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  1. RudeDogg1

    Nirite Snails sulking

    Is it normal for new nirites to sulk? Not had them before, other snails ive had over the years have never been fazed when they are added. My 3 are alive but barely moving 2 have been stuck to the glass in the same place since yestersay and the tird has moved about 1cm on a rock all day lol
  2. RudeDogg1

    Bleddy Nitrate test kits!

    Hi guys Ive been using a API master set which expires in 2024 Im not convinced my nitrate kit is working. Yeah I know they need alot of shaking Ive even been using my paint vortext mixer / shaker so they are more than shaken well. Everytime I test my tank it says its 5.0 ppm which it has done...
  3. RudeDogg1

    DIY Project Jerry can auto shut off

    Hi all Thought this may be helpful for some people. I just made an auto shut off for when filling my Jerry cans with RO. No need to drill the can, just the lid. All u need is a float switch, a 1/4” push-fit bulkhead, about an inch of pipe, and 2 1/4” elbows. Drill a hole in the middle of the...
  4. RudeDogg1

    Am I worrying over nothing?

    I’ve used mini landscape rock in my new scape. I had read that it raises KH and GH but I see loads of people use it so assumed it wasn’t much of a problem. I’m using RO remineralised. Will weekly water changes help control it? I’m just worried I’m not gonna be able to keep many types of fish. Am...
  5. RudeDogg1

    Flooded light cycle

    Hi guys, I flooded my tank yesterday but I’m not sure what I now do with the light cycle. It’s been on 12 hours from the start. Do I now gradually shorten it over a few days?
  6. RudeDogg1

    Anubias leafs dying

    Hi, I’m currently in the process of doing my first dry start. The last couple weeks I’ve noticed some of my Anubias leafs appear to be dying / discolouring. The rhizomes look firm and healthy. I did wonder if it’s because I added a tiny bit of ferts to my sprayer thinking it would help out the...
  7. RudeDogg1

    JBL solenoid

    I’m hoping someone can help me out. Could someone with an original JBL regulator solenoid either take a pic of the info printed on the back of the transformer or tell me what it says please?
  8. RudeDogg1

    Emersed / dry start newb question

    Hi guys, This is my first dry start tank and just wandered how long before they start rooting especially hc Cuba? Cheers
  9. RudeDogg1

    Twinstar dimmer timer oddness

    Hi guys Ive had my dry start going for a couple days and just noticed for some reason the dimmer is saying its currently at 86% time is currently 15:32 any Idea why its not at 100% which it sould of been since 11. I have it programmed as follows: 8:30 - 0% 9:00 - 25% 9:45 - 75% 10:30 - 100%...
  10. RudeDogg1

    Invetro plant question

    Invetro and tissue culture newb question. This is my first time buying invetro and tissue cultures. I thought they were the same thing? If they aren’t are invetro plants meant to come without roots? I ordered some off of eBay due to the normal supplies not having a few in stock I was after and...
  11. RudeDogg1

    Tropica Potted Blister Packs

    Hi Guys, Are the tropica potted plants that come in the sealed blister packs snail and pest free like the 1-2 grow invitro ones?
  12. RudeDogg1

    Critique my hardscape First proper hardscape

    Opinions please guys my first proper hardscape. I am waiting for another bit of wood to attach to my tiny bit can’t believe that cost £29 [emoji15]. Sorry about all the bleddy reflections
  13. RudeDogg1

    Mini landscape rock

    So I’ve just had a load of mini landscape rock arrive for my new tank. I realise this is prob a stupid question. I noticed some pieces have small amounts of natural moss on would it survive and grow in water?
  14. RudeDogg1

    aqua one aquanano 80 pump attachments

    Hi Guys, Just recieved my aquanano 80 Id like to fit a spray bar (moray 480 pump) Im sure I have seen a spray bar and acessory kit for it but im buggered if I can find it have any of you guys seen one anywhere? Im also after a T connector for it so i can attach a loc line to. The only T...
  15. RudeDogg1

    Directional nozzle thing

    Hi guys, I’ve seen several people use like a sectional adjustable direction nozzle thing one their filter outlets. What are they called and where do you get them? Cheers Rudi
  16. RudeDogg1


    Is anyone using one of these types of atomisers? Are they any good?
  17. RudeDogg1

    Quick PMDD + PO4 Question

    Hi guys I have returned after several years of no tanks. I used to have a hightech planted discus tank and I used PMDD + PO4 my set up will still be on here somewhere. Anyway I digress I dont have the room for a big tank at the mo so I have decided I want to set up a hightech planted nano this...
  18. RudeDogg1

    where has the forsale section gone or am i being blind?

