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  1. LancsRick

    Would this be too much stock in a 180l?

    Cheers Mark - I've not noticed any misbehaviour in the Trigon, but I guess I'll only really know that when I come to move the RCS out of there that I added a month or so ago - if there's 10 in there then we're ok!
  2. LancsRick

    Would this be too much stock in a 180l?

    That was my hope/reasoning too, but I'd rather check first! It's going to make that Rio a real jungle tank, but I've had enough of the Trigon flow issues, and the Eheim filters are a pig to clean.
  3. LancsRick

    Would this be too much stock in a 180l?

    Considering closing my Trigon and just running my Rio 180 as a single tank. I'm not sure if I'm going to be pushing the limits on stocking though... At present the Rio has moderate planting, 6 amano shrimp, 3 Oto's, 20 glowlight tetra, and probably 50 red cherry shrimp. Twin JBL e901's are...
  4. LancsRick

    Falling out of love with my Trigon

    Sounds like some SAE's might be a good on-going measure in conjunction with the other suggestions in here... I've used red ramshorns in the past in another tank, but found that they bred like a plague, and it took me months to get rid of them, so I'll leave those thanks! Interesting about...
  5. LancsRick

    Falling out of love with my Trigon

    Hmm, ok (wonders if the flow change he did today is a bad idea!!). Spot dosing is a real pig :(. Would SAE's be an option?
  6. LancsRick

    Falling out of love with my Trigon

    My Rio 180 is a brilliant algae-repelling low tech tank with sagi. sublata and mixed moss in it. Really enjoyable tank. My Trigon 190 on the other hand, has a larger plant mass, shorter light duration, same water change, filter maintenance and fert dosing regime, and is a poster child for BBA...
  7. LancsRick

    What on earth are these?!

    Wow, I had no idea they went that way, I thought they sprouted plantlets from the leaf tips. Cheers!
  8. LancsRick

    What on earth are these?!

    Plant in question is java fern. Tank is a low tech community tank with fert dosing. I spotted these on the underside of three of my java fern leaves today, so very localised. Wondering if they're eggs or something? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2793861/2013-09-16 20.34.17.jpg They're...
  9. LancsRick

    White mould/film on driftwood?

    Yea, although unsightly it's nothing to worry about, and Amanos have a great time with it. Took a good couple of months for it to disappear when I last used a piece of large new bogwood.
  10. LancsRick

    Newbie question about filling the tank.

    Put conditioner in tank, turn on hose pipe and point at where you added conditioner. Leave to fill. Result! It's worth putting a plastic pot/sheet of bubble wrap/plate under the hosepipe exit so you don't dig a hole in your substrate.
  11. LancsRick

    Newbie question about filling the tank.

    You can easily just add a bulk dose with the first lot of water and then just fill the tank up, that's a really easy way.
  12. LancsRick

    Layouts you like based around ammania/stauro and hairgrass

    Yea, sorry, I wasn't going to use stauro, I just thought that stauro scapes would also look good with the ammania. Will do some googling later, thanks :).
  13. LancsRick

    Layouts you like based around ammania/stauro and hairgrass

    Having got some stunning ammania from George, and getting some more ele. sp. mini, I'm going to redo my Ebi 30litre with much more plant mass, as I'm enjoying it far less since it's not as pretty, and also finding it much more work because of the lower plant mass. So, with a combination of...
  14. LancsRick

    Plague of snails!!!

    As above, keeping a clean tank is a good way to keep a snail population in check, although some species will go after live plants, so obviously that's no help in that instance. Please be aware of the requirements of clown loaches - plenty of people get them without realising what a large fish...
  15. LancsRick

    Why are there no "monster" planted tanks ?

    If I had the money spare, I'd almost certainly do something like this, but as mentioned above, the outlay must be staggering. Plus I'm on a water meter :lol:.
  16. LancsRick

    Red Ramshorn Snails

    If they run out of food, then yes, they'll go after plants. Typically though they're only algae feeders. I tried RR a while ago but really didn't like them as they bred too fast, and you then end up with a tank full - unsightly and also a risk to plants!
  17. LancsRick

    Thinking of my first "new" purchase

    Ok, so everything I've done with my tanks so far has been with second hand kit, and I've worked around what I've got my hands on. My nearest to a totally new setup was my little Ebi, but even that had some compromises attached. I'm therefore thinking about later in the summer being the moment...
  18. LancsRick

    Bottom glass protection.

    I'd just grab a thin sheet of acrylic from eBay or similar Ady. I certainly wouldn't use rubber matting. What about even sacrificing some DVD cases to position under the rocks?
  19. LancsRick

    power cut

    If your filter is external and has a priming pump on it, cycle that a bit - it will refresh the water inside the canister and give the bacteria a better chance :).
  20. LancsRick

    Fluval Edge lights?

