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  1. SRP3006

    APT complete

    I've recently started using apt complete. About 2 weeks in now. Seems good so far, if I understood the fert calculator a bit better I'd have a go at copying it. But as I don't this was a safe choice.
  2. SRP3006

    Best place to purchase dry salts

    I've only bought msg04 from there, everything else is from aquarium plant food
  3. SRP3006

    Best place to purchase dry salts

    I use hexealchemicals as well, 10kilo bucket. Lasts for a while 😂 As far as I'm aware the heptahydrate is the only way the salt can be stored, @dw1305 answered my queries on that before.
  4. SRP3006

    Best way to clean autodoser/lines?

    I remove the tubing and submerse it in the sink/bucket of hot water. The deposit will be salts so I figure the hot water should dissolve them. Mine haven't really been dirty enough to need anything other than warm water.
  5. SRP3006

    Discoloured macro mix . . .

    No I don't add anything but the salts. Make up 1l at a time in RO, used to use cooled boiled water