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    Everything DIY build

    Hi I've not been on here in years and it is kind of a continuation from my very first post about 9 years ago - In the heady days of 2011 I made an optiwhite aquarium but never used it, largely down to cost of doing...
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    diy style pressurised co2

    Hi ive had an idea with diy co2, a cheapo hopefully low cost way of having regulated co2 on a timer with no pressure build up worries and low cost recipe. I live very near some crumbly cliffs so have a never ending supply of chalk. that mixed with acid of some sort creates co2 but it is not...
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    13mm/17mm lily pipes

    Hi chaps Am i right in thinking that the dimensions on lily pipes are going by the internal diameter and the outer is not mentioned? so the I/D would be 13mm and the O/D would be around 15mm for instance? cheers!
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    Lily pipe question

    May i ask, someone here who may have lily pipes, if i could get a measurement of the nub bit that sticks out from the pipe to attach a suction cup to and the dimensions of the suction cup please? so the diameter of the protruding nub from the pipe and its length and if possible the diameter of...
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    DIY Optiwhite tank build

    Hi Ive been lurking for a while, doing lots of reading for the past few months. Im at a point with my diy build where its worth showing to people now and if anyone would be interested, i hope it would be people on here :D My plan is to build an optiwhite cube type tank for my first...