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    ADA aquasoil Malaya Q's

    Hi, i was wondering what the grain size of ADA malaya is? And just for reference what is Amazonia? And is it true that Malaya doesnt leach NH3 at the start? Thanks, Aaron
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    Free akadama samples.

    You can get some small samples of substrates (including akadama) from Kaizen Bonsai for free - unless you pay with paypal then it is a minimum of 1p. Ideal if you want to see the colour, size, texture etc. If you do want a full bag then it is cheap HERE here if you need it posting I am not...
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    aneirobic substrate :(

    My playsand substrate has gone aneirobic :crazy: is there anthing i can do? I have ordered some MTS to ty and help. Thanks, aaron (it is my 60l)
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    TetraPlant Complete Substrate - some questions?

    1) can anyine give their opinions/ reviews on this? 2) Is it a powder or a granule?
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    What substrate do you reccomend?

    which would you reccomend. Which do you think is the best & should i use any other form of substrate in conjunction with the options?