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    Opinions and help with 80cm 'scape

    Hi Mitch, ok I see it now alright, stuck together, I had something in mind like this before I knew that, excuse the 2 minute photoshop job. But if that cant be done because of the wood I would stack the plants high on the right hand side to balance it out. The foreground could be sand (just a...
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    Opinions and help with 80cm 'scape

    The roots are nice but I think it will be hard to balance the tank without the right hand side being quite full with tall plants and bigger rocks. You could probably make the balancing job a bit easier by lowering/angling the furthest branch on the left hand side that would give you more scope I...
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    My Aquarium Just Got 9 Grand Cheaper.

    Come to Ireland, aquariums are down 50% since 2008 and still falling. We are on target for a 20% fall this year alone :D
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    IAPLC 2010 TOP 27

    Here's a picture from a different forum , it seems to be the winning shot, looks the same to me anyway as those posted here already. Heres the first shot from this thread and heres Stu's straightened out version from the next page (amazingly accurate!) and the winner is!! :D click on the...
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    UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

    Thanks George, The main shot was taken with a Nikon D70 with an old school Manual Focus Nikkor 24mm f/2.8s wideangle lens. Im about 2 foot away from the glass and get no distortion whatsoever. So I dont know exactly what the equivalent digital focal lense would be tbh. I have a few old style...
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    UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

    Thanks Sam, yeah Getting into trouble keeping things quiet!! I wonder why the images are out of focus when they are posted on the board, click on them and they are ok, I havent come across that before, Im just direct linking them from photobucket with the [IMG] tabs.
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    UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

    Too hard on yourself there Victor its a fine looking aquascape :thumbup: Anyway here's me - rank 49 in IAPLC 2010. Spec on this tank: Dimensions: The tank is ancient and fit for the skip really, I did worry about it tbh, in inches it measures 28Lx12Dx14H so about 70x30x35 in cms - 73.5...
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    IAPLC 2010 TOP 27

    Thanks for posting ravattar! Number 1 has me disappointed though it wouldnt be the first time in this competition either! some great looking scapes nonetheless, just need better pictures now.
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    AGA 2010 Aquascaping Contest is open for entries

    Just a reminder 2 more days for this competition if you want to enter, closing date Sept 25th. Not sure if I will enter yet, dont think I will tbh but having said that Im humming and hawing will I wont I back and forth , better decide today one way or the other.
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    Dosing Fe ( Iron ) ?

    When you take out the rocks substrate etc how much water is actually in a 30l tank probably not a lot really. So I'd dose with that in mind if it was my tank. If i was dosing 2 drops ECA per day I would probably do water changes every few days as a precaution, watching things closly is obviously...
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    Nick16 signing out....

    Hope she's nice! Good luck at uni Nick :thumbup:
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    Andyh's 190l Lounge tank (update 20-09-11)

    Re: Andyh's 190l Lounge tank. (now with ADA Solar 1) Looks the business 8) scape has plenty of potiential as well :wink:
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    1-2-LETS GROW!

    Looking good there Graeme, lots of nice elements about this setup. Thanks for sharing the photos.
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    Just got back from TGM...

    Pretty sure JamesC has done the breakdown on the TPN+ if you search the forum Im sure you will find more info on it. Personally I have run tanks exclusively on TPN+ with no problems, George Farmer has as well AFAIK.
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    Mark, George and project scree.

    Thats usually at the lowest setting Mark, these are Bowens strobes so fully adjustable. You could use tracing paper over the bowl light reflector to lower the output and reduce your f number but this diffues the light, so I usually do without that and just go with the harder light. You could...
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    Little Green Corner

    Now lets see how do I get this zoomy effect reversed in photoshop :D haha, no chance, look forward to seeing the real thing guys :thumbup:
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    Update on the ADA no CO2 046L Zebra pleco 60p tank

    Awesome project. Dont forget that shot when its finished :D
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    ADA substrate and additives

    Well I guess with everything its what you want to pay, personally I think its worth the money. Even when it runs out of steam the soil that you are left with is still an excellent medium for growing plants, just add EI and away you go for another few years. Just my opinion of course :wink:
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    Mark, George and project scree.

