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    What/who are you listening too?

    :lol: Owl city - Fireflies
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    PFK Website Compromised

    same, glad its back though, i also prefer the new layout.
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    Is this broadband speed slow?

    oh, ok cheers :thumbup:
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    Is this broadband speed slow?

    so whats the router advertising then? thanks, Aaron
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    Is this broadband speed slow?

    why we are on this subject, does anybody know if a 2x bandwith router splits whatever bandwith you are getting in two (such as 256kb to each one) or would you get 512kb from each one? http://www.argos.co.uk/webapp/wcs/store ... ms=0623384 because if someone is on the xbox, and someone online...
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    Is this broadband speed slow?

    I use Sky too :thumbdown: Doesnt make a difference who we have though,
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    Is this broadband speed slow?

    yeah, we are on unlimited, 20Mb download speed too, but it is just where we live. The people that live closest to the exchange get 2Mb, we are furthest away from it, without being classed as out of Worksop :thumbdown: About 3mile, not sure if that is a lot for a cable to run etc, not to...
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    Is this broadband speed slow?

    I have the same problem. max 512kb in my area :cry: :thumbdown:
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    Can't believe it...

    haha, Im not far behind :geek: :oops:
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    why doesnt it work? surely the mesh still allows gas exchange to take place?
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    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas :thumbup:
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    PFK Website Compromised

    well most people will use the same password for numerous things, so if their email p/word is the same as PFK, they can try it on numerous fish related websites which store people's credit cards :?
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    whats a bio hazard sign next to a message in pm?

    you can add symbols next to PM's and you can also do it on new threads too, just catches the eye sometimes but no one ever seems o bother with them lol
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    To the computer experts... see if you can solve this

    :lol: you cant tell, only that is half the size it used to be :!:
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    To the computer experts... see if you can solve this

    i decided to leave it because i didnt fancy messing, it is still there but slowly rotting away!
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    What us Welshmen do when really bored...

    I saw that on rude tube the other night lol
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    Back from holiday - Lots of pics!

    Some awesome photo's. your brave "on the edge" lol, it would take me about 5mins to get to that point and even then i would have to sit down lol.
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    Atomic Microscope

    isnt that an electron microscope? I thought this used lasers :crazy: looks cool though :thumbup:
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    Which laptop to go for?

    i like vista, i agree with Mortis, in the first few months i didnt like it, but it soon changed :thumbup:
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    Where do you guys work?

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    New Cars... Good MPG?

    renault clio i think has 75mpg,
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    tetanus booster

    i had all my boosters this year or last? when is it? lol, i cant even remeber, but anyway none of them hurt, nor did i getr any pain after.
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    Ukaps Baby !!

    congratulations :thumbup: I wasnt thinking of anything like that with the title lol
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    Ashes Final Test

    well i cant think of anyone better currently :thumbup: it is always going to be hard to fill a space like that. not really seeing as batting is only going to get harder with the pitch deteriorating as badly as it is doing!
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    Ashes Final Test

    Come on England!!! I think we have found a replacement for Freddy too :thumbup:
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    This is verry funny have a look

    bookmarked :lol:
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    time to retire from UKAPS

    welcome back :thumbup:
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    Ashes Final Test

    yeah, after the quick wickets it soon put us back into a poor-ish position again, :thumbdown: A shame Swann was out on the last ball, i think if they get up to 350 tommorrow then they are in a pretty decent position, at least we have a spinner :thumbup:
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    Links to my journal

    you just copy the URL, John viewtopic.php?t=1253
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    Ashes Final Test

    not looking as strong currently with just under 200-4, Trott is looking confident though :thumbup: I dont know who Key is? whats his first name? I would bring Sidebottom in place of Freddy, only trouble is trying to find someone who can bat too, he will be a big loss, its a shame he got...
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    Ashes Final Test

    I'm a bowler too hehe. We have good batsmen, but they arent consistent, that is something Pieterson has, you can usually guarantee at least 30 runs from him, the others barely get into double figures :roll: I like Prior, i think he's good
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    Ashes Final Test

    just been reading some cricket insults, some of them had me in tears, not really suitable for a forum but there is alink on the MSN UK homepage http://uk.msn.com/
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    Ashes Final Test

    lets hope Trott can step up and hit some, its a big game, cant be much worse than Bopara though :roll: I dont see why Strauss didnt play Bell right from day 1 in place of Bopara, like he said himself, Bell is a proven performer. And as i typed this we nearly lost another to 2nd slip :silent:
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    time to retire from UKAPS

