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  1. PlantsCase07

    New scape

    Wow! Impressive! I would love to have the same view in my aquarium! Mine is definitely a bit smaller and I don't have it much planted. I am looking for some inspirations in recreating it and definitely I will use yours as my main!
  2. PlantsCase07

    Critique my hardscape Setting up new scape

    Where did you get this pieces of wood? They look amazing, I want them in my aquarium! I think that your aqua looks pretty cool. If, as someone above said, you will add this 'carpet' it will be lovely. What kind of fishes are you going to keep there?
  3. PlantsCase07

    Why plants are suffering?

    Hello! I wrote a similar answer a few minutes ago. Someone had problem with plants don't wanting to grow. I can highly recommend you a supplement with iron for aquatic plants grown in aquariums. I bought mine in a aquarium shop and it wasn't that expensive. It is to one-a-week use.
  4. PlantsCase07

    Plants not grow

    What a beautiful aquarium! At the beginning when I started my aquarium I had a big problems with plants. They totally didn't want to grow. I went to the aquarium store and they advised me to buy supplement with iron for aquatic plants grown in aquariums. It was a bull's eye. Plants are growin...
  5. PlantsCase07

    Carnivorous Plants

    Hello there! Yes, I had some carnivorous plants but not Venus. I had sarracenia and I don't know why but it withered. Carnivorous plants are tropical plants so they have to have access to water and humidity should be quite high.
  6. PlantsCase07

    Show your orchids!

    Awesome! What a beautiful orchids you got! Unfortunately, I have only one which is losing his flowers. I have to cut withered sticks. To be honest, it is my first orchid so I take a special care for him. I have never been interested in this kind of plants but I really like them, they are very...
  7. PlantsCase07

    Sunrise Sunset

    Wow! What a view! I have lots of photos on my phone with sunsets and a few with sunrises! I always bring my camera with me when I know there will be a beautiful view. However, photos do not give the same impression as real view!
  8. PlantsCase07

    What other hobby's do you have?

    I have many interests but I don't have so much time for each of them...Unfortunately! However, except fishes and aquariums I love gardening. I don't have a big yard but it is enough to grow some veggies and basic flowers. I also really like photography but I am quite amateur about it.
  9. PlantsCase07

    How/Where did you hear about

    Hello! I have just joined this forum. I have found it in Google searcher. I was looking for a decent forum where I can learn something about aquariums and ask if I have any doubts. It is also a perfect place to met new people. I live such communities!
  10. PlantsCase07

    Hello from London!

    Hello everyone! How are you doing? I am so happy that I joined to this forum! I moved out to London 2 years ago. And there is where my journey with aquatic world started. I bought my first aquarium and was really involved in creating this little marine. What about you?