    Great tank George and some nice looking results by the UKAPS resident photographer :D Is this a shoot for PFK or a competition or something like that? @ Victor. I find the 500w strobes are quite powerful, I have 2 of them and struggle to shoot below f16/22 even at 50 ISO so quite limiting for...
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    [DISCUSS] Will any plant grow under 2 x T8?

    Cant beat the T5s for nice compact growth on certain foreground plants. But yes 2xT8s will grow almost anything IME I guess it just depends on your aims for any given tank.
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    Journal My new pond

    Watching with interest Ed the pond section is coming alive!!
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    Nice pond!

    Great stuff foxfish, I have a strange fascination with pond builds, I know I will probably never have one in my garden but love watching them getting built. Watching with interest :D
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    IAPLC 2010 Results are out

    Good idea, an interesting subject alright and Keymaker is the man to make it all happen!! I would be interested in some successful aquascapes that work but dont adhere to the golden ratio or the classic triangle idea that keymaker has outlined, contra ratio aquascapes lets call them :D would you...
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    The Aqueous Art Movement at Art Gallery

    Re: Live aquascapes at a London art gallery Very interesting project guys, the best of luck with it, lots of hard work ahead I'm sure. Definitely a first for the UK art market, try and get Charles Sattchi down to spend a few quid :wink: :D
  25. Z

    IAPLC 2010 Results are out

    Thats what I was going to say, only 8 of the 18 judges are from Asia the rest are from mainly Europe with a couple from the USA, and dont forget this years winner is for the first time from outside of Asia as well. There is a good picture in last years 2009 IAPLC contest book of amano basically...
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    IAPLC 2010 Results are out

    I thought they were the same scape, I had to do a double take, I said whats going on here! :geek: <- I Think I need glasses! They just look over sharpened to me as well, way oversharpened.
  27. Z

    IAPLC 2010 Results are out

    Well that explains that I suppose and it is very bad luck if thats indeed what happened, because I see the no.106 positioned tank in this years IALPC 2010 was the large tank catagory winner at this years AAC 2010 competition which only released results in the last couple of months. Still, no...
  28. Z

    IAPLC 2010 Results are out

    Hey thanks for all the congrats guys, got lucky again haha. Well done to all who entered its a good bit of gas anyway waiting for the result whatever that may be. Especially well done to Victor, great result right there. That new lad Dan Farmer did well with his first entry as well!! But I cant...
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    Tropica plant catalogue

    3 euro in euroland, got mine for free :D
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    Who's entering the IAPLC 2010 (ADA contest)?

    Entered mine last night, ID:02012, so I dont know if that equates to the amount of entries or not, its a high number anyway. I would imagine the entry deadline is an International clock deadline, cant see how they could work it otherwise without specifically stating it in the rules. Japan is...
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    Who's entering the IAPLC 2010 (ADA contest)?

    I think the whole competition thing brings a different edge to the hobby some of it is good. eg. it drives the hobby forward, it can bring new innovative ideas, and at the end of the day it brings forth some amazing aquascapes. But its also bad as well IMO, like you say you dont see journals...
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    Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - Now FOR SALE !

    Re: Tonsers 420L "Triassic Hollow" It doesnt really do it for me either Keymaker I think the original hardscape is best, it works better for me anyhow. I think Saintly has a point though, the first shot looks best as well IMO. Just subtle differences between that shot and the others but they...
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    UKAPS @ RHS Chelsea Flower Show

    Well done lads, no pressure eh! Fair play Plantedbox as well for the plant donations :clap: The tank works well as a display tank, the Cyperus helferi worked nicely given the problematic tank dimensions. A UKaps stand at the show that would be something alright, might even beat the lofty...
  34. Z

    Who's entering the IAPLC 2010 (ADA contest)?