    As the title sujests i cant find it lol
  19. RudeDogg1

    Flourish excel

    Where is the cheapest place to get it online?
  20. RudeDogg1

    Why can't I stop getting blooming hair algae!!

    No matter what I try it comes back it's doing my head in and looks horrible, help please
  21. RudeDogg1

    Foreground plants

    I'm after some nice short bushy spreading foreground plants that will take discus temps and T8 lights. Any suggestions would be cool I do inject co2 so it's not to limited. Also after some nice mosses that I don't have to do to much with, something I can just dump on my big wood in the tank and...
  22. RudeDogg1


    how big do these get? do they get huge? Rudi
  23. RudeDogg1

    Can Anyone ID These please?

    Can anyone ID these 2 for me please the first one im gonna sell soon so wanted to make sure i knew what its called. As you can see its taking over my tank the leafs are about 3 feet long and sends out atleast 3 flowers a week. Sorry about the poo pics And is this an amazon sword i want to get...
  24. RudeDogg1

    Bloody hair algae again!

    Its really starting to annoy me i think its BBA a very very dark greeny blue colour I seems to take hold on my big amazon sword thats in the line of fire from my filter and has started on the back of the tank. It seems to come I zap it with excell it goes for a month or 2 then its back again...
  25. RudeDogg1

    Strange prob

    I really can't figure out what the hell is going on. I have a jbl reg ect going through a up inline atomiser. I had it turned off for about 2 weeks cyz u had a hair algea outbreak which I was zapping with excell. Before I turned it off I had a lime green dc. Since I've turned it back on the...
  26. RudeDogg1

    Antifreeze petitions Please sign!

    Even if your not an animal lover (it kills humans to) i want to get as many people to sign as I can. My mums already lost 2 cats to the horrible stuff. Post the link on your facebook accounts or any other site where people will see it.
  27. RudeDogg1

    PPS Pro

    Well I think ive decided to go with pps pro but what im not sure of i how much volume to remove to allow for substrate and wood. Do you think dosing for 200 litres instead of 240 will be ok?
  28. RudeDogg1

    PMDD Dosing Question.

    Hi guys, Ive been reading this page Im thinking of using the PMDD formula without PO4 because my tap water contains quite abit. But the dosing on that link is only for the formula with PO4 and seperate micros. Whats the dosing rate for the normal formula...
  29. RudeDogg1

    hair algea

    Just wandered if anyone knows why im getting air algea? the tank ismoderately planted, I dose co2 with an up atomiser, the drop checker is lime green and I use aquarium plant foods fert mix. I seem to be getting hair algea on the plants that are in direct line of all the areas of water flow...
  30. RudeDogg1

    New discus plant ideas

    Down one end of my tank i have a load of hygro which im contimplating getting rid of. It grows like a weed i cut it back weekly it looks like a tangled mess. I was thinking of some nice sturdy plants to replace it with that wont grow like a weed. Prob amazon swords but what else grows to the...
  31. RudeDogg1

    Plant help please

    Im planning a trim back and slight replant this week And was thinking of adding a few new plants. What I want to know befor buying a few is if they will be ok in my discus tank. Water params: Temp: 28. ph: 6.8 - 7. kh: 4- 6. CO2 injected. Lighting: T8 38 watt twin. Plants Im thinking of...
  32. RudeDogg1

    Whats best?

