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    Macro/micro dosing

    It isn't necassary, as I dose my macros/ micros on the same day. But as James says it is just to minimize the chances of the iron & phosphate reacting. Doesnt affect plant health in any way.
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    Fert Dosing.

    :text-welcomewave: they probably isnt enough nutrients being dosed to support the extra growth of larger leaves. You can try raising the frequency of the dose, and/ or the volume. Thanks, Aaron
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    EI dosing amounts

    Hi & welcome :) EI was calculated using a tank with about 6WPG T5 & unlimiting CO2 (no fish were used) to get the maximum uptake values, so you shouldn't need to worry. However some people still add more, and go with 2x dosing if necassary, people are finding the PO4 a bit lean but ceg4048's...
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    TPN or Seachem Flourish

    Well I used TPN+ on my 60l (tank on left in my signature) and the plants in there were as healthy as can be :thumbup: The Micro mix used in the 'plus' version is the same as the normal.
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    Phosphate buffer.

    Too much sodium is bad for plants, so make sure you don't over-do it with the buffer.
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    EI dosing amounts

    correct :thumbup:
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    TPN or Seachem Flourish

    I don;t think it makes much difference, the quantities plants use are very small as you can see, that there is probably enough in the tap water alone. Iron is the micro that is usually in shortage. People have used both fertilisers and Seachem & Tropica products are considered as the best two...
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    EI dosing amounts

    Hi all, Chris has just pointed this out to me: Thanks :thumbup:
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    EI dosing amounts

    This is for 60litres: KNO3 - 1.5tsp > 500ml & dose 40ml KH2PO4 - 1/10tsp > 500ml & dose 40ml Trace - 1tsp > 500ml & dose 40ml All 3 times per week.
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    Nitrate Level Very High

    Here is someone who calibrated their test kit: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=5203&p=57387&hilit=calibrate#p57387
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    EI dosing amounts

    Hi, MgSO4 isnt always needed, I dont use it. You have to keep the Micros & macros in seperate bottles otherwise the iron & phosphate may react. Tapwater is fine. Are you wanting the amount of salt to add in tsp or grams?
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    Dosing easycarbo lights on?

    no, because the plants fixate the glutaraldehyde into CO2
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    so I want to make a 1liter macro fertilizer solution...

    phew :lol: I could only recognise the difference because of you post layout :thumbup: Thanks, Aaron
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    so I want to make a 1liter macro fertilizer solution...

    chris1004 chris01 I wish one of you would change your name, I get so confused :crazy: :crazy: here are some figures off of JamesC's site: Potassium Nitrate 36g per 100ml Potassium Phosphate 22g per 100ml Potassium Sulphate 11.1g per 100ml Magnesium Sulphate heptahydrate 25.5g per 100ml...
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    Why does EI in high light tank not cause algae?

    non limting nutrients = maximum plant health With the best possible plant health (that is providing CO2 is non-limiting) the plant growth rates are fast enough to limit algae. There is a link in my signature to a similar topic about this too.
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    E.I method understanding and where to buy ferts at?

    Hi, Why it works? because it provides non-limiting nutrient levels (ie, there is always plenty available for plant growth) or if you mean what mixtures you need and dosing quantities etc then take a read of this: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1211 Any further questions just ask :thumbup...
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    Liquid Carbon Offers

    As long as you foll ow the dosing instructions, your plants will be fine, because one may be a stronger concentration than another, but then you will dose less of it so it goes both ways.
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    Liquid Carbon Offers

    Excel is preety cheap from here http://www.aquatics-online.co.uk/catalo ... roduct2082
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    Ideal values for NPK

    taken from James' website: Teaspoon quantities I have calculated the amount of each chemical by weighing the amount using a standard teaspoon (5ml) which is available from most kitchen stores. Depending on where you obtain your chemicals from you may get slightly different weights. I get all...
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    Ideal values for NPK

    nothing, it is just an average for non-limiting levels. Higher levels may not be necassary because the plants can obtain all the Phosphorous they need, thats not to say in every case it will satisfy you as some people run lots of lighting and plant species can affect it - ie, a tank full of...
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    Ideal values for NPK

    PO4 - 2ppm NO3 - 20ppm K - 20-30ppm those are avergaes, maximum uptake values per day are PO4 0.5ppm NO3 5ppm K not sure! they are calculated on a 4wpg tank with non limiting CO2 levels so your plants wont/ shouldnt ever need more than that per day. As long as you dose enough KNO3 and KH2PO4...
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    excess nutrients

    this may help: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2950&p=31913&hilit=active+transport#p31913 KNO3 would be a better option as it contains more potassium than KH2PO4, or if they person doesnt want to add NO3 then suggest KH2SO4 EI is about non-limting nutrient levels, not dosing to excess, so the...
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    seachem flourish iron

    As James said it is the same. 0.01mg/l is "1" out of 100 0.1mg/l or 0.10mg/l is "10" out of 100
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    seachem flourish iron

    0.5ppm per week, so you could add 0.1ppm daily. mg/l and ppm are the same in freshwater.
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    Which tropica plant nutrition version?

