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    Want to set up a display tank in your LFS?

    I am good friends with all the guys in my LFS anyway which I think is the most important first step lol, but I asked how often they rescape their tanks and it just happened so they were stripping a 60l tank down in a months time so I got offered the job of doing that. I think they also gained a...
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    Riparium - Alternative equipment.

    My idea was to get the plastic pots plants come in and then the auction cups with kooks on. Make sure you get some food quality suction cups though, or another idea is " bean pods" I think they were called. They were mentioned on here.
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    oops, good job you checked, thanks, Aaron :thumbup:
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    Takashi Amano new book

    Hopefull TGM will be able to get their hands on some :wink:
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    The post you have quoted is from 2007, so maybe Hagen have changed their product since. I think it was last year they made some changes to nearly all of their product line. Seachem Prime is a lot cheaper though :wink: It is cheaper than some Pond Dechlorinators. Thanks, Aaron
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    Setting up new planted tank

    if you do want to add them directly then just divide the gram value by 12 which will give you the number needed for 3 doses per week. Most people keep shrimp & dose with copper, it is in almost every fertiliser and not many people have problems. I have only heard of 1 person have a problem so...
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    Setting up new planted tank

    the 600ml makes up a monthly batch. Everything you need to know is in my 1st post, The rest of the guide is just telling you how the method works, why it works and the pros & cons etc. The only part you need to grow plants is what I have given you above. That is for a 40g tank BTW.
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    Setting up new planted tank

    aqua essentials, fluidsensor online, gardendirect the last is cheapest but I dont think they sell trace elements. 'plain' tap water is fine.
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    Setting up new planted tank

    Carbon removes small amounts of nutrients, so small that it wont affect plant plant growth. So you can leave it in for bacteria to colonise on if you wish I would reccomend using a fire extinguisher for CO2 as it costs about £80-£100 to setup (including 2Kg FE) which is much cheaper and lasts...
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    water change during photoperiod!

    Whenever I have time :lol: :roll:
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    P. Helferi Albino

    This has been linked to low concentrations of trace elements.
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    With thanks to tetra.

    yep, same happened to me, I ended up with a new motorhead unit :thumbup:
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    help on background color on these photos...

    Here is where it starts in Autumn Blush, if you flick through the pages you will see some more setup shots: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=5973&start=200#p78384 And on page 4 there is some shots from Peter's mountainscape: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3193&hilit=setup
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    help on background color on these photos...

    The first two are white card, with a background light poitning onto it. The last is a graduated blue background with a background light. Mark will be able to help more because he has lots of pictures of his photgraphy setups. Ill search on here for some though :thumbup:
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    removing water marks?

    or lemon juice... anything acidic will do.
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    Newsletter discussion

    What happened to this? thanks, Aaron
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    Christmas '09 PFK - Planted tank stuff

    I got 5/10 on the questions lol. I got the oli knott because i read it on here! the science question because i am forever reading science papers :roll: souce of nitrogen in TPN+ PPS question number of biotope entries (ok this was a bit of a guess :silent: ) the 40,000l tank!? was amazing...
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    Is it healthy to have tanks in your bedroom?

    antibiotics from doctor lol. I was forever drinking, which was said to be a good thing as you get dehydrated easily. And lots of rest as usual. And dont start back to work until you are 100%, i went into school after just a bit of a cough left and i worked myself too hard for just that day and...
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    Is it healthy to have tanks in your bedroom?

    :lol: i had it a while back and i sort of thank it because i lost loads of weight! :D
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    Is it healthy to have tanks in your bedroom?

    I doubt it, i mean some people have them in living rooms which arent always big. And the levels of O2 wont vary that much (I doubt) because unless you room is airtight there will always be O2 passing through. As far as chemicals go some are nasty and should be avoided and kept in ventilated...
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    Active Carbon???

    :text-welcomewave: carbon takes out only small amount of nutrients, but not enough to affect plant growth. Eventually it will become saturated and wont take out anything lse but it is a good bit of media for bacteria to colonise due to the large surface area.
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    What aquascaping tools do you use and why?

