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    ei ferts and herbs/houseplants

    i have started saving tank water too. I didnt do it on my 60l as there wasnt much point but with larger quantities of water it is excellent. We have 1 patch where the grass is a bit yellow (sand beneath it :roll: ) but tank water has cured that!
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    Gardening websites?

    cats eyes (my grandad has a black cat but with glow in the dark eyes) - soound like a kids toy :lol:
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    Gardening websites?

    someone who wears burberry (or it is associated with them) and they are aggressive - that is how i know them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chav how has gardening websites gone on to this :?:
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    another use for mini landscape rock

    i know, i cant beleived you used ADA :?
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    Are you in to landscaping as much as aquascaping?

    Wonder if anybody is as interested with plants and landscapin as they are with their tanks? For me, i cant stand gardening! So boring IMO.