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    can you have too many plants in a low tech tank

    the average CO2 levels is approx 4-8ppm (without CO2 injection). Plants will be growing very slowly that they will need hardly any CO2 at all, if that does drop to 0ppm which isnt likley because surface agitation will be keeping the air/ water equilbrium at 4-8ppm. Unless you have no surface...
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    can you have too many plants in a low tech tank

    plants create more of the enzyme rubisco to compensate, the only advantage i know of for having a siesta period is to allow CO2 levels to replenish (ie, when using a fermetnation kit).
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    It's been a while... back with a view to setting up a low-te

    looking forward to the next stage :thumbup:
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    AQUA SOIL ??

    Loads of people use aquasoil :D Dont go for version II as it clouds the aquarium badly. Amazonia has an initial ammonia spike so daily water changes are needed to prevent algae & stop it killing your fish Malaya or Africana doesnt have an ammonia spike, but IME Malaya is very dusty and my...
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    method to measure CO2 degas of tap water for WC in low tech

    Cheers. So they are saying that 'standing water' is 4.2ppm @ 25deg C. and a tank with no photosynthesis is typically 3-4ppm. That is why I am going for a 'lights out' water change. So that I cna get as close to this 3/4ppm as possible. I am aware that as well as photosynthesis, surface...
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    method to measure CO2 degas of tap water for WC in low tech

    leaving the caps off or on will play a role in the equilbrium. If you leave it on, then the air space will be smaller in volume, therefore it will be a higher concentration of CO2, as apposed it gassing off CO2 in the whole room for it to diffuse into ;) (diffuse = high concentration going into...
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    water changes in a low tech tank

    lol Clive, with some exceptions most fish can survive Nitrate levels into the hundred's, and Tom has tested 140ppm with Shrimp. I can find some papers if you want?
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    Interesting fact about natural CO2 in Lowtech/Walstad

    When my CO2 stopped working the DC stayed green, and when i changed the solution stayed blue :!: Although wheni got it working again and the CO2 is switched off at night via a solenoid, it has always returned blue in the morning :| Strange...
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    Which soil to use?

    i think it is, why did she advise going against peat moss?
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    Diana Walstead style tanks

    nice tank Dusko, HOw come Diana doesnt come on here anymore?