    I used to have JBL tweesers and i found the end to bulky for planting smaller speces, so i bought some off ebay for about £11 and they are great. For scissors i use UKAPS as i didnt want bad quality. :thumbup:
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    Grey foam for between tank and cabinet

    overhang is just as bad (if not worse) because then all the weight is shifted onto the joints of the glass :? try your local arts & crafts for neoprene.
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    iwugumi talk

    look around garden centres. There is one in Nottingham called Langley Mill (i think) which sells good pieces. Mark got his rocks from there for "Prairy Lands"
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    slightly bizzare question....

    nice plec too :| i had a gourami die overnight once (it got stuck in the handle of some pots), it was about 3" in length and i had a couple of aple snails which were about 2" in size, half of the body was gone by the morning :sick:
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    slightly bizzare question....

    yes, depending on the fish & quantity they can go in a couple of days. snails are fast eaters!
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    Shop in Birmingham ??

    another option is to find a Maidenhead Aquatics. They stock Aquafleur which are just as good (if not better) than tropica and at half the price. TGM are great, i am not just saying that because they are our sponsors, but look around for some images. Any problems and they will sort it out...
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    Shop in Birmingham ??

    try PM'ing jenclibee Pets at home sell tropica, make sure you go in on delivery day for best choice & quality. or check out the green machine. (website)
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    Low tech large set-up HELP?

    if you know it is too much lght then why not cut it down? or shorten the photoperiod? stick to around 1wpg and you cant go far wrong. a weekly fert, nutritous substrate, and a water change every few months and you shouldnt experience too many problems.
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    High light and CO2 - photosynthesis on sand??

    it might just be oxygen coming out of aquaeous form as the water is saturated. it could also be Nitrogen gas, or Hydrogen sulphide. is it a constant thing or does it occur at regular times?
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    how do you work out gallons or litres

    if you dont have the calculator by your side simply do: length (cm) x depth x height make sure you take the height of the water level (not what is on the manafacturers dimensions) because we dont fill it to the top and we have substrate on the bottom ;) there is approx 4l to 1 gallon.
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    Where Did You Start?

    i used to read the blogs on PFK by George and his "blyxa hills" caught my attention. He set it up at the correct time as i bought a new tank which was getting a fair amount of algae so i thought i would give plants a go, 3 months after it wasnt really working so i bought another tank dedicated...
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    Oxygen in a planted tank.

    i just have my powerhead create a gentle ripple across the whole surface. Glenn, plants are always respiring so they are always utilising O2, and releasing CO2 into the water, the amount they do utilise/ release is minimal so the fish arent affected. Also remeber it is possible to have an...
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    Death by dropchecker!

    i think its a good idea, aslong as it is secure and tight, then there shouldnt be any problems,
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    Death by dropchecker!

    I cant believe how unlucky you are :shock:
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    In need of quick plant storage help!

    if properly packaged in pots with a plastic cover, inside a poly box then they can last a few weeks :thumbup: George did this before setting up a tank i believe
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    ADA in the post!!

    946th isnt bad for a fist attempt, i was happy to finish anywhere above 1000 :thumbup: I shall keep them to see what trend appears throughout the years to come :wink:
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    What to do with spent water after water change

    used easycarbo on my previous tank & at the start up of this tank, no bad results :thumbup:
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    IAPLC 2009 results (text only)

    685 out of 1342! I am very pleased with that! and quite shocked too, looking at past entries from the people on UKAPS they were getting in the 600's too :roll: The judging can be dodgy though, as pointed out above with the sand, that isnt always the case, i didnt find any waste hardly, due to...
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    How to Dispose of Used Gravel?

    i sold mine on ebay, £5 for laads of gravel and they collected it, i suppose you have to get lucky but forums will give you a much higher chance.
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    Water changes (how long it takes)

    no longer than 1hour on my 240litre and that is trimming too. However, it took me 2hrs the other day :crazy:
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    Good plant suppliers?

    i have just Aquatic room, they are cheap and the quality is nearly as good as aquafleur! Excellent size too. I did order C.Undulata, but i got A.Lilacina instead due to them not having it in stock. Will be using them again though, perfect for those on a budget
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    Calling all Aquascapers - Have your tank in PFK

    Thanks, that means a lot :thumbup: Just put pictures up and people will be able to give you some pointers on how to improve, you can see the changes made here: viewtopic.php?f=49&t=5660&hilit=timeline unfortubatley some of the pictures have been deleted :oops: The bit where pictures are...
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    Calling all Aquascapers - Have your tank in PFK

    :wave: :wave: that needs a full interview 8)
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    Calling all Aquascapers - Have your tank in PFK

    That was the first thing that entered my mind when i was asked :lol:
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    Cheapest optiwhites?