    The official upgrade is the 46 LED lighting unit that comes in the larger Edge tank. It can be retrofitted into the small Edge without any problems, but that will give you a LOT of light to deal with. There are various modifications that people have build into the lid of the Edge tanks...
  21. LancsRick

    Planaria Treatments

    Well I've just noticed tonight that seemingly from nowhere, my Rio has a fair number of planaria knocking around in it. Presumably stow-aways from my most recent plants, or possibly in with frozen food that I feed them, so I'll treat my other tanks just to be sure. I've been reading on the...
  22. LancsRick

    A shopping trip and an interesting sounding speaker...

    Cheers Darren, I found him on Google, was just wondering what else people knew about him. Bogwood, how are the Sakura doing? Pleased with them?
  23. LancsRick

    A shopping trip and an interesting sounding speaker...

    Place called aqua life in Leyland. They're a wonderfully deep colouring, darker shade of red than most Sakurai I've seen, but a really deep red.
  24. LancsRick

    A shopping trip and an interesting sounding speaker...

    Well I've been obsessed in DIY the last couple of months, completely rebuilding my bathroom, so my tanks have been neglected a bit. I gave them all an overhaul last weekend, and this weekend I tottered off to my (excellent) LFS, and splashed out a bit of cash... 6 Galaxy Rasboras 3 Amano...
  25. LancsRick

    Fissidens through wire mesh?

    Just wondering how well fissidens grows through wire mesh? I've not grown it before and didn't realise quite how much it is willing to go floating around the tank!
  26. LancsRick

    Dragon Stone - 10kg/20kg

    It depends what sort of scape you have in mind, and how fussy you are. 10kg will just do it for an "average" scape, but if you're intending to either do a mostly hardscape scape, or are fussy about picking out particular stones, you'll be better off getting 20kg. Where are you based?
  27. LancsRick

    How to overhaul a tank

    A large transparent plastic tub. Siphon a fair amount of water into said tub. Remove each piece of hardscape/flora one at a time, shaking as you do, and then move to the tub. Eventually you end up with an empty tank with just your fauna and substrate. Now catch your fauna. Substrate will be...
  28. LancsRick

    a couple of questions i havent touched on yet

    You misunderstand. Cycling your tank is still essential for fauna, but is not required for plants. Plants will accelerate the cycling, so it makes sense to put them in as soon as possible. Plants = day 1 Fauna = week 4-8 depending on the tank
  29. LancsRick

    Low tech, with ferts. Avoiding water changes.

    Cheers plantbrain. I'm quite happy with the patience side, if/when I have a lifestyle where I can commit to high-tech levels of effort then I'll give them a go, otherwise my (main) tanks will all stay low tech. As you say, I think I'm going to end up maintaining water changes purely for the...
  30. LancsRick

    Low tech, with ferts. Avoiding water changes.

    Cheers. I'll just do the minimum for the time being to keep on top of the TDS and see how it goes. Did a 15% change today actually as I checked and it was a bit high. I try to keep it around 250-300 usually.
  31. LancsRick

    Low tech, with ferts. Avoiding water changes.

    My tanks are really starting to mature now and I'm learning a lot from trying to perfect health details rather than worrying about shapes at the moment. One thing that I've been been mulling over is water change frequency. I know some people are religious about them, whilst others never ever do...
  32. LancsRick

    Carpeting plants advice

    Get SS316 grade stainless and you'll be fine :).
  33. LancsRick

    Cats just love aquarium water...

    Did a bit of planting today, and most of the time the cat was sat within arm's reach, sounding like a V8 engine and watching my every move. Just imagine what he could do with opposable thumbs!
  34. LancsRick

    White fuzzy stuff growing on suction cups?

    Seems like quite a few people on the net have had this, but nobody seems to know what it is - it looks like the stuff in the link below that someone posted on another forum. Fuzzy looking stuff in tank - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community This is in my new Fluval Ebi setup, with new...
  35. LancsRick

    iPad edition of Practical Fishkeeping 69p

    Any way to grab this at that price for Android?
  36. LancsRick

    Help Setting up nano tank

    On a tank that size I wouldn't go high tech until you've got some understanding and practice - as a rule of thumb, the smaller the tank the harder they are to keep stable, so keep it low tech until you're confident. The colour of a light is irrelevant to the plants, and in terms of what is...
  37. LancsRick

    Cats just love aquarium water...

    Exhibit A... https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2793861/public/VIDEO0002-0.mp4 Oh, Java Moss is apparently tasty too...
  38. LancsRick

    Snails - love or hate them?

    I was quite taken with the ramshorns when I added them, but now they're multiplying at a ridiculous rate and I'm having to fish them out on a daily basis and destroy egg patches just to keep some semblence of balance in my tank. I'd add assassins but I've been reading and understand they take...
  39. LancsRick

    Tanks...How do you enjoy yours?