    Im after a nice moss or a good coverage plant that will attach its self to a terracta dwarf cichlid hide. Its texture is rough so something should be able to attach ok after a while. It needs to be ok with T8 lighting Rudi
  33. RudeDogg1

    Filter pipe cleaning brushes

    Ive got the eheim ones which are good but the bristles just arnt stiff enough for some stubborn schlimsh in the pipes. Does anyone know of any stiffer bristled ones?
  34. RudeDogg1

    Eheim pro 3 2080

    Does anyone on here have one? The height is ment to be 56.7cm high is this including the tap unit ect? Trying to work out if one would fit my cabinate
  35. RudeDogg1

    Bleddy timer whats going on!

    I dont know what the hell is going on but its weird and i cant figure it out! Ive got 3 timeguard plug in timmers on the go 2 ive had no prob with but for some reason the light one is playing me up and it makes no sense (i wander if its actualy the starter).When I was on holiday the lights didnt...
  36. RudeDogg1

    Eheim Pro 3 E 2076 prob

    My filter has developed a few probs and i cant work out why the hell it has started just wandered if anyone else has had the same thing and how can it be sorted. I Contacted eheim days ago but have heard nothing grrr. It has been working fine since I set it up in november if I ever turned it off...
  37. RudeDogg1

    Auto dosing system

    Is thewre such a thing? if so where and how much? Rudi
  38. RudeDogg1

    What Should I Do?

    This plant keeps flowering and sending out loads of runners should i just let it floer or trim the floers back? its the wavey leafed one
  39. RudeDogg1

    I.D Please

    Does anyone know what these 2 are?
  40. RudeDogg1


    Is it safe to use purigen in a planted tank? Or will it remove the ferts ect
  41. RudeDogg1

    nerite snails

    Are nerite snails i spotted one in my tank today well least i think it is god knows where it came from. My question is are they a pest species or good clean up?
  42. RudeDogg1

    my planted discus tank

    Well im still trying to get the hang of taking pics of the fish so they arnt the best quality be gentle lol
  43. RudeDogg1

    Right now Im getting seriously effed off!

    Right my CO2 situation or lack of as I havent been running it for days as the solenoid died and still havent managed to get another yet. I was also waiting for a bubble counter as i broke it getting it off grr. Well the new TMC one came today and its s**t its not even air tight so that leaks so...
  44. RudeDogg1

    Whats happening to these?!!

    Im hoping / assuming this is just cause by oding on co2 yesturday as thats when it started. Dont know if you can see it well enough but the leafs have gone mottely and abit transparent
  45. RudeDogg1

    Prob A stupid question

    Do ferts effect shrimp?
  46. RudeDogg1

    Java ferns and moss

    Does java moss have to be tied down perminantly or does it attach after a while? And most my philapean sp? java ferns (which they are ment to be but I think they are just the normal ones) have plantlets on most their leafs. Do these just drop off when ready or are you ment to do something?
  47. RudeDogg1


    i trimmed mine back because it was abit leggy (was abit when i got it) all the bits i trimmed off I cut down into nice little cuttings and replanted does this work with glosso?
  48. RudeDogg1

    Is this normal?

    I have a jbl proflora regulator and 2 kg tank it's been running for about 5 weeks and the needle hasn't moved bellow 50psi all the time. Then Friday it went down 2 lines, yesterday 2 more and today it's just in the red zone is this normal? If so i was hoping 1 tank would last longer gonna let it...
  49. RudeDogg1

    TPN and TPN+ question

    Does anyone know what is in either of these as there appears to be no ingredients list. Does it contain any iron and do I need to add a trace mix aswell as TPN+?
  50. RudeDogg1

    How Long?...

    I currently have my lights on for 8 hours a day is this enough? everything seems to b doing well after 4 weeks even have a few runners out on my dwarf chain swords
  51. RudeDogg1

    bloody Snails

    Found 3 tiny rams horn snails today dont know haw they found there way in when ive soaked all plants in potasium pomanganate b4 planting. Omly thing i can think of that they stowed in must of been the Plagiomnium Trichomanes as i didnt soak it as it was very crumbly. Ive gotten rid of the 3 i...
  52. RudeDogg1

    surface agitation

    How much surface movement can you have befor you start losing your co2? mines rippling but I cant hear a thing so i assume its not actualy breaking the surface
  53. RudeDogg1

    how many bubbles per second?