    Its a bit of a drag alright the image thing but I bet they wont fully clarify it even if you do ask. What they want IMO is exclusivity for the contest rather than just copyright, the more images that are not published before the contest around the web gives the contest more exclusivity in a way...
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    UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010

    Re: Interzoo Report (New!!) Food for thought indeed, would you know any details on how much light they used over the tank George during the growout stage, the clue is more than likely in the carbonated water though like you say, it might need another trip to Tropica Denmark to find out! :D it...
  36. Z

    diffuser problem

    Its probably from the sugar yeast mix, use a check valve between the mix and the diffuser and that may help stop the flow of yeast to the diffuser, or maybe the mix is overdone.
  37. Z

    Iwagumi by Tekla

    Exactly!! Id say it may be the lean dosing from the TPN that may be helping here as well with the redness, your doing something right anyhow, no algae in sight so I wouldnt worry about it, let it grow!
  38. Z

    Absolute diffuser nightmare

    I never got more than 2 weeks out of glass diffusers without a clean before they dropped in performance. So Victor is probably right IMO, a weekly clean is probably best for peak performance especially if you only give them a 5-10 minute clean as I used to anyhow .
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    How hard can you prune Glosso?

    Never tried such severe butchery with glosso but I would guess it will survive and thrive again no problem.
  40. Z

    UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010

    Re: Interzoo Report (New!!) Brilliant stuff George great report. 9 halls, sore feet Im sure and thats only from the first time around :crazy: The tanks are really great, I see what Victor means with Olivers tank now, just a little overgrown :shock:
  41. Z

    Koralia Evolution

    I have the two smaller ones, the nano and the next one up, the 1600 lph one, both are quiet IMHO, not totally silent but very quiet nonetheless, certainly within very acceptable tolerence levels if you are sitting quite close to one which I normally do when using the laptop. I would have no...
  42. Z

    Interzoo BABY!

    Brilliant stuff guys love it all !
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    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 'savannah dreaming' @ 6 weeks Some nice scaping there Mark you make it look easy! What is the plan for the tank Mark, are you going to enter ADA competition this year or would the tank be ready in time?
  44. Z

    Who's entering the IAPLC 2010 (ADA contest)?

    Hiya George, its a Wood rock scape on a sloping substrate, a woodygumi or something like that ! :D just posted in a different thread the wood was all collected from the beach, the rocks are seiryu rocks, the grey colour of the rocks contrast with the moss on the driftwood and the hairgrass...
  45. Z

    Fec's 60cm opti-white "ROOTS"

    Yes very nice hardscape, cant help thinking the crypts are planted a bit close to the front of the tank , could be totally wrong though, see how it grows in and then you can decide. All the wood in my tank for my entry to this years ADA competition came from the beach as well, you can find some...
  46. Z

    Who's entering the IAPLC 2010 (ADA contest)?

    Sorry to hear that George, definitely a setback, these things happen though :? This hobby can definitely be a challange sometimes, especially at times like this. All steam ahead for AGA I would say, get yourself back on track. Good luck with the tank cleanup, look forward to seeing it when its...
  47. Z

    Inline diffusers??

    Is the 8 the inner diameter of the tube?? I think it might be, not entirely sure though.
  48. Z

    What Happened to Dupla?

    still around on the web anyway. http://www.dupla.com/]
  49. Z

    Who's entering the IAPLC 2010 (ADA contest)?

    Well its the final run into the deadline for this years ADA competition and I am just wondering how everyone is getting on.All the last minute trimming, photographing, cleaning of tanks/rocks and removal of algae :lol: should all be happening about now. Those aquascapers with the really tidy...
  50. Z

    Swamp Creek - 2 years on updated June 2012

    Re: Swamp Creek - established 20/04/2010 You certainly went the whole hog there :D I wouldnt underestimate the weight of the tank on the dresser, its 182 kilos (28 stone) for the water only, not to mention the weight of the glass or hardscape, so its a lot of weight! Good job so far though...
  51. Z

    External CO2 reactor

    Nice job, good writeup as well, similar to the ones that I make for myself except I usually use 40mm tubing.
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    Discussion: Are we obsessed with circulation and flow?

