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    How to remove brace bars?

    Hi all, any tips on removing the brace bars? I have run a stanley knife along the edge and peeled about 30cm off in 1hr. Does it take this long? Even still When i have removed the excess around the edge off, how do I get the silicone trapped between the brace bar/ glass pane? I tried gettinbg a...
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    Riparium Ideas needed,

    Hi all, i am going to be attempting a riparium setup but cant find any UK suppliers, anybody know one? All i need is the foam rafts/ trellis http://ripariumsupply.com/store.html Any DIY ideas? Not sure which foam to buy so if someone can provide a link that would be good. I have searched ebay...
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    Building your own tank - how do you do it?

    I am wanting to DIY a tank - 30" x 15" x 15" It is in fact for a mississippi map turtle and it only needs to be filled a third of the way so will the silicone be strong enough or will it need a brace? I am a bit wary of this :? where do you get glass from? and how much are glass cutters...
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    Is it worth it?

    Hi guys, i have the reg with solenoid etc from aquatic magic, should i cut the plug off and fit a 3 pin or should i buy an adapter? just worried incase it doesnt work. :?