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  1. LancsRick

    Changing tap water to RO

    Personally I'd do it a bit slower - bogwood did it over 5 weeks rather than a week. Given you have two sensitive occupants there,I'd be in no rush and just do it gradually.
  2. LancsRick

    Seachem Safe

    I'm a fan of Safe since you need such a tiny amount it lasts forever!
  3. LancsRick

    Nitrates always zero - Has my Fishless cycle stalled? pls help...

    That's a heck of a lot of fish to add straight off to a new tank. Test kits can be useful checks, but they shouldn't be followed blindly as they're not perfect. You don't mention about your CO2 monitoring, is your drop checker ok? From doing a fishless cycle your filter will have a low...
  4. LancsRick

    Desk tank

    Is that a sakura in the middle of the shot with all the cherries?
  5. LancsRick


    100ml will be plenty.
  6. LancsRick

    Price of Seachem Prime

    Well having done some reading it appears that both Aquaplus and Aquasafe contain amines and therefore can't be used for regenerating purigen, so I guess I'm stuck with having to fork out for prime! Cheers for the help anyways guys!
  7. LancsRick

    Price of Seachem Prime

    Thanks guys. If I'm going to look at changing then I'll have to research which ones are safe to use with regenerating Purigen since I know some conditioners make it toxic and I use it in all my tanks! Really useful points though, thanks all :)
  8. LancsRick

    Price of Seachem Prime

    I appear to have joined the planted tank community a little too late, as it appears that Seachem's recent restrictions on sales of their products are really driving up prices. The average price at present seems to be around £17 for 500ml of Prime, whereas a few months ago you could pick up...
  9. LancsRick

    Fishless cycle help

    Interesting that you guys a precise on the ammonia you dose - I tend to throw in some crud and leave it for a few weeks, is this not a viable approach? (I do of course test levels at the end before adding any bioload).
  10. LancsRick

    Establishing tank with mature filter media

    Awesome, better get sketching then! Cheers :).
  11. LancsRick

    Establishing tank with mature filter media

    Thanks easer. I'd read elsewhere that it was advisable to get the tank stable before planting, is this not the case? Unfortunately the tank is not yet in my possession, and was emptied last night - I'm collecting it tomorrow.
  12. LancsRick

    Establishing tank with mature filter media

    Evening all! If I was to take a tank which has been stripped in the last couple of days, clean it, and fill with new substrate/water, would I expect to see fairly rapid establishment? Or will the bacteria in the filter media have perished in the couple of days? Just wondering if the "new" tank...