    I was cross posting there earlier ceg, giving George all the credit, so missed your post. Probably going to be cross posting here as well, I will catch up!! Still reckon it was George and possibly Dan who came up with the 10X flow guideline that we use now for highlight tanks. I would have been...
  53. Z

    Discussion: Are we obsessed with circulation and flow?

    Yes, credit where credit is due. I heard it here (UKAPS) first of all, I didnt read it in PFK although you probably did mention it there in print earlier then I would have heard it here. I remember it well, it was you who mentioned it in a thread here probably early 2007 regarding a conversation...
  54. Z

    German Red Moss

    Under white lighting and a clear background I wonder what colour it looks, not that red I would reckon.
  55. Z

    Discussion: Are we obsessed with circulation and flow?

    I cant remember who started the flow discussions it possibly was James and ceg, I do remember George and Dan talking about 10X flow rates thats where I picked up on that idea first of all. Good point on flow and circulation, its about having good circulation. Having a single point source for...
  56. Z

    "Moss Mountain"

    Nice rockwork Chris the slates work well.
  57. Z

    Base Layer: Tropica Aquacare or ADA Powersand special?

    The Tropica substrate does not contain any nutrients whereas the power sand does, it contains mainly KNO3 AFAIR, thats why people have success with it.
  58. Z

    Worth setting a tank up for 6 weeks?

    Growout tank for the next scape would be my choice.
  59. Z

    Maidenhead TV Advert :)

    The Ad is a bit lame but they are expanding, they opened up their first outlet in the Rep of Ireland a couple of months back, havent been yet as its a good bit out of the way for me, but reports are good, fish and hardware selection is apparently second to none. One a bit closer to me now that...
  60. Z

    magnetic substrate?

    Yes noticed this as well, it seems very magnetic.
  61. Z

    LFKC trip to The Green Machine

    Some splendid pictures :D tanks looking good as always from TGM, thanks for sharing your trip guys :thumbup:
  62. Z

    ADA Seiryu Stone vs Mini Landscape Rock

    Its definitely worth a premium to be able to pick your own stones, not saying what that premium is worth but it is worth something!
  63. Z

    The Deep 130 litre

    Hi Alan, thats a difficult tank to aquascape, a challange indeed but looking good so far. Sounds like you are surrounded by good experienced advice as well :D it all helps!! best of luck with it. oh yes definitely check out the inline diffuser these ones are fab really the best I have used...
  64. Z

    nelson's nano 2.......rescaped.

    Re: nelson's nano 2 Your getting there IMHO, the last one for me looks best so far but they all have good effect for what you are trying to achieve. Maybe you could try and move the centre rock in no.4 a tad to the LHS and you could try a smaller stone in front of the rock on the RHS and see...
  65. Z

    Inline diffusers??

    I reckon you could get away using less flow when you use these because these things are so effective, the mist produced by the diffuser is so fine that it easily gets blown around the tank, the bubbles produced from my boyu diffusers usually head straight for the surface once out of the range of...
  66. Z

    Inline diffusers??

    I am a recent convert to UP diffusers but have used many many boyu diffusers over the last couple of years with good success I should add. IMHO the UP diffuser is far superior to the boyu diffuser, the UP diffuser is a different class altogether, way way better, if you think the boyu diffuser is...
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    Tidy Cupboards

    Some very tidy people in this thread :geek:
  68. Z

    Recommended ppm??

