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    Manzanita in the UK

    There is a guy on Aquatic Plant Central who trades under the name "fishandturtlejunkie" That is where I got mine from, reasonable prices too, but you couldn't beat it when Tom shipped some in, I couldnt believe it, he announced it a few weeks after I purchased mine :roll: lol
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    Custom medium size tank

    welcome :thumbup: check out aquaiums limited, our sponsors: viewforum.php?f=52 their website: http://www.aquariums.ltd.uk/
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    [WHERE TO BUY] Hatchetfish

    thanks for the links, really helpful, i was searching the forums but couldnt find anything... i was looking at tropical fish 4u and re-discovered penguin tetras :roll: i had totally forgotten about them! Thanks Johnny, i'll give them a call :)
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    [WHERE TO BUY] Hatchetfish

    Does anyone know a source for hatchetfish? Hardly anywhere stocks them, i dont mind if it is online shops either. Anywhere around south yorkshire or Nottinghamshire area. Thanks ps, or if anyone has any alternative suggestions for surface dwelling fish. Thanks
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    Where to by this filter in the UK???

    They are the same design arent they? I didnt check the shop but i assumed they might have more powerful filters in stock. Thanks.
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    Where to by this filter in the UK???

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/3-Layer-filtratio ... 5|294%3A50
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    Filter tubing online

    i only ordered it as i needed lots of other stuff too.
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    Filter tubing online

    i got some 22mm and it is thick, very hard to bend so instead i bought the clear hose of AE which is 16/19mm. Much more flexible. The way i have my pipework positioned i doubt the 22mm stuff would of actually bent around the side :shock: you need something better than scissors to cut...
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    Purigen on Ebay

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    Purigen on Ebay

    it is organic nitrogenous waste it removes (not inorganic fertilisers) otherwise we would have a lot of people on here complaining of Nitrogen defficiencies! does anyone do this :?: i read the link you posted, Dave, and realised you do, but you also mention that the high pH of the purigen...
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    Where to buy in the Midlands.

    shop name: Fish Inc Location: Sheffield Directions: number: 0114 244 4433 Fish Inc. Unit 3 Finchwell Close Sheffield Yorkshire S13 9DF They are tucked away in a corner on a back road, quite easy to miss. located just 5 minutes from the Sheffield parkway, and 10 minutes from J33 of the M1...
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    Manzanita Driftwood

    the stump was the last picture, it is about 2ft high, 1ft wide. I have been looking and i have found a little paddling pool, that will have to do :lol: It is a shame the pound is weak, other wise it would only be about £45 shipped and that is great for a 120cm considering it is about £30 for...
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    Manzanita Driftwood

    i will also say he is very patient, he kindly dicussed and sorted out pakages and pictures with me. here is the email/ price list I have lots of Manzanita, so if you don’t see the perfect pieces (forgive the bad pics please) let me know and I will put one together for you. Nano packages $30...
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    Manzanita Driftwood

    Mine come this morning. I ordered a medium package, 5 extra medium pieces, and a "stump for $85/ £60 I payed on the 16th March, and i recieved it today, so it took about 15days which is very good to say it is from the US. :D Reccomended and thanks for pointing it out, great help
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    Manzanita Driftwood

    lol, i just wanted to see what it looks like submerged Thanks.
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    Manzanita Driftwood

    Hi Tonser, have you got a picture/ link to the tank where you have used this in? I might get some for my 240l ;) Thanks, Aaron
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    nano tank - where to buy?

    clearseal tanks, dead cheap: http://www.onlineaquariumstore.com/acat ... riums.html
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    Manzanita Driftwood

    That is a very good price, especially for what some shops charge for 1 piece of wood!
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    Natural Aquario

    I wonder what the plants are like :?:
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    Have you looked at the 'where to buy' section
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    Where to buy in East Anglia.

    I had a bad online experience with seapets: I ordered a cabinet and they sent the wrong one, they said they didnt have the one i ordered. God knows why they didnt ask me before they sent it, 2 weeks later and no emails explaining anything so i cancelled it.
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    Where to buy in the Midlands.

    The dukeries garden centre is up for sale, the owners (who also own 5 others which are for sale across the country too) Nothing will happen to MA @ the dukeries though as it is thought that it will remain as a arden centre.
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    Altum angel

    try here http://www.tropicalfish4u.co.uk/
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    Where to buy vases online?

    i was going to say IKEA too. Or you could make one yourself?
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    Maidenhead Aquatics

    the owner of MA @ The dukeries owns East bridgeford i think and he is openingone in Nottingham and somewhere a bit further down south near oxford i think.. He hopes to have 4 open by christmas!
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    Where to buy in the Midlands.

    i have already out it but better to have 2 verdicts :wink: best to go weekdays, preferabley in the morning or later at night, (open 9.00am - 5.30pm everday)
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    Where is the best/cheapest place to get brine shrimp eggs?

    I think BigC sells them on TFF - or it miht be the culture??
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    Where To Buy - Black/Blue Laminated Background?

    have you tried ebay? Unless Dan can do you one then you will have to buy 2+ which way isnt it fitting? length or height?
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    Where to buy Tropic Aquacube in London?

    here is Graeme's tank to show you what it could look like: http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/2 ... ol=0&id=68 I know i would want to see it before spending £400 on a 2l tank :shock:
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    Where to buy Tropic Aquacube in London?

    They are £150 and you can get them from here: http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... ts_id=1294
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    Where to buy on the Internet

    aquatics online paraquatics warehouse aquatics charterhouse are good, i ordered a biube from them, quick delivery once they had it in stock and kept me informed a long the way.
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    Where to buy in the Midlands.

    Shop name: Maidenhead Aquaics Location: Dukeries Garden Centre, Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 3LW What they offer or specialise in: Aquarium plants & African Cichlids Over all verdict of the shop: An excellent shop with very friendly & helpful staff, they will not sell you anything...