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    Tetratec filter leaking :(

    Hi, i rung Tetra up and they have sent a replacement, but the filter is still leaking after replacing it :( Have they sent the correct part out or is just me that has it setup wrong :?: They sent me the black, removeable part on the top where the hoses connect. I cant see anything out of place...
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    Tetratec EX1200 Media question

    Hi, I have bought a 2nd hand EX1200 but it comes with no media or handbook, i have downloaded the PDF version off the website and it shows 2 foam sponges being able to fit into 1 tray, although they dont look that deep IMO :?: So how many sponges can 1 basket hold? Thanks.
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    Positioning of Koralia 1?

    Where do you reccomend positioning a koralia one in my tank? I have 2 filters on the tank(fluval 205 & Eheim 2215), both inlets are at the back right, with the fluval output on the back right, and the eheim spray bar on the back left. I am still getting BGA, and i have put it down to flow, so i...
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    will this filter be any good?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... :IT&ih=011 i am setting up acihlid tank and i need extra filtration, so i am looking for a cheap external, would this filter be ok? i am asking as i have never seen it before, thanks.
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    Help With my Turnover.

    I have a fluval 205 on a 60l tank (10x turnover) but i have to lift the lever up to about half way because it is to strong, dos this mean i am only gettin 5x turover?