    Ok, so moving on past the blatant Creme Egg ripoff subject... As I lie here on my sofa with a purring cat and my second bottle of Weston cider, this is about the pinnacle of my enjoyment for the tank in my lounge. The plants are gently swaying, all the fauna is darting around, lit up brightly...
  40. LancsRick

    Your Sneakiest Tank Inhabitants?

    Newsflash: 3 Otos have been sighted! Only one potential ninja remaining!
  41. LancsRick

    I can't even grow Algae!

    These white stones you speak of, they don't have a label on them saying "Dove" do they? :P
  42. LancsRick

    Your Sneakiest Tank Inhabitants?

    I always used to give my Amano shrimp this accolade, since were incredibly antisocial until I upped their group from 4 to 8, and regularly thought they'd been eaten! The new kid on the block though, without a shadow of a doubt, is otocinclus black. I've got 4 of these fellas, and for about 2...
  43. LancsRick

    A post of Thanks

    A few months ago a fresh faced hobbyist appeared on these boards, with levels of experience just as green as the plants he was intending to keep. Thanks to kindness, generosity and knowledge, he has a tank in dramatically improving health, and another tank in progress. Without this support, the...
  44. LancsRick

    PFK Article On Soil Substrate Planted Tanks

    That's over now I think - http://www.greatmagazines.co.uk/store/d ... 3&id=53192
  45. LancsRick

    PFK Article On Soil Substrate Planted Tanks

    I don't need another shrimp tank though! Or do I....
  46. LancsRick

    PFK Article On Soil Substrate Planted Tanks

    I've never had any intereste in PFK in the past since my bias is towards the planted tank side rather than the fish themselves - is this a sign that I should shelve my perceptions and get PFK?
  47. LancsRick

    Easy WC ?

    I've been intending to get something like this set up - would this approach work? - Kitchen mixer tap + "screw on" hose fitting Adjust temp, lock off end of hose, place in tank, release hose, fill! I've got an old Juwel powerhead that I'll use for emptying the tank back down the sink. Any...
  48. LancsRick

    Borderline rip down - advice needed please!

    These are second hand, hence the filter media mix. I'm capping the cat litter because it's so light, it's a right nuisance!
  49. LancsRick

    Borderline rip down - advice needed please!

    Ok, well this isn't quite a ripdown since I'm hoping to leave at least the substrate intact, but here goes. - I want to replant - I need to remove the horrible Juwel textured background - I need to remove the Juwel internal filter (more on that later) As a result, I'm intending to empty the...
  50. LancsRick

    Diana Walstad setup - non treated water to start

    My understanding is that yes, it will kill of the bacteria. What you could do though is run a direct feed to a container NEXT to the tank, fill that, treat it, then syphon into the tank. Repeat!
  51. LancsRick

    PFK subs offers

    Just had a quick look on the site and I can't find any mention of the filter giveaway, would anyone be able to throw a link my way please? Cheers!
  52. LancsRick

    Discussion: High end 'v' affordability

    It's interesting you say that since I'm trying to source all sorts of things at the moment since I'm getting back into fish keeping having not done it since I was a child (and never run a planted tank before). As always, one of the cheapest ways I've found to get hold of tanks and stands is via...
  53. LancsRick

    How to remove snails?

    If your tank is big enough for 4 Botia Striata, then get some. They're great fun to watch as they're very playful fish, and they sorted my snail issue in a matter of hours...
  54. LancsRick

    Horrible tap water issue

    Another solution which isn't ideal but wouldn't require you doing any DIY to the property would be using a britta filter or equivalent.
  55. LancsRick

    Outdoor Planted Tank. (Vietnam) Possible? **Pics Page 4**

    Re: Outdoor Planted Tank. Possible? MIght be worth establishing it indoors so that when you move it outside it's already populated with mozzy and algae eating crew? Sounds interesting though
  56. LancsRick

    Feeding Tetramin flakes/any flakes

    My Cardinals take the flakes when they sink - the problem is that at the moment they hide as soon as the tank is opened since I've been planting recently, and as a result the flakes have often sunk by the time they emerge! I don't give them any more though, my Darwinian logic is that if they're...
  57. LancsRick

    Planning my first planted tank...

    I'll avoid then, thanks. "Stolen" media was how I set up my last tank many many many years ago but unfortunately I have no "fishy" friends any more. A bit of patience and natural cycling won't do me any harm! The bit I'm dreading the most is the aquascaping - although I adore how the planted...
  58. LancsRick

    Planning my first planted tank...

    Thanks guys. Don't worry, I have no intention of using fish to cycle the tank, although once safe for guppies I may put some in first as I understand they can tolerate less favourable conditions more easily and assist in cycling. If that's wrong then I won't! The thing that put me off...
  59. LancsRick

    Planning my first planted tank...

    Evening all! I'm really glad to have discovered this site, there's more information here than I will ever read! That's partly why I'm now confused... Having initially had the thought of "I'll find out how to setup a proper planted tank", I now realise that I need to decide what SORT of planted...