    Its hard to come across a forum without somebody being negative, but good luck and i am sure you shall proceed greatly :thumbup: Thanks for everything, you have been a big help :thumbup: :wave: Thanks, Aaron.
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    highlight the smilies

    i dont use IE :wink: I use firefox, its just on my task bar at the bottom all the time :!: When i opened it i realised how slow it was :thumbdown:
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    highlight the smilies

    it works on IE, you've gone crazy nick :P lol
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
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    eBay Buyer Help

    the report links are at the side of the listing on "my ebay". Where it says leave feedback there is a drop down list. When i create a listing, i always tick "dont sell to users haveing a feedback of 5 or less. You can choose any number. But Andy's tip is just as good as other people can still...
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    I was taking it as buy & swap section
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    its fine now :thumbup:
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    Looks like you had a good time, no thanks to the fish & chips though :sick: Whats the bird in the 3rd picture? It's beautiful.
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    Happy Birthday

    Hapy Birthday :thumbup:
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    Lets Keep it simple!!

    me neither :lol:
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    UKAPS fantasy football

    me too :lol: :roll:
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Mark & Naz :D
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    Newbie Subforum?

    i dont see the point really, if they are new, and have a broad range of questions then it can go in the general discussions section, anything in particular there are specialist sections. Every question gets an answer on here usually, and if they are new, we do (well i do) tone things down.
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    ebay help

    http://www.contact-number.co.uk/contact ... ntact=eBay good luck!
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    To the computer experts... see if you can solve this

    :lol: good one. Someone has suggested unclipping the font but i am worried incase it gets damaged, it was alive but it is know dead :roll: I may wait untill it rots :|
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    To the computer experts... see if you can solve this

    A fly inside the computer screen :| Any ideas on getting this out :lol: As funny as it may seem it is really annoying!
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    What instrument do you play?

    drums mainly, and a bit of piano, guitar & viola I have never done any grades... good luck
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    Happy Birthday

    Thanks, yeah, sometimes i dont realise how lucky i am, compared to other kids, and i am now a big fan too. :lol: The food is awesome. the ribs are said to be their speciality, and they did look good, seafood isnt really for me... i dont mind the occasional crab stick :lol: Good deals...
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    Happy Birthday

    The cake!! the detail is pretty amazing on some of the fishes. just had to show this lol
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    Happy Birthday

    Thanks everyone. I had a hummer turn up at the door, which was a big surprise, then my parents had invited the whole family for dinner at Damon's. My dad couldnt get over the prices :lol: Mine was free because it was my birthday so the dearst on the menu was for me :mrgreen:
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    elo folks

    Hey Matt, sorry about your tank but at least something good has happened :) Someone posted a few weeks back about accidental cover: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=6449 It says in that thread only non-portable items are covered - is a fish tank portable :lol: :roll:
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    Happy Birthday

    :lol: Thanks everyone :D
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    Considering a "New" car for the summer - opinion welcome

    beauty, maybe a lot but worth every penny
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    Dog Pack Attacks Gator In Florida

    :lol: i thought & did exactly the same thing :!:
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday, Tony
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    What are your other hobbies?

    looks like you have a big job on your hands there! it would be good to see some before and after photo's if you get it finished ;)
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    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday :) :P
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    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday Stu & owenF :D
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    Business Startup

    did you follow this through Tom? How's everything going?
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    Chocolate calculator - fun game!

    lol are you sure you did the correct one :P If you have already had your birthday this year add 1759 .. If you haven't, add 1758.
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    we currently have a 32" (it looked big when we first got it :lol: ) but planning on an upgrade :D I can remeber seeing a TV in the shop, with a side by side comparison of regular TV's against LCD's and i said tha must be exaggerated but it wasnt! I was going to say the same thing when i saw HD...
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    we are getting our Sky+ HD installed on the 27th 8) its hard to believe we could get a better picture than we already have got! lol.
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    Chocolate calculator - fun game!