    As the title says. Im sure summut aint right my newly filled 2kg tank only came up as 50 on the preasure gauge
  54. RudeDogg1

    Clombo drop checker fom aqua essentials

    Has anyone used these? The instructions arnt that clear I'm not sure if I'm ment to use 4dk and the solution or just the solution as it's only tiny. I'm sure it's just the solution on it's own just wanted to check Rudi
  55. RudeDogg1

    Nymphea Stellata

    Whats the best way to plant these bulbs?
  56. RudeDogg1

    Noobie fert question

    Be gentle im new to keeping aquatic plants lol If I use the Tropica liquid ferts do I need to add anything else to the water collum apart from CO2 which ill be injecting? Im going to be using tropica substrate capped with sand and im going to pop in a few plant tabs to give them a good start.
  57. RudeDogg1

    How deep should my playsand cap be?

    Ive put down a 1.5cm layer of tropica and im capping it with argos play sand how deep should i put it? Now when I used a substrate calculator it said i need 40kg well ive put in 30 and it looks loads its about 4 - 5 cm up front and abit deeper at the back. Is this to deep?
  58. RudeDogg1

    Dwarf hair grass

    I was thinking of getting some but wanted to check will they be ok at discus temps? about 86f
  59. RudeDogg1

    Quick question

    Is it ok to have any newly delivered plants just soaking in a bucket of water for a few days to a week? I've got some plants from melasia coming and some from the uk so one lot is gonna turn up befor the others. Just wandered if this will be ok till they all come and I can get planting
  60. RudeDogg1

    My Eheim Scubaline 240L Planted Discus Tank

    Well I thought as Ive finely got got my tank I thought id start a diary of my progress so far. Thought it might give people a few ideas and hopefully ill pick some up along the way. I was originaly going to get a juwel rio 240 but I went to watermarque taunton to pick up my 3d backgroung and...
  61. RudeDogg1

    Solenoid Help

    Im Prob being thick what with being a co2 newbie lol but I just bought this solenoid ... K:MEWNX:IT the arrow on the unit is that the direction of the flow out of the unit or the direction into the regulator?
  62. RudeDogg1

    bromothymol blue

    anyone know where this can be bought?
  63. RudeDogg1

    Test Kits

    Apart from the normal ph, amonia, nitrite, nitrate,tds, gh and kh are there any other test kits i need for a planted tank?
  64. RudeDogg1

    Whats the best T8 bulbs?

    a mix of arcadia tropical and freshwater or these ... erle/81518 or is there a couple you would recomend instead
  65. RudeDogg1

    does anyone know what this plant is?

    As the title says does anyone know what the lil pointy leafed plants are on the bogwood in this pic? ... ted-tanks/
  66. RudeDogg1

    JBL Proflora set

    Ive just bought a proflora set with 2 cylinders, solinoid, ph controler ect second hand. Im new to co2 and wanted to know do you still need a drop checker if i decide to use the controler? Expect more questions when i set up next month lol Rudi
  67. RudeDogg1

    super glue

    Abit of a random question but bare with me. Now i know in reefkeeping people use superglue to glue coral frags to rocks. My question is can rizomes (spelling?) swords ect be super glued to pieces of bogwood ect instead of tying till they take root?
  68. RudeDogg1

    where can i buy caribsea crystal river sand?

    As the title says... When i wasnt ready to buy some there was loads on line now i cant find any!
  69. RudeDogg1

    Decent bog wood

    Does anyone know of any sites in the uk that sell decent bog wood im having trouble finding any i like
  70. RudeDogg1

    CO2 dump question

    Just a quick noob question can u still get a co2 dump with the jbl systems? I ask cuz it will b on a discus set up so obviously i wouldnt wanna loose a load of expensive fish
  71. RudeDogg1

    Whats the best sand to use?

    When i finely set up my tank I want to use a layer of something like the tropica substrate caped with a fine realy wite sand. My question is what the best stuff to use that isnt going to break the ban? I quite like the caribsea wite moon sand but its so expensive. Some say play sand but some say...