submersible pump for water changes?

    I used to use a JBLu750 (750l/hr) pump to pump 80 odd litres of warmed dechlorinated water from my kitchen, about 10 meters, to my tank. A standard UK sized hose pipe (12.5mm) pushes onto the u750 pump outlet. I used to fill two 40 litre tubs with water, added boiled water from kettle to warm...
  98. ian_m

    JBL 1500 won't prime anymore, please help.

    I just pour water into the inlet/outlet holes till full, rather than prime mine. Just reconnect pipes, apply power, allow to gurgle a bit and eventually all is fine.
  99. ian_m

    What filter would I need for the Aquascaper 900 tank?

    If you are going "high tech" (CO2 and/or liquid carbon) and high lights you are looking for a filter flow rate (as stated on box) of x10 the tank volume. So for your tank of about 190litres you are looking for minimum of 1900litres/hour. The x10 rule is what manufacturer states "on the box" and...
  100. ian_m

    Another flow topic :)

    I have my spray bar across the back of my tank and the Koralia on top front left pointing to front of tank. It creates a gentle plant movement across the front of the tank. Pointing too low and it starts shifting plants and substrate :eek: