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    Aquascapes 2003 to present

    Re: Seven years of 'scaping - updated Feb '10 "60cm - White cloud mountain" is just perfect in my eyes. Cant say I dont like anything about it :thumbup:
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    4 x 2 x 2 Low maintenance 'scape

    brilliant :clap: welcome to UKAPS thanks, Aaron
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    It keeps me busy

    thanks, well done on your first attempt, plants are looking lush :thumbup:
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    It keeps me busy

    Any chance you can resize the pics to 800 across the longest edge? I can't download them :thumbdown:
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    "Serenity Peak" Final Tank Shot

    Well done Mark, one of the best 1st attempts I have seen in a very long time :thumbup:
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    Low tech lily bowl

    i like the overgorwn look :thumbup:
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    My tank after rescape !!!!!!!!!!!!

    nicely done :thumbup:
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    FoF 2009 UKAPS Display Aquascapes

    All the tanks look cool guys, im especially liking the tropica aquacube :thumbup: not exactly, but i wont go any further to sidetrack from the thread. you can PM me or start a new thread if you wish :thumbup: thanks, Aaron
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    Low tech lily bowl

    nice tank :thumbup:
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    My 625Ltr planted tank 6 foot

    great job you have done, :thumbup:
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    ADA entry 2009 - Forward Motion

    My favourite aquascape you have produced so far :thumbup: but i just cant tell you why i like it so much :crazy: Is this tank still running? i would love to see some more matured shots. Congratulations, i can see this ranking high in the AGA again if you enter :thumbup:
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    First aquarium - 80cm.

    beautiful tank, i think some moss would look good on the redmoor :thumbup:
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    120cm - The Crypt Eternal - final tank shot

    Re: 120cm - The Crypt Eternal its strange how one views that, i too prefer left to right scapes :shock: Very strange....
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    120cm - The Crypt Eternal - final tank shot

    Re: 120cm - The Crypt Eternal beautiful with a well deserved placement this year too! :thumbup:
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    vision 180

    Thats grown in lovely :thumbup:
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    ADA 60cm - Espei's Escape (final tank shot)

    Same here, i cant grow vallis!
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    saintly's blast from the past

    its gone very quickly since this scape, i cant believe it is a year :o
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    lil' 'ol Dutch-style Scape

    me too :mrgreen:
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    llj 20g; not quite finished, but it will take forever...

    you're dutch scape is still one of my favourites :mrgreen: i like low tech tanks, but i dont think i would have enough patience seeing a couple of centimetre of growth every month! the crypts on my high tech will be about as slow as i want to go :roll: i do like the idea of no waterchanges...
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    ADA 60cm - Espei's Escape (final tank shot)

    wow, excellent scape george, this just has to be the scape to beat all of your previous entries :D
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    My 35l

    your tanks get better everytime Luke :)
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    vision 180

    nice tank :)
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    ADA 2009 Entry, Song of Moss

    looks very natural, and in fact i dont think i have seen anything come as close to nature from what you have produced here.
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    Member's Planted Tanks - Database

    "as IMO seeing them collectively rather than in individual topics is better."
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    Member's Planted Tanks - Database

    picture - Name of scape - The Forgotten Valley Tank - 60 x 30 x 30cm (60litres/ 15gallon) Filtration & powerheads - fluval 205 external, 660l/ph Lighting - 36w PCT5, 10hrs per day, CO2 - 2Kg fire extinghuisher with solenoid. On 3hrs before lights on, off 3hrs before lights...
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    Member's Planted Tanks - Database

    I thought i would create a thread to post your finished aquascapes, as IMO seeing them collectively rather than in individual topics is better. If you do post your tank, then feel free to provide a link to the original topic if you have one, so that any questions can be discussed, to help keep...
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    my planted tanks

    beautiful tanks, to say "la clairiere" wasnt finished it still looked good and is wery original.
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    65L douce ambiance

    beautiful tank and pictures. Looking forward o the next :D
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    osaka 260l,first planted tank.

