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    100litre planted tank

    looks good to me :thumbup: Look forward to seeing the plants grow in :thumbup:
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    New Beginnings (Aaron's Riparium)

    It was hard to scape this, bearing in mind it will only be half full and the petrified wood is pretty flat, not the best option for a first time iwagumi style. lighting will be 2 x 11w PCT5 Fluval U3 internal (I can see me swapping this for external pretty quickly :roll: ) Thanks for...
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    Aaron's 216l journal!

    So onto the next tank :mrgreen: ... Specs tank 216litre/ 60gallon 120 x 40 x 45 lighting 2 x 54w T5 6hrs for first six weeks, then raise to 8-10hrs after Sylvania 865 & Osram skywhite 860 (from Lampspecs ) Filtration & powerhead tetratec EX1200 (1200l/ph) still deciding on inlet/ outlet...
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    The Forgotten Valley - 60l

    I just thought i'd show you guys my 60l, I set this tank up approx 3months ago. Lighting - Interpet 36w PC (2.5WPG), i can lower this but have never got round to it. co2 - Nutrafin, diffused by ceramic diffuser ferts - 2ml TPN+ daily plants - 3 A.Swords, Dwarf hairgrass, Anubias Barterii...