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    Hello from Switzerland

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    Hello from Birmingham

    welcome looking forward to pics
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    Hello all

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    Hi from Suffolk

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    Hello all

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    Hi from Scotland!

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    Taiwan Bee not so nano

    loving the shrimp going to invest in some for new tank
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    Shrimp Safe Inflow

    I got mine off flea bay from China came within a fortnight
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    calculating amount of needed substrate

    very helpful
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    Concrete Mountain Landscape

    amazing creativity
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    ADA live demo in the UK

    would of liked to attend that
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    Hello from London!

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    What other hobby's do you have?

    vw campervans socializing well beer really lol
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    lfs whilst in java

    it was pretty basic to be honest i pulled up in a taxi and it was a part of the guys house, they looked totally bemused that some random foreigner had just rocked up lol well worth the effort though just to see the difference although i did have to pose with his family for photos
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    Aquatic Dinosaur

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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    very informative going down this route in the next few weeks
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    How/Where did you hear about

    searching for advice and bingo best place to get advice and info
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    lfs whilst in java

    I have just been to Indonesia work related and had an afternoon to kill so decided to check a out. needles to say a bit rustic lovely people though and absolutely ridiculously well priced. managed to bring some mini Taiwan moss back .
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    Hello from Ireland

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    Hello From Nuneaton

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    Hello from Edinburgh

    welcome sara
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    Newbie first planted tank

    forgot both are the largest versions about 40w
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    Newbie first planted tank

    going for fluval plant 3.0 led with earlier model alongside it
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    Newbie first planted tank

    im planning quite large system aquaoak 120 x 60 310l co2 system , I have been getting bits in for it got fluval plant 3.0 light also got older version 2.0 off old tank in case thats not enough got dual reg for co2 from china wyin ?. anybody any info about these .
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    Newbie first planted tank

    Hi there going to set up a new tank next month so advice definitely welcome