    I dose 3x10ppm KNO3 and about 4ppm PO4 per week also dose Tropica plant nuitrition 5ml per 50 litre 3x per week, this is for a highlight tank.
  69. Z

    out door moss. spore bearing organs...i think

    Very interesting observations Mark thanks for sharing, great series of photos.
  70. Z

    Bending Clear Perspex Tubing

    Very good effort Matt I can see this catching on, lots of new custom combinations of inlets outlets and spraybar lily pipe arrangements etc, trial and error at first but Im sure some new techniques will surface to advance this side of the hobby. I will have to dig out my heatgun and see what I...
  71. Z

    Bending Clear Perspex Tubing

    Great guides brilliant really, I wonder how it would work with larger diameter acrylic tubing, 15-20 mm sort of range, 12mm is only really good for smaller filters what size tubing did you use Matt, look forward to the pics as well when you get a chance.
  72. Z

    Hydor Koralia Evolution (ETA?)

    Hi HarrietHippo, Just arrived today was just about to go searching for this thread to give an update. Yes absolutely no complaints, arrived safe and sound well packaged, good service from these guys, posted Monday arrived today, from the UK to Ireland thats a good turnaround, charged at post...
  73. Z

    60x45x45 Optiwhite

    Looking good young man :lol: Wanna get a move on with that LED unit if you ever want to put other plants in there though, I normally use 5x24 T5s on my 60x45x36cm tank and sometimes use 6x24W, highlight tank mind, the 45cm width front to back requires a good few tubes for complete coverage...
  74. Z

    c02 Reactors

    I have made several DIY reactors that are made from parts easily available from B&Q. For about £25-£30 you can get enough tubing and the other bits and pieces to make several reactors. All the reactors I make work on the principal of gravity, none of them contain any media or bio balls etc...
  75. Z

    Hydor Koralia Evolution (ETA?)

    Nice spot Tesco, good prices, I have been on the outlook for these as well, just ordered two, so will let ya know if they arrive or not :shock: I think it should be fine though (I hope :D ) they seem to be a bricks and mortar shop in Cardiff that run an online service as well. Did a quick google...
  76. Z

    Tanks in a greenhouse!

    I imagine too much direct sunlight and also tanks overheating would be your main issues, interesting idea though, but I dont think it would work tbh.
  77. Z

    HEEDTA micro on ebay

    Nice link there, postage rates very reasonable as well if you live outside the UK. I will put a couple of orders in I think.
  78. Z

    UKAPS visit Tropica, Denmark 2010

    Looks like a great trip guys a privilege indeed, large tank on right hand side looks like it has quality potiential, well they all do of course! Thanks for sharing the pics look forward to the rest. How do they transport the tanks btw Air or road?
  79. Z

    Sat Feb 20th - trip to Living Waters + MA Morden (Surrey)

    Wonder what it is I saw something similar recently on a asian website, must have been Aquaticquotient or one of the blogs, they were trying to identify it, probably not the same moss mind you, interesting little moss, it would be great for aquascaping.
  80. Z

    Sat Feb 20th - trip to Living Waters + MA Morden (Surrey)

    Great pics guys thanks for sharing your day out great to see everyone in the flesh so to speak. Very impressive displays for shop type tanks I have to say, really good, a credit to the people looking after them. That low growing moss a few pics back looks very interesting did anyone buy any of...
  81. Z

    Why are ADA Products so expensive?

    Might be there to stop skinheads from shoplifting :angel: :mrgreen:
  82. Z

    DIY LED lighting?

    The guy in fish street speaks english his name is Eric just give him an email if you need to know anything in particular, AFAIK waiting time is about a month for the newer G2 models, shipping is a rip but you can choose Airmail (cheaper)and they upgrade you to UPS, just wanna check UPS dont hit...
  83. Z

    DIY LED lighting?

    I reckon Im going to hold off doing a DIY model after seeing the Maxspect, its only a question of time before other Chinese manufacturers start knocking these out really cheap after the runaway success of the consistantly soldout Maxspect. The Maxspect are aimed at reefers so you need to swop...
  84. Z

    Who's entering the IAPLC 2010 (ADA contest)?

