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  1. LancsRick

    Sakura Deaths - Confidence to build up a colony knocked a bit

    I'm looking to use my Ebi tank to start a Sakura colony, with the idea being that any excess numbers will be moved into my other tanks to improve the RCS bloodlines in there. I got 4 about 6 weeks or so ago, 2 male and 2 female (I think, I'm no guru!). I lost a male about 2 weeks in, but all...
  2. LancsRick

    What brings MTS out of hiding?

    I've had a few MTS knocking around in my tank for a fair few months, nice to have some hitchhikers that are welcome for a change. Having not seen them for months, they're back in force tonight and a couple are over an inch in length. Is there anything in particular that brings them out, or have...
  3. LancsRick

    Do Amano shrimp have a minimum group size?

    Pretty sure the hair algae I've been plagued with is actually filamentous diatoms (appears there is a strong link with new Fluval stratum substrate and this). As a result, I was going to employ the ever faithful Amano shrimp. Given it's only a 30l tank, I reckon the most I can reasonably put in...
  4. LancsRick

    Amano shrimp looking quite orange?

    Ok, so most of my amano shrimp are usually an off-white colour, with maybe a hint of an orangey/beige tinge around places. There's one though that really is quite orange I've noticed, and I was wondering whether this was just a colour variation, or whether it was a sign of anything? Tank is...
  5. LancsRick

    Food advice for Red Cherries

    Evening all! I've got a 23l tank full of Red Cherry shrimp (plus some snails that I'm slowly eradicating), and they seem to be doing really well at the moment, zero deaths, plenty of moulting, generally happy shrimp! One thing that I was hoping to improve on though is their colouring -...
  6. LancsRick

    Ramshorn snails are amphibious?

    I've read that ramshorn snails are amphibious. Is this true, and if so, can I therefore relocate my excess from my tank to the garden without harming the fellas? I really want rid of them but would rather not kill them!
  7. LancsRick

    Am I a shrimp killer?

    I have a horrible feeling that I've made an error that's killed a load of my shrimp :(. I did a water change at the weekend, and rather than "shock" them with cold water from the tap (with Prime), I put in a bit of hot to bring the temperature up. Today I came home to find some of my shrimp...
  8. LancsRick

    Self inflicted snail explosion...

    Ok, so I got some red ramshorns for my Fluval Edge tank since I thought they'd be a good invert solution to algae control... I may have caused myself a problem here. My 23l tank is now teeming with red ramshorns, (also some speckled/spotted ramshorns?!) and there are "egg patches" absolutely...
  9. LancsRick

    Snail ID please!

    I'll get a picture up later, but in the meantime, here's a description: Small (at present?), 1-3mm diameter shell Shell is a circular coil, flat (i.e. like a disc). Shell is at right angles to the snail (like a set of helicopter rotors). I've had these appear in the last couple of days in my...
  10. LancsRick

    Do I need to add calcium? If so, how?

    A couple of my red ramshorns seem to have shells which are slowly turning white - the others are absolutely fine. A bit of research has led me to the conclusion that this might be calcium deficiency, so my questions are: 1) Could this be calcium deficiency given that only some of the snails are...
  11. LancsRick

    Do Ramshorn snails eat diatoms?

    As per title really, I'm after some cleanup crew for my cherry shrimp tank, but it's too small for Oto's as a permanent home - any suggestions if ramshorns won't do it?
  12. LancsRick

    Amano Shrimp to Tank Size Ratio?

    I'm going to get some Amano shrimp to assist in dealing with my hair algae tank (which happens to have some plants and fish in there too....). It's a Trigon 190, moderately planted (planting to increase to heavy in the future). I'm just wondering what number of Amano shrimp would a) be...
  13. LancsRick

    First shrimp tomorrow!

    Ok, so I've done my reading, and tomorrow I'll be getting 6 (hopefully 3M/3F) cherry red shrimp from my LFS, along with some algae wafers. So this post is partly "yey I'm excited" (as sad as that sounds), and partly "I've done my research, but any particular nuggets of info you wish to impart to...
  14. LancsRick

    RCS - Going rate in shops?

    I fancy giving some shrimp a go, and dropped into my LFS today but they only had glass and fire red (£6!), so I was wondering what I should expect to pay for RCS in a shop? I'd buy off the forum but if I miss the delivery I wouldn't forgive myself for causing animals suffering (yes, even...