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    website - different aquascapes

    http://www.aquatic-plants-studio.com/index.html something i found from aquatic eden I love his tanks
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    Is this wood safe?

    Hi all, we've just trimmed a massive tree/ bush in the back garden but i am unsure if it would be safe to use in an aquarium. When i snapped some smaller branches of the inside was softwood, but on some thicker, older branches it was hard with just a small amount of softwood inside. Hopefully...
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    New tank - 4ft

    I have convinced my mum to let me have a 120cm/ 240l tank in exchange for my 180l & 60l :mrgreen: I am going to keep this a simple scape so it doesnt cause me to many problems first time round such as flow & CO2 diffusion etc so i though an iwagumi would be perfect :) Although there may be the...
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    Inspirational nature photography

    I thought i would start a thread where you can post pictures of anything that would give idea's to other members, or yourself, so hopefully we can put together a large thread where you can look through to get ideas for your next scape, here is a picture as an example:
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    Help with aquascape...

    The rocks in my scape are a major weakpoint due to their positioning, and repositioning them isnt really an option, i was thinking about replacing them with staurogyne sp, or some specie of crypt? Any ideas on what i could do/ what plants to use etc? Thanks, Aaron Here is the latest picture i...
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    (video) A Visit to the ADA Nature Aquarium Gallery

    http://www.aquatic-eden.com/ shows a few of the tanks at the NA gallery. shame about quality.
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    Anyone tried taiwanese Aquascaping?

    It looks really cool IMO and i like it a lot, i may have to try this one day. http://www.aquascapingworld.com/forum/g ... capes.html http://blog.sina.com.tw/paludarium/arti ... yid=580471
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    All you good aquascapers...

    Do you ever get bored with your tanks layout and think i could improve? There is always room for improvement yes, but do you ever sit back and think wow, what a good scape i might keep this for as long as possible. Or is it just me that thinks that as i have not yet produced a good one? :oops...
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    which plant shall i use?

    this is my tank: I am after a plant for the back left corner, i was thinking about java fern or 'narrow' as it will make the tank look bigger. I dont think C.Helferi or similar plant will go that well. Any suggestions? I am planning on entering thjis into the AGA but i am not sure, it isnt...
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    Can you use any wood for hardscape?

    Is there any dangers of using it? what procedures would i have to do to treat it before hand? Also does the same apply to rocks? Do i just test for the carbonic acids? sorry about all questions but i am wanting to set up a moss tank and i need these things, thanks, aaron
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    Anyone entering the ADA 2008 aquascaping contest?

    I wont be entering, my tank is just going through a change from stem to rossete plants although i may keep some H.polysperma. That is noo exceuse though as it wasn't good enough in the 1st place!