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    How to eradicate Green Aquarium Algae.

    I have just recieves this email from Aquatic Magic on how to eradicate green aquarium algae, i am sure many others have too so it would be interseting to see your views on this: Useful Tips on How to Eradicate Green Aquarium Algae One of the methods for keeping algae away from your aquarium...
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    should i use an algaecide?

    i posted a few week back, about a BGA problem, i put it down to it being a fairly new (so fairly unstable) environment, i did a 3 day blackout after taking it out, and doing a 50% w/c. it worked (for about a week :roll: ) untill it has just started to creep back in again :evil: there is a an...
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    the start of BGA?

    Hi, i think i have the starting phases of BGA Circulation is fine, no poo is ever on substrate eheim 2215 classic & fluval 205 NO3 20ppm filters are clean set up just under 3 months Any ideas?
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    persistant BBA

    Hi, i have a bit of BBA on the tips of my windelov fern, i know it is usually CO2 related but i have pressurized CO2, and i overdose excel by 3x daily (for the last wek). And still it remains. all the rest of it has gone. Thanks
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    Is a blackout necessary?

    I have BBA and spyrogyra, on James' algae article, it says a blackout for the spyrogyra, is there any other way? I know the cause, my CO2 ran out while i was away, high lighting and heavy ferts dont go well as you know,