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    Pitbull plecs & plants?

    Are pitbull's ok with plants? I have read they are but i dont always trust the internet :roll: And how many would you say is enough for a group? I was thinking about 3 or 4. Thanks.
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    An amazing fish that can do football, limbo...

    http://www.r2fishschool.com/ Quite amazing, it also proves they dont have a 3second memory like some people think :roll:
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    2 Mysterious Deaths?

    i have a 40gal planted aquarium, i run co2 (drop checker green) dose 5ml TPN+ daily, water - no3 - 20-40ppm (gets up to 40 by end of week) nh4 - 0 ph - 8 no2 - 0 i have had an x-ray tetra and a silver mollie die for an unknown reason in the last week, there were no signs of ill helth, fins...