    I should think the standard version would suffice :thumbup:
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    Which tropica plant nutrition version?

    it depends on the lighting. if it is high light/ high tech then you will need + if it is low tech then thenormal version will be fine. what wattage are you planning on having?
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    Does easycarbo or TPN+, Cause PH drop?

    Hi & welcome. :thumbup: Phosphate & Nitrate is acidic, but they dont drop the pH as much as you are describing. Anything in else in the tank/ filter? Peat, driftwood, what substrate? etc
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    Using chemicals from work?

    they should be fine, make sure if you have trace elements that is uses some form of chelator. that is taking cheap dosing to the max :clap:
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    Nitrate is 0, EI dosing help needed

    Hi, your mixtures are correct, so dosing at EI method will be approx 5-10ppm per dose. Maximum uptake is estimated to be 5ppm per day - but this is with ridiculous amounts of lighting and loads of CO2. this is what EI was based on, so even if you have 4wpg only then may you start to run...
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    About Magnesium

    keep checking forums for the best deals, i managed to pick one up for £12 delivered and it was in mint condition :thumbup:
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    About Magnesium

    Dina Walstad "ecology of the planted aquarium" is a good read. It has some in depth cienctific topics in it. aprat from that not anything better from what i have heard/ read. the best place is UKAPS & the barr report :wink:
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    Why no K2SO4 & K2CO3?

    doesnt matter hehe, what size tank is it?
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    Why no K2SO4 & K2CO3?

    K2CO3 will raise the alkalinity, and some people may , or may not want that, just a matter of preference really, if you do want to raise the alkalinity, then you again have 2 choices... K2CO3 or NaCO3... it just gives you different options
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    Storing ferts

    the trace is the problem. Keep it cool if possible, either in the frifge or a cool cupboard. Also keep it out of sunlight as it breaks down the chelator.
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    well the amount of water you add back into the aquarium will be little to change the CO2 levels, i wouldnt imagine it to be no more than 5% of the total aquarium volume so the CO2 levels dont change drastically, but you can do as chris says and let the water stand or aerate it if you feel more...
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    distilled water

    yes they are the same thing, just a different method to get to the end product. tap water is fine for mixing ferts up, the reason i think James adds it on the webpage is because everybody's water will contain different elements, so the accuracy to the orginal tropica will be different, and so...
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    can profito lower your Ph,

    well things like NItrate & phosphate can, not sure if the profito contains those thoguh
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    I used The guide on here by Clive which is slightly different to James' recipe. viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1211 i also do a bit of rounding too, like i add 35g KNO3 rather 36g :roll: it is estimative after all so there is no need to be exact. But you have links to the 2 slightly different ways of...
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    Daily vs Weekly Dosing

    plants grow well within a range, the range becomes too wide if you drive the lights higher, and dose only once a week, for example going from 30ppm, down to 5ppm, against 20-25ppm range. i am sure you will agree an average is better - also less chance of algae. If you drop to say 5ppm, growth...
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    how much of each to buy????

    i am not dosing MgSO4 and my plants are fine, i have high GH (12d) so my water should theoretically contain enough Mg. Some people add GH booster as it contains, Calcium Sulfate Magnesium Sulfate Potassium Sulfate Iron Sulfate Whenever i talk about EI, i never tell people to use it, i just tell...
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    how much of each to buy????

    no, some people add MgSO4 or GH booster but thats optional. You have the main nutrients covered.
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    Confused about dry salt dosing...help please.

    haha, excuse my idiocy, i was thinking of 100days for some reason :oops: :roll:
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    Confused about dry salt dosing...help please.

    are you sure? if you dose 5ml per week, it will last 100 weeks wouldnt it :?: You have to look what algae growth you get, if it is because of low nutrients, then simply raise the dose.
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    Confused about dry salt dosing...help please.

    yes, you can buy 100/ 250g of trace as you dont use as much. If you want you could use Tropica Plant Nutrition+ which contains everything your plants need, it will still work out cheap at a weekly dose - 5ml per 50litres
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    Confused about dry salt dosing...help please.