    I thought this was pretty neat, got sent through an email: Don't tell me your age; you probably would tell a falsehood anyway -but the Man from Mars will know! YOUR AGE BY CHOCOLATE MATH This is pretty neat.. DON'T CHEAT BY SCROLLING DOWN FIRST! It takes less than a minute Work this out as...
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    What are your other hobbies?

    Golfing, Fishing, Football, Rugby, cricket, photography, are my other hobbies. :D I am an active person :P
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    :lol: me too.
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    Aaron's First tank!

    :lol: they were about 5", but they were fat lol. i bought them at just over 1" in length!
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    Aaron's First tank!

    :lol: i can just shake the pots off as oliver knott insipration :wink:
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    Aaron's First tank!

    goign through some old pictures and found these! It was my 2nd tank but i have no pictures of my first which was about 20l containing 3 goldfish :? and my clown loaches, i really regretted selling these but i know the went to a good home in a 6ft with about 10 other clown loaches :) can...
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    Favourite music

    i too like everyting except rap and rave (oh god, that sounds like another genre :lol: ) Mostly indie though
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    Amusing Joke

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    lack of bees in the garden

    i dont think we would become extinct, but we would certinaley suffer, from the lack of pollenation EDIT: doh, John beat me too it lol
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    lack of bees in the garden

    i havent seen any this year, not even a wasp! :twisted:
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    Funny Videos

    I wonder how long that took! Very cool. This is funny, contains some swearing, albeit in German lol. Hitler gets banned from xbox live part2
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    Champions League Footie

    :lol: sometimes you waffle on a bit but you know what you are saying :lol: I am glad he has gone :D
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    Food For Thought With The Holiday Season Looming!

    This was on The Real Husle the other night :D Alex was posing as staff, he went around saying there was a problem with the cards,and we are resetting them, so he swiped it on his macbook he as carrying around with him. Took it home, transferred the info onto phone top-up cards, waited until...
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    Public announcement!

    I though you were going to say your wife's pregnant or something :lol: :roll:
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    Happy birthday paulo

    Happy Birthday :D
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    :lol: congratulations.
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    Champions League Footie

    i agree with all that. As much as i hate to say it i dont think Giggs is good enough for the champions league final either. Good cross & goal by Messi though.
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    Duty calls

    good luck :D
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    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday :)
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    :lol: nice one, Paulo
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    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday Dave.
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    ID This Piece of Kit!

    nice one, Stu! :lol: it is damaged metal :P I have been trying to think of the 'basic' components in a power station lol.
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    ID This Piece of Kit!

    lol, i was thinking about a job at nuclear power station, as there should be some when i finish my degree etc, but i decided to go for chemistry instead :roll:
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    ID This Piece of Kit!

    what do you do in your job Dave?
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    ID This Piece of Kit!

    that was my thought, but it looks small lol.
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    Champions League Footie

    that made me LOL :lol: I feel gutted for Fletcher, it should of been a yellow card at the most IMAO. :|
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    Testing 3giphone

    :lol: my mum said she'll get me an HTC :wink: Thanks Paulo.
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    Champions League Footie

    Re: MANCHESTER UNITED 2-2 FC PORTO ManU - Chelsea final, ManU to win :mrgreen: :wink: we didnt play that well, we were just lucky Arsenal played worse than us :lol: :lol:
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    How to return ebay search to the old sort method

    didnt know they were owned by ebay, i didnt use it back then :lol:
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    How to return ebay search to the old sort method

    No, i just feel more secure paying through the Paypal website, i dont see why you should have to enter your password on ebay. Some people have complained about it not working on safari or google chrome (one or the other) thanks.
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    How to return ebay search to the old sort method

    thanks, ebay seem to be making things worse lately :roll: I dont like paying for items by paypal through the ebay site either.
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    Extreme fishing-Robson Green

    eah that Stingray was cool. Here it is I think it is a lot bigger than the one you posted Sam!! The top 10 catches was pretty cool too :)
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    Parrots and Priests

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: better than the last joke!
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    Far East planted site title rip off!

    Oh my god, i thought it would be the same design like green/ black colours and layout etc, not the pictures and text too :shock: :shock: There is a guy on TFF who is very good with IT (member name: saltynay) not that i am doubting you James but it is just an option if you need any help or...