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  1. LancsRick

    Any types of nylon fishing line to avoid?

    Cotton thread is rotting away too quickly in my tank to let the moss graft onto the mesh properly. I'm therefore going to redo things with nylon fishing line so it isn't an issue. Before I get some el cheapo from eBay (link below), are there any things to be wary of around cheap manufacture and...
  2. LancsRick

    Has anyone ever done a fully automated tank?

    Emphasis on "fully" here. The reason for my thinking here is that I love the idea of a high tech tank. The colour of the plants, the rate of growth, breadth of plant selection. All of these things are great. Unfortunately none of these things cope well with not having regular maintenance...
  3. LancsRick

    Idea for Fluval Ebi stand

    Well having completed a full rebuild of my bathroom, I'm going to tidy up my bedroom as a lighter project. Part of this is going to be sorting out a proper stand for the 30l Fluval Ebi that currently sits on an old chest of drawers with my Sakura shrimp and Galaxy Rasboras in. From my other...
  4. LancsRick

    Projects people want to see, but don't have time for?

    I'll admit it, this is one of my favourite sections of the forums. Fish are pretty, plants are lush, but at the end of the day it's fixing things and making things that I love. Here we reach the crux of the problem - I'm a DIY'er/engineer/hobbyist/madman without a particular urge for a...
  5. LancsRick

    Any difference between all the silicones out there?

    I need to get my grubby paws on some clear colourless silicone for my tank for bits and bits, and was wondering whether there was any difference between all the brands knocking around at all?
  6. LancsRick

    The Reason I always try to go for dual filters...

    Just came back from a few days away to find that the little internal on my shrimp tank (holding tank whilst I complete my Ebi build) had packed up, and ammonia had spiked. I've lost about 30% of my red cherries, and have given them an emergency home in my Rio 180. Mixture of sadness and anger...
  7. LancsRick

    Best Way to modify a glass lid?

    Due to the fact that I'm using external filters on my Fluval Ebi, the supplied glass lid doesn't fit. What's the best way to modify it? I need to recess two of the corners by about 1 inch. My fallback option would be to buy a sheet of acrylic and make my own lid by hand, but that seems a bit...
  8. LancsRick

    400lph in a Fluval Ebi?

    I can get my hands on a brand new JBL e700 for £63, cheaper than an Eheim 2213. As a result, I'm considering going with this for my tank, as the JBL's I've got on my big tanks seem better than the Eheims. Even if I throttle this back to half strength though, I'm going to be putting 350-400lph...
  9. LancsRick

    Equipment thoughts for an "elegant" nano?

    Some of you will have seen that I'm looking to sell off my Fluval Edge (23l) due to the access restrictions that come with the tank structure. That said, it has at least made me appreciate the importance of the tank aesthetics as well as the aquascaping part of things - my Rio 180 and Trigon 190...
  10. LancsRick

    Project/Bargain Undertaking!

    What does £25 get you these days? Half a tank of fuel (if that). A handful of recent DVDs. A small restaurant meal. Oh, and also, a 4ft x 2ft x 1ft fish tank with very nice clarity glass.... So I liberated this from someone's garage today in exchange for what I view as a miniscule amount of...
  11. LancsRick

    Hagen Elite Mini Heater - Should there be cloth in it?!

    I've just taken delivery of a Hagen Elite Mini Heater (25w), and there appears to be a piece of fiberglass cloth over the heater element within the glass tube. Is this meant to be there? Never seen it before, and just wanted to check before I plugged in it, in case it was a manufacturing fault...
  12. LancsRick

    Trigon 190 - Removing Background?

    I'm planning my tank evolution at the moment, and on the list is going to be the removal of the padded background which comes with it as standard. I'm leaving it be for the time being since there's a nice bit of algae there in places, and I'm introducing some Cory's in the next day or so, which...