    The recipe given in the tutorial is for a 20gallon tank, so you can just use that if you like, the 5gallons wont make much difference. i suppose you can add it in one lump sum, i was talking to someone the other week who met an aquascaper who uses that technique an he said his tanks looked...
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    Another thread asking for EI help :)

    it is much simpler to do than it looks on paper. And once you have done the first calculaition it is even easier to mix up the 2nd batch lol.
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    Question about Fert mixing

    i copied the whole list, MgSO4 is on the bottom :wink: KH2SO4 is only needed for extra Potassium, but enough is dosed with the KNO3 & KH2PO4. Potassium Nitrate 36g per 100ml Potassium Phosphate 22g per 100ml Potassium Sulphate 11.1g per 100ml Magnesium Sulphate heptahydrate 25.5g per 100ml
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    Question about Fert mixing

    tap water is fine. If you struggle mixing the powders then you can warm the water, however if you follow the guidelines then you shouldnt have a problem. here are some figures for solubility in water from James' website Potassium Nitrate 36g per 100ml Potassium Phosphate 22g per 100ml...
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    Plant Fertz dosing

    poor plant health > ammonia released > algae
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    N and P-dangerous?

    yep, they are safe :) It is unknown what levels of PO4 are dangerous to fish, however people have dosed 10ppm PO4 with no ill affects. Also, nitrate becomes toxic at very high levels (in the hundreds). Again, i have seen people with 60ppm NO3. Saying that, there isnt much point dosing those...
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    A couple of questions re: EI daily dosing (thread @ top of p

    hi, Clive adds MgSO4 to be on the safe side - i used to dose TPN+ (3ml daily) which would add 0.39ppm Mg. Moving onto EI and skipping this small amount IMO will make the tiniest of differences, although it is probably in the trace anyway. If i do see defficiencies then i will add the nutrient...
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    A couple of questions re: EI daily dosing (thread @ top of p

    there isnt any need for it, i already have enough Mg in my tap water, as do most people. :)
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    A couple of questions re: EI daily dosing (thread @ top of p

    yeah, that tutorial is better for working out a dosing regime :D i am dosing for a 240l tank and here are my mixtures: 18g KNO3 > 250ml 5g KH2PO4 > 250ml put these into 1 bottle and dose 40ml x3 per week. 23g trace > 500ml dose 40ml x3 per week these mixtures are made to last 1 month...
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    A couple of questions re: EI daily dosing (thread @ top of p

    it is, however some people use liquid ferts as they dont want the "hassle?" of making up their own dosing regime. And some are scared but the people who usually buy liquid ferts have small tanks, or think that the salts are actually deadly chemicals when there not.
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    James All in One Solution

    hi, mix this: 48g Potassium Nitrate 2.2g Potassium Phosphate (monobasic) 17g Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate (Epsom Salts) 5g Aqua Essentials Trace Elements Mix 0.5g E300 Ascorbic Acid 0.2g E202 Potassium Sorbate 500ml distilled water and dose 5ml per 100l x3 per week.
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    London hard water and Dosing

    so far i got everything right then :lol: :wink:
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    Problems after using E.I

    adding more fertilisers increases the demand for CO2. Ok, your drop checker may be green, but then you have to look at distribution, again you have enough turnover but are you sure it is being circulated properly in every corner. one thing leads to another so you just have to find the swet spot.
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    EI dosing V Off the shelf fertz

    i used TPN+ on my 60l daily, bu on my 240l i shall be using EI as it is cheaper :D
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    Fert Dosing & Carbon Filters.

    it will remove nutrients, but it certainley wont starve your plants, and after a while it will become saturated anyway meaning any more nutrients you add will stay in the water column. :D
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    Over dosing with E.I

    HC can melt when first introduced, Mark (saintly) had this problem but it soon recovered. viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4169 also, HC responds well to adding extra Nitrate.
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    What kind of deficiency

    I would be tempted to cut the lighting, by half, you have over 3WPG which is a lot, you can grow any plant with 2wg. The excess lighting will just mean quicker growth, and more growth requires more nutrients and at this point it is hard to keep up with the plants demands. Do you use 4dkh...
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    What kind of deficiency

    how are you measuring the levels of nutrients? The reason i ask is because if you are using hobby test kits then they are veru innacurate so you may not have 20ppm of NO3 at all. Also, what fertilisers are you using? One thing that strikes me is that you have a lot of light on the tank, and no...
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    Excel - Melting

    blyxa responds well to excel
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    Dry powders with non EI?

    1/2 EI or make up you own dosing regime. You dont have to stick to EI,it is very flexible.
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    ADA Green Brighty Special SHADE

    whats wrong with the plants?
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    K2Po4 or KHPo4

    apart from a slight chemical difference they both do the same job.
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    root tabs

    the TPN+ capsules will provide everything the plants need.
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    that is a problem them, even Nitrates & phosphates in the water can change the reading!
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    Where have you got the 22.5mg/l of CO2 from? It seems like you have used a pH/ KH table which are innacurate. Take a look here for more information: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=467 I dosed 3ml on my 60l too, Mark Nitrogen defficiency is a sign of yellow leaves. Plants get there Nitrogen from Nitrate...
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    Extreme nitrogen deficiency

    looks to be poor CO2 IMO. I know i keep repeating myself but i am pretty sure it isnt anything ellse..
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    Ammonium, algae and plant nutrient ?