    I will more than likely enter a 60cm aquascape this year, have two 60cm tanks on the go atm one is looking pretty ok, both need more work mind you but getting there, feel better organised than last year. Everyone should enter anyway, its a good experience.
  85. Z

    Why are ADA Products so expensive?

    oh I see, Florabase. Thanks nelson.
  86. Z

    Why are ADA Products so expensive?

    Amano's latest book £35 in Japan but £60 in the UK :|
  87. Z

    Why are ADA Products so expensive?

    Pardon my ignorance but what's columbo, any links?
  88. Z

    My old 180 rimless redone

    Wheres the full tank shot, the money shot :lol: looks ultra cool nice use of the plants as well.
  89. Z

    How the Other Half Live.

    Looks fab in the video, beautiful.
  90. Z

    Dosing EI

    You have medium light tank I was 'guesstimating' last night with my reply :wink: The size of the tank is 350l tank so on a basic metric 350l = 92 US gallons approx, so 146 watts divided by 92 gallons = 1.6 watts per gallon approx so you have a medium light tank by that measurement...
  91. Z

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 120cm latest scape Naw dont do dutch, do nature style and enter it into the ADA competition.
  92. Z

    Dosing EI

    A 5 hour light period is really too little, this is only a low medium light tank so 8 hours minimum. Download Chuck's Planted Aquarium Calculator and work out the dosages for your size tank, just punch the numbers into the calculator. You might get away with half EI dosage for a low light tank...
  93. Z

    Dosing EI

    You are dosing 14.4ppm nitrate per 40ml solution and 3.6ppm phosphate per 40ml dose, so you are probably overdoing it especially with the PO4. Nitrate dosage is probably ok if a bit on the high side but the PO4 dosage is high, I usually aim for 3-4 ppm per week with EI method. Cant comment on...
  94. Z

    How the Other Half Live.

    haha very true! I know that feeling. I know reef tanks are expensive Im not doubting that for a moment, reefers have their very own exorbitant inflation index within the aquatic community which is well known, but it sounds like the journo just plucked £100,000 out of mid air, sounds like a lot...
  95. Z

    How the Other Half Live.

    Find it hard to believe it would cost £100,000 also find it hard to believe he would fit 500 fish in it either, 500 fish into 6000 litres = 1 fish per 12 liters is that possible in a large marine tank? mind you its The Sun reporting here :wink:
  96. Z

    japanese hairgrass in europe?

    Probably not an amazing list if you are a collector or anything like and Im sure a lot of shops have better lists than this but that said its pretty good, some species are a bit limited but overall better than anything available to me up to now, quantities are big and prices are cheap what more...
  97. Z

    japanese hairgrass in europe?

    Its not on the list doubt they could get it in otherwise, the list is huge but unfortunatly thats not on it, plenty of other little gems there so I wont get too hung up on that one :D
  98. Z

    japanese hairgrass in europe?

    Yeah just order two weeks before hand, doesnt seem to be a problem getting the plants, order goes in every two weeks AFAIK. Better off ordering because they have limited supply in the shop, hit and miss if your looking for say a particular foreground plant or anything like that. Ask Gavin he...
  99. Z

    japanese hairgrass in europe?

    Could be right mate I will check that out, although I see references to belem as Eleocharis sp. dwarf hairgrass, can't win :D although you are probably correct, see lots of references to belem = sp. Japan. Pity mind you, I have access to a new supplier list from Singapore but I don't see that...
  100. Z

    CO2 atomizer and DIY reactor

    Similar question to the above really, has anyone got one of the large size diffusers on a Tetratec Ex1200, is it a tight fit? does it fit at all? would hate to shell out £20 and find it doesnt fit snugly. Pity the boyu ones dont come in larger sizes they are a quarter of the price for exactly...