    have you checked these: http://naturalaquario.com/ http://www.aquaristic.net/shop.php/sid/ ... 0.68195764
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    Death by dropchecker!

    wow, i am surprised at that.
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    A few questions regarding cycling.

    i didnt realise you were fishless cycling, i thought you were doing a silent cycle which is when you add 75% substrate coverage of plants, then they use the ammonia produced by the fish or shrimp - which is why you stock lightly to avoid NH4 building up to lethal levels, and also to stop algae...
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    water changes (+ your input)

    i am currently doing 2 or 3 50% water changes per week on my 240l. It will be cut down to 1 x 50% per week. I use a 550l/ph pump to empty my tank, then use the hose to refill it.
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    Video's of your tanks

    thanks Jack, i did shoot a video a few week back as a test for quality etc, not much to look at in the tank though :P I will get 'round o it in a few more weeks though,
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    What's in AE excel/easycarbo

    interesting information being passed on here. David, i have been using excel & easycarbo for about 1.5yrs now, and not once have i smelt it in the air, or even smelling the tank water, i do know what it smells like because when i first bought it i had a quick sniff (oops). Didnt do any harm to...
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    Transporting a planted tank

    I think George does this a lot with PFK etc. But i would bag the fish up. empty the tank of water, then put some cling film over the top to keep the plants form drying out, spraying some water on them if need be although you will be fine with 2mile.
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    A few questions regarding cycling.

    you shouldnt see a peak in the nitrites as nothing will be producing ammonia, cycling with plants isnt like the conventional way of fishless cycling. We have a tank full of plants and 50% daily water changes to keep ammonia at 0ppm at all times, this way, there will be a minimized chance of...
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    What's in AE excel/easycarbo

    more info http://www.seachem.com/support/MSDS/Pla ... ls.doc.pdf http://www.seachem.com/support/MSDS/StressGuard.doc.pdf so excel is an aqueous solution of Gluteraldehyde, with an added chain of another organic copmound to produce polycycloglutaracetal?
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    What's in AE excel/easycarbo

    very interesting James, i am just researching this some more myself and will post here any finding's, thanks, Aaron
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    A few questions regarding cycling.

    it is reccomended you have a minimum of 75% substrate coverage to utilise any ammonia to stop deaths & algae outbreaks. The shrimps arent too bothered about the plants though, they will pick the biofilms & micro-organisms on the leaves, or you can just feed them an algae wafer (but not too much)
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    A few questions regarding cycling.

    it is easier to "plant dry" than when the tank is full as the plants float etc. That is all it means.
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    A few questions regarding cycling.

    about 15-20 would be sufficent you should only have to wait a couple of days to add the shrimp, as long as plant health is good. If they rot then they will produce ammonia but that is what the water changes are for :P
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    A few questions regarding cycling.

    why add plants, stop, then add more plants or is this a typo?? You can add shrimps once ammonia & nitrite is undetectable on the test kits. what that sentence means is... NH3 > NO2 > NO3 no NH3, means you cant get to NO2. so therfore if NO2 is 0, then NH3 must be 0 (unless some ammonia has...
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    please post your tips on looking after a planted tank

    consider: light nutrients CO2 flow and you cant go far wrong if they are all up to par 8) viewforum.php?f=34
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    Any help appreciated!

    fair play to Clive though, you didnt ask those questions first off ;) you can have as much substrate as you like, minimum of 2" otherwise it gets hard to plant. Slope it towards the rear to create a sense of depth. 8-10hrs of light, yes, all plants have different requirements, but buying just...
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    Show me your tidy cabinet! (Now piccies of my tidy cabinet!

    :o :o ^ that was my face expression when i saw that!
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    Fish then Plants, or Plants then Fish?

    most people stick to a particular style of planting & species, then they choose fish that will further enhance the aqauscape, or are ideal in size or colours etc. Personally, I choose my plant style, then i choose fish that i want to keep (such as angels which i havent tried yet)
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    Fishkeeping Blunders

    i bet that would've been embarrasing! My latest one is not fixing my ETH heater correctly and it slowly drained 1" of water overnight, took me aa while to find the leak in the cupboard though!
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    Phytosanitary certificate for buying plants from overseas?