    I forgot to add the link in my last post :oops: sorry http://www.bilyap.com.tr/magazin/mag3/concept1S3.php
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    Ammonium, algae and plant nutrient ?

    Here is more or less the same information as what is in the book if you are interested.
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    Ammonium, algae and plant nutrient ?

    I am unsure of what you mean in this post. Are you asking what is the best way to keep NH4+ to a minimum?
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    Ammonium, algae and plant nutrient ?

    see my above post for more info, i got it from Diana Walstad's "ecology of the planted aquarium" Why? i am not too sure, perhaps plants cannot detect or use NH4+ if it is below this level
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    Ammonium, algae and plant nutrient ?

    The information i posted i got from Diana Walstad's "Ecology of the planted aquarium" Here is a paraphrased quote about the method used on Elodea Nutallii: if you are wanting to convert the NO3-N into NO3 then 2 x 4.4 = 8.8ppm if you are wanting to convert the NH4-N into NH4 then 2 x 1.22 =...
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    Ammonium, algae and plant nutrient ?

    hi & welcome. Plants & algae prefer NH4+ over nitrate, when the levels are below 0.5mg/l NH4+ the plants begin to use NO3 instead. I am unsure on the minimum levels for algae, however i am inclined to agree with you that it is 0.01mg/l as algae can act much quicker than plants, even when there...
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    EI heeeeeeelp

    strictly speaking you do not need MgSO4 or KH2SO4 because our tap water usually contains enough Mg and the K comes from the KNO3 and KH2PO4. You only need to dose them if your plants strat to show defficiencies in those areas.
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    yes, it is just another name for it.
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    when to start dosing

    on my old bubble counter it was 3BPS (60L) and with my new one, well, i cant count it lol :roll: at least i know it is the same injection rate as before.
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    KH2P04 and KP04

    viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4359 That should answer all your questions.
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    Tropica Fert Dosing

    as an average dose 1ml per 20l then adjust as necassary
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    Dry Ferts

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    Dry Ferts

    It will be fine, both compunds are mixed the same way anyway (15g to 500ml of water and adding 5ml per 100L of water to give 1ppm) so it wouldn't matter if you dosed one slightly more than the other.
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    Dry Ferts

    K2PO4 - Potassium Phosphate KH2PO4 - Potassium dihydrogen Phosphate Any form of soluble PO4 is ok to use (Most of the K comes from KNO3 anyway). It is just that KH2PO4 is more readily available.
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    Easy Carbo and Flourish Excel

    both are forms of an algaecide
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    Sorting my AE trace mix solution...

    Hi, adding 15g to 250ml of water will give you about the same concentration as TPN - 10ml per 100l. If you were to add calcium & magnesium, then just add a GH Booster which supplies both, and it adds the other metals to your water. I wouldnt add the calcium and magnesium sulphate to the trace...
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    Seachem Flourish Potassium & Trace Elements Replacement

    Most people just use tap water for mixing up dry ferts, The colour difference is probable due to that there is more elements in the regular flourish, here is the 2 fertilisers side by side, as you can see, flourish contains a dew extra elements, and there isnt much point in dosing both. You...
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    Seachem Flourish Potassium & Trace Elements Replacement

    flourish trace is just a watered down version of flourish. Yes, that will be fine, but bear in mind the above info i posted, dont buy the trace, just use flourish. So you will only need the potassium Potassium Sulphate - 55g to 500ml of water and adding 10ml per 100L of water would give you a...
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    Dry powder storage

    Use some plastic food storage tubs, or you can get these: http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... th=145_274
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    It adds extra magnesium and it would go under Micro. Only worth it if your plants are showing signs of a Mg defficiency, but it will be unlikley, i say save your money.
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    EI daily methods or PMDD + PO4

    organic waste when it rots produces ammonia which causes algae so in effect yes it does.
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    Phosphate/Nitrate dosing

    Potassium Nitrate - 40g to 500ml of water and adding 10ml per 100L of water would give you a value of 5ppm. Potassium Phosphate - 15g to 500ml of water and adding 5ml per 100L of water would give you a value of 1ppm. Trace mix - 15g to 250ml of water will give you about the same concentration as...
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    Phosphate/Nitrate dosing

    see here for more info on EI: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1211 the easycarbo will help, but providing you have enough CO2 injected, then it isnt necassary.