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    Cyperus Helferi emersed

    lets us know how you get one, i am thinking of keeping this in my riparium. The scape is looking great BTW :thumbup:
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    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    Hows this doing now, Dave?
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    Glenn's Propagator.

    marmite is supposed to be a better alternative. more CO2 is produced for a longer length of time.
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    Glenn's Propagator.

    couldnt you just lift the lid a couple of times a day to allow fresh air in? or do they really use that much CO2 emersed :?: i am going to give this a try one day.
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    Matt's emersed setup

    nice one, i just need a propagator now :)
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    uncomplicated way to propogate hc.

    awesome, im quite excited :lol:
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    uncomplicated way to propogate hc.

    using an example as a crypt, would/ could i just take it out and pot it then it will grow - providing i keep the soil wet & a lid for humidity. Is that all that is needed? I am just worried it will dry out :roll:
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    driftwood has mould whilst growing hc emersed

    the ottos wont eat the fungus, i dont think anything will, just scrub it off. You may still get it for a little while after you have filled up but it isnt harmful or anything, just unsightly.
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    Dave Spencer`s Attempt.

    looking good Dave :) looking forward to hopefullt seeing some progression. :wink: :D
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    My emersed setup

    awesome setup, i didnt expect it being that big!
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    Emersed Crypts

    let the water evaporate "naturally" then it wont be a sudden change.
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    Nursery Update

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    Nursery Update

    nice setup, tray 2 is very nice as well. How big is that tank? It looks huge!