    me too, Plants alive have it but every time i check it is never in stock :roll: not sure on quality compared to Aquaspot though.
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    Ideas for a split tank

    you could get a thin piece of acrylic to attach it to externally, then just frame it and you will know no difference :?:
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    Ideas for a split tank

    oh right lol. i think a few smaller rocks to break up the plants would be nice, or a graded substrate. I think it needs something if you are going to use crypts, i am not sure a dutch scape would look right with rossette plants.
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    Ideas for a split tank

    rather than the sheet i would try to use wood & rocks to creat an island scape for the division. I think that would look awesome, especially if done correctly.
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    Watering garden vegetables with old tank water...

    yes it is, although it only stays in the water for 24hrs, however i wouldnt risk it unless you are sure you havent added any for at least 48hrs IMO.
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    A crazy question from a crazy person

    Al-jee has to be one of the most irritating words a person has to hear :evil: I would actually ban it :twisted: Al-gee for me, although there may be slight variations of it due to different accents :P
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    Cleaning plants ?

    bleach weakens the plant and they become suceptible to algae. You could try a copper dip which would be a better option IMO. It will harm shrimp so wash them throuoghly after. Not sure on what concentrations you need though :|
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    Show me your tidy cabinet! (Now piccies of my tidy cabinet!

    looking great these days hellohefalump :D
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    Word of warning

    if you havent seen this is what i did to make a condensation cover: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=5661&start=60#p67830
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    Fishkeeping Blunders

    i've done that :roll: i am surprised how many people have gassed their fish, impaitance get the better of everyone :wink:
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    Fishkeeping Blunders

    :lol: i didnt attach my tap-hose connector properly, turned it on, went in room to keep an eye on water level in tank, walked back in 15mins later to fine it has squirted water everywhere :shock:
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    Packing it in "NO I'm Back boys and Girls" Update @ 31.05.09

    Re: packing it in it has been said before but i really do think you over-think things. Why not try your hand on the low tech side of things until you build some experience. This way you need no CO2, and algae becomes less of a chance. Everything in the tank become much easier to control. Good...
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    First Ever New Tank

    the reccomendation is 1" per gallon (excluding tail), with a maximum of 2" per gallon after 6months. But fish size is important too. 6 x 1" fish will produce less waste than 1 x 6" fish! in the rekord 800 i wouldnt go above 6 inches anyway, otherwise they dont have enough swimming room. You...
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    Show me your tidy cabinet! (Now piccies of my tidy cabinet!

    i was just going to edit my 1st post forgetting :roll: that he has 5 tanks lol.
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    Show me your tidy cabinet! (Now piccies of my tidy cabinet!

    thats a lot of easycarbo, or is it the full range?!
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    Show me your tidy cabinet! (Now piccies of my tidy cabinet!

    :o Beautiful tank, hoping mine looks similar to that :D
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    PFK June issue - Big UKAPS contributions....

    haha, i know, UKAPS stole it :mrgreen: Thanks and congrats to everyone.
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    Show me your tidy cabinet! (Now piccies of my tidy cabinet!

    Re: Show me your tidy cabinet! Ideas needed :) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I think this is pretty nifty by FlyFisherman viewtopic.php?f=20&t=5924&hilit=pipes&start=10
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    Manzanita wood shipment to the UK: where to ship it to

    Not sure if it helps but here are the postage costs of my manzanita, which was sent in a 18 x 18 x 18" box This was sent by USPS
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    Looking for a photo guide for Tropical Plants

    http://www.tropica.com/go.asp?article=843 or there is a book available, which is the same as the online list.
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    Word of warning

    :lol: a sheet would cost me around £20 off ebay, B&Q had nothing. I will look for a cheaper source, or something like a clerseal condensation cover. £5 will do me :D
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    Word of warning

    lol, it isnt only for that reason, i dont want any fish jumping out, and my mum is a childminder which means i could have a washing liquid incident :?
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    Word of warning

    how much is perspex anyway?
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    Word of warning

    i feel very sorry for you, you are having no luck ATM :( this is the reason why i am having a plastic cover on mine.
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    Nano tank, where to buy?

    even still you could get your local shop to order one in.
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    Inspiration thread - Post your sources of inspiration!

    ADA http://www.thegreenmachineonline.com/AD ... index.html Radoslaw Baszak http://www.aquatic-plants-studio.com/index.html Aquatic Eden http://www.aquatic-eden.com/2009/04/rip ... aping.html Saintly's website http://www.plantedbox.com/ Andy's website http://www.greenneedle.co.uk/...
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    Nano tank, where to buy?

    clearseal are availble from online aquarium store. only trouble is P+P costs
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    My tank is naf, what to do?

    looking much better, i like the different grades of stone