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    Why dont nutrients cause algae?

    why dont they? I know they dont but i dont know the explanation/ science behind it all, can someone help please Thanks.
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    EI - does it matter if you miss the 50% w/c?

    What would happen if i missed the 50% w/c? could anything bad happen or is it fine? it would usually get one every week but sometimes it is needed every 2 weeks as i go away a lot.
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    How to make DIY TPN+?

    48g Potassium Nitrate 2.2g Potassium Phosphate (monobasic) 17g Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate (Epsom Salts) 5g Aqua Essentials Trace Elements Mix 0.4g E300 Ascorbic Acid 0.2g E202 Potassium Sorbate 500ml distilled water so i get the above to make it, but do i have to have distilled water...
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    can sodium nitrate be used?

    can NaNO3 be used instead of KNO3? advantages/ disadvantages
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    What levels should these elements be?

    What levels should you aim for for: iron magnesium calcium Thanks, Aaron
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    When dosing daily, do yo dose the full amount?

    I am going to get TPN+ and dose daily, 5ml treats 50l of water, so should i dose 5ml a day or 20ml a day?
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    Can you help to confirm my dosing regime?

    i am going to be dosing: TPN+ once a week to start, may up it to twice depending on plants/ algae etc. seachem iron once a week seachem excell 3 times a week
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    'knock off' EI method (WILL IT WORK)

    i have been looking at EI but i go away quite a lot so i dont want my neighbour having to dose different chemicals daily etc. so i have come up with this routine Mon - Tue - NPK & Excell Wed - Thur - Fri - trace elements Sat - Sun - 40% w/c with NPK & Excell 1) Would this work as a mini EI...