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    Canon 350D

    Hi all, it's about time I invested in a better camera, the fuji S5700 was great, but I felt it held me back in places, so I purchased a second hand 350D. It come with a 18-55mm canon lens and a spare battery for £240 and is like new, no scratches or marks :thumbup: My Uncle then gave me two...
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    Help with photo editing

    Hi, i am creating a brochure for my ICT coursework, and i am trying to put some images in circles across the page, however, there is a white box behind them which looks rubbish, any ideas how to ge it off? I have GIMP, and i have tried cutting it away with magic wand but then publisher wont...
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    schmap photo...

    I have just had an email telling me my photo has been shortlisted to be used in the 9th edition of the brochure guide of Southampton :D Hopefully they'll use it but even still to be recognised is a great feeling :thumbup: Thanks, Aaron
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    help with autostitch

    Hi, as i was explaining on another thread, whenever i use autostitch it comes out really distorted, any tips or ideas where i am going wrong? or do you have to edit it a final time? Thanks, Aaron
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    Longleat Safari Park - holiday photo's

    Just been staying at the capsite which is literally a two minute walk away from the main attraction. You can hear the sea lions barking? all day, with the lions then taking over at night! The good thing about it is you purchase a passport ticket which last you all season, so even if you dont...
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    Waddington Airshow 2009

    Anyone else go? Feel free to post your pictures here :) This is the radar on the Awax, weighs 5 tonne and only the white strip is the radar, the rest is aerodynamics! lol Thanks for looking, Aaron. :)
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    getting extra lighting over subjects

    I was thinking about getting a light unit, i thought about something like this: http://nextday.diy.com/app/jsp/product/ ... ctId=32394 would 500w be overkill? I am thinking yes but have no idea :roll: if someone can give an "average" wattage to aim for then i'll be happy :) Its mainly for...
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    Grey Squirrel

    This little guy visited this morning, i didnt realise my Dad put some nuts in the bird house :roll: lol. They come all the time as we live next to a field, which also has some sheep in it... Pretty clever, i didnt realise they used their tails to hang from! Thanks
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    How to shoot HDR?

    Hi, I know how to get 3 differently exposed pictures, but i am stuck with the second part. Combining them all together! Is there any free software or can i do it on GIMP? Thanks
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    1st time i have photographed people, and sport. This is my brother. And his friend is in the white shirt. and a random one of some longboats which i have just found in my folder :roll: thanks for looking,
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    Chesterfield Canal/ Shireoaks Marina

    I took these while i was on a walk this morning... I would love the that house! Just go into the garden for a spot of fishing...
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    A few pictures of my fish :)

    personally i love the BN picture :D Thanks for looking :)
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    Photo's for PFK cover

    http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/f ... hp?t=34546 Got any good pictures that may make the front over ;) Or they may be featured somewhere else in the magazine. I know there is a few good pictures i have seen on here :) I think this should go in by Paulo, this image always springs to mind...
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    How do you take full tank shots?

    What settings do you use/ reccomend to use? Providing I dont have a brilliant camera (Fuji S5700) I took this shot using the settings: f/ 6.3 ISO 200 Exposure Time: 1/6 second Because i dont have any additional lighting to add over the tank, i was wondering if there was anyway to improve...
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    Fujifilm Finepix S5800 - buying an SLR camera

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fujifilm-FinePi ... =de_a_smtd I have been looking at some SLR camera's and i found the fuji s5800, everything looks ok to me and as though it would be ideal for taking some decent pictures of my fish, and other close ups. Is there any other cameras that you think i...
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    Pseudotropheus Crabbro & cucumber

    The P.Crabbro absolutley loves cucumber, it has been picking at it all day (from 10.00am till now!) Juvenile Pseudotropheus Crabbro This was what it was like back in July: They grow up so fast :cry:
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    Ludwigia Palustris close up

    well its pretty close... I took this from above (as you can see) while holding my lighting above it (36w) to get a clearer pic, and it worked :)
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    whats the difference between SLR & DSLR?

    Me again... What is the difference? I am not bothered about a load of detail, just a basic description, but Clive if you feel you need too then go ahead ;) :lol:
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    astatotilapia latfciata

    quite proud of how this one came out :)
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    Colour popping... my go!

    I thought i would have a go at colour popping, this is a photo i have had for ages so it wasnt intended for this hence why the tail is missing :roll: , but i thought i might aswell have a practice ;) I did it on gimp which is a free image editing software, and pretty similar to photoshop...
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    hemanthius micranthemoides - pearling shot :)

    here is a macro of the hemanthius micranthemoides pearling :) Thanks for looking! :) Aaron
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    photography practice

    After a chat with Clive he gave me a fe tips on how to get some better (cleaer) pics. I had a go using differen settings - no flash, flash with paper diffuser, flash - and here are some of the reuslts: (100pics later :shock: ) no editing on these no flash flash with paper diffuser flash...
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    snail trail!

    my MTS have created a nice trail on my path :P
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    Amazing Shrimp Pictures

    Not from me but from this guy on here: http://www.aquascapingworld.com/forum/a ... aping.html I cant believe the detail! :shock:
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    a few pics

    Here are some shots of my Jewel Cichlids that i have in my 180l tank
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    Anyone want to lend a pic?

    Hi, i am doing a plant profile for staurogyne sp. and i was wondering if anyone would let me use there picture? Doesnt have to be the best in the world :wink: Also has anyone got a pic of a matured java fern, i deleted mine off photbucket and i chucked it out last week as it wasnt growing...
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    What is ISO, aperture and exposure?

    can somebody give a description of what these 3 are? or a link to a useful guide, thanks, Aaron
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    RAF Waddington Airshow 2008

    Well i went for the weekend in the tourer, we was right next to the runway and someone brought some ladders so we all climbed up on top of some sort of porter cabin lol great view though. I didnt go in as it was raining, probobaly go in next year if weather is better. If anyone went then...
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    Been playing with the camera...

    well i thought i would have a mess around with the camera settings and i tooks some decent pics (for me). i added an algae tablet and the whole colony of shrimps come out! Counted about 28: Blue tint: camera is a olympus camedia c-350 (3.2 megapixels) so nothing special so i dont...