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    Greenline is back :)

    http://www.aquaticplants.eu.com/ but under new managment (from relatives) so i am sure everything will be as good as it was before :) sorry if it has been posted elsewhere but i havemt noticed!
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    open topped tanks - advice needed please

    what happens if something gets into the tank like air freshners, dust etc. aret you ever worried about it? If i get a liminaire, i was thinking about getting a piece of plastic to go over the tank to stop this, thanks.
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    Your Fishkeeping History

    Here is mine: 1998-1999 - lasted 1yr 3g tank coldwater no filter Maintenance??? (i didnt do it) 2005-2005 lasted 3 months 3g tank coldwater internal filter (after 3 days without one!) 2 water changes a week elodea densa, few silk plants 2006-2007 lasted 1yr 20g tank tropical internal filter...
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    Nice tank Tom

    The tank in the PFK looks great, :D i want to see one of those glass cabinets i first saw them a few month back - they would probobaly get loads of fingerprints on though!
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    I wan't to set up a Wabi-Kusa

    i love article in PFK looks very simple and basically no maintenance seen as you let it grow to do it's own thing like nature so i though why not give it ago! What i want to know is what is that moss in the article? what is semi-emersed? is it when the roots are grown submersed and the leaves...
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    Is it safe to add cold water from tap to tank straight away?

    Is it safe to add cold water straight from the tap to the tank via a hose pipe? Or i could warm it slightly so it isn't a massive difference, i will be keeping malawi cichlids @ 25C. It will be quicker to fill up that's all. Thanks, Aaron
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    1st day at MA aquatics!

    It was my first day at MA aquatics on my work experience, and they said i can rescape the fluval roma 90 :D I will be doing this on friday so watch out for some pics :? Monday: fed fish cleaned all of the tanks front glass cleaned the coldwater and cichlid tank (approx 30) another 100 or so...
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    Too Hi-Tec for a moss tank?

    I am wanting to set up a moss tank, i have 2WPG daily dosing with TPN+ pressurized co2 Would this be to much for growing mosses, windelov fern etc, i am wanting a jungle look. What i want to know is if i would need pressurized co2 and daily fertilising? would a better option be to do weekly...