    very nice :D nice piece of wood you have too :D
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    vision 180

    beautiful tank & discus :D Looking forward to the upgrade too :) :wink:
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    The forgotten valley - Timeline

    Thanks guys, i was messing about with a picture and thought this section would make a nice nano! :P :lol:
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    The forgotten valley - Timeline

    thanks, i didnt like the stones at the time however looking bad they weren't to bad
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    The forgotten valley - Timeline

    thanks John & Sam
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    The forgotten valley - Timeline

    hopefully :) Thanks for providing me with the plants,
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    The forgotten valley - Timeline

    I was always going to do one of these and finally i have gotten round to it :) Sorry about the poor picture quality. February 2008 April 2008 June 2008 July 2008 August 2008 September 2008 October 2008 November 2008 December 2008 January 2009 (here the new camera...
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    happy birthday to me.

    cool :D
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    happy birthday to me.

    you should do a dutch scape. You have a good pruning technique :)
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    i'll second that :D
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    very nice tank. The colours you have used are perfect and the hairgrass is awesome. Now you have posted your favourite place to collect rocks i seem to remember this tank from elsewhere.
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    my first go at a planted tank

    that is a lovely tank you have.
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    Matt's first planted tank

    nice tank, it looks huge - how big is it? I think some amazon frogbit would go nice with the trailing roots.
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    Mikes tank

    very nice, i like the middle tank :) photo are a little dark though. Thanks.
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    "The Miracle Mire" photographs

    Certainley one to remember :)
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    Various stages of my Rio 125 over the last two years

    Very nice, it is hard to say but for me the 'first' September 08 shot is when the tank was at it's peak.
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    60cm play tank

    Finally a full tank shot, you have been posting teaser's on PFK for ages now lol. I love the P.Helferi/ Staurogyne combo in the centre, it looks set out, but yet still very natural :)
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    'Super-pico' tanks :D

    I prefer plants over fish anyway :wink: It will sit somehwere where it will recieve daylight (rather than sunlight)
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    'Super-pico' tanks :D

    I am also going to be attempting a pico tank, the thought of virtually no maintnenace, cost or anything and another tank is too hard to resist :lol:
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    Aquascapes 2003 to present

    Re: Six years of 'scaping He did say in the first post " a selection of my best scapes" :wink: Here is a tank i was looking at the other day that George has done for a friend: http://www.fishforums.net/index.php?sho ... 5171&st=45
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    Aquascapes 2003 to present

    Re: Six years of 'scaping Blyxa hills is what started me off in Planted tanks :D
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    Aquascapes 2003 to present

    Re: Six years of 'scaping Very nice, your first picture reminds me of James Flextons
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    120cm - South East Asia

    beautiful, my favourite tank of yours :) I prefer the layout/ trimming of the plants here to when you first posted it a few months back, looks much neater here. :)
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    6' barb tank

    lovely tank :D
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    Jungle tank

    nice tank, i like the 1st pic :)
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    My Planted Aquarium

    looks very healthy, great :)
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    my first real scape

    January 08 March 08 July 08 October 08
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    2ft Optiwhite - The Rising Sun

    that looks great, a frontal shot would be nice :wink:
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    My 400 litre tank

    agreed :D
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    My dwarf puffer haven

    wow nice tank :D
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    glossostigma elatinoides carpet tank!!

    i like it but i think a smaller choice of fish is needed for this etup, they would look fab in a jungle style though :D
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    ui liked the purple background :D :roll:
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    My Planted Discus Tank !!!!

    after you have mentioned that i think i have too!
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    My Planted Discus Tank !!!!

    beautiful tank Jeff :D Do you mind giving us some more info like ferts, lighting etc
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    todays stone yesterdays moss.
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    Our 5 year old daughter's aquarium

    cool cow pillow :P someone messed with my FE and emptied, i still havent found out :twisted:
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    first tank...

    nice tank, it either needs hardscape, or a stronger midground made up of plants.
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    My x3 Tanks Damn this is Addictive!!

    i like the living room tank too. Different to what i have seen and i like the jungle look.
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    My First tank using E I.

    i love seeing deep iwagumi tanks :) You might need to add gh booster to help with calcium defficiencies etc.
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    I need a new plant, but what?

    i dont think c.helferi will go there (it gets to 35cm). but the staurogyne will look good next to the wood.
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    critique needed on my tank!

    thanks, it is only in a small place and nearly fill it anyway :D
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    critique needed on my tank!

