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    CAU planted tanks!!!! (seizure warning)

    Sense of scale is lost with in these tanks, you can only really determine the size of the tank through looking at the fish , I think that’s such a strong point for any planted tank.
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    30cm - Little Mountain

    cheers dude, for ur help..
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    30cm - Little Mountain

    Is the 24w one u got a "superfish" or the "hai yang t5" or if not any of those could u tell the make/brand so i can narrow my search on ebay...(or link) cheers.......
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    30cm - Little Mountain

    im interested now........what brand of light is that and where can i get one and how many watts would u recommend for a 18".12".12" and if u think the light will not suite that size of tank ,,what lighting systerm would u recommend. cheers for your time........