    Thanks, i am not surehow tall the tennelus gets, it is about 10cm now and you cant see it, i didnt think it got that big so that is why i thougt blyxa might be a better option.
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    critique needed on my tank!

    do you think i should get some blyxa japonica for behind the 'narrow' instead of the e.tennulus as it grows taller. Not sure how it would look?
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    critique needed on my tank!

    the HC arrived today (thanks Mark) i never realised how small the leaves were!!! I knew they were smaller than glosso but i never knew they were that small. It took me 2 hours to plant it all (ouch, my back & neck :( ) it looks good though and i think it will compliment the scape well. He also...
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    critique needed on my tank!

    it will be ok, i have kept parvulus before which is similar. not so bad seen as it can be trimmed right down :D
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    critique needed on my tank!

    The riccia has gone to Mark, and i am going ahead with the sand path. But i am unsure how it will look, do you think i need a plant to mingle in with it on the right? Maybe E.Acicularis? Opinions wanted please :D thanks.
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    critique needed on my tank!

    i hear you, amano does it a lot and it produces a nice effect. :)
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    critique needed on my tank!

    still unsure on the riccia,
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    critique needed on my tank!

    forgot about that, Mark is sending me some, i dont know whether to have a path or cover the whole substrate.
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    critique needed on my tank!

    Re: critique needed! please excuse the gravel, i will sort that 1 day!
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    critique needed on my tank!

    Hi all, i need some advice on my tank, what do you think lets it down and what are the good points about it. I am not sure about the riccia on the right, although i feel as though it will look bare if i take it away. Should i perhaps move it more to the left rather than spread it along the back...
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    My current setup

    nice angel & healthy plants. The pic is a bit dark though. Can you give us a few more specs? Thanks.
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    Less than 1 WPG

    welcome :D Nice tank you have, i dont usually like stuff added like the pots but you seem to make it work! Bit of an oliver knott creation :D You can always be ready to do a rescape surely :wink: but i would be happy with a tank like that, it can be hard if you really like it.
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    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Yes, but i dont know if that is Version 2.
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    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Re: UKaps ADA Showcase great idea :D
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    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Re: UKaps ADA Showcase georges is cool how it 'pops' out. Once you get everyone's, could you create a new thread and lock it so that it just has the pictures? Easier to view IMO.
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    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Re: UKaps ADA Showcase just looked at his posts, he does have a lot to do with TGM, if it is you Andy, congrats :D
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    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Re: UKaps ADA Showcase nice tank guys, how many ented in total throughout the world
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    30cm - Little Mountain

    no, sorry. I had a look the other day but i couldnt find it, Garuf got his off ebay. There is a 24w version: http://www.aquatics-online.co.uk/catalo ... p-unit.asp
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    30cm - Little Mountain

    The light is an 18w aquadistri
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    60cm - English Summer

    I registered to :D
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    60cm - English Summer

    Thats good, you need to keep your concentration and mind on track :)
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    30cm - Little Mountain

    Thats very generous of you George, and congrats Dan on the tank, theres always a place here for one of your larger tanks :wink:
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    Siamese Fighter Tank

    That looks cool... i want one, it would be good to do different aquascapes, jungle in one, iwagumi, moss, biotope, it could look quite effective :D
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    Andrew's Chocolate Gourami Biotope

    very nice, not sure whether i would want glass, imagine the fingerprints, would look nice though 8)
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    30cm - Little Mountain

    i believe it was the mini landscape rocks?
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    30cm - Little Mountain

    love this tank, especially now the blyxa is added, i prefer it to your last scape you did with this tank.
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    My Jewel Rio 180

    Bosemani's are only £6.50 round here!
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    120cm - Cuspidated Jungle

    Wow, nice, i like how every so often you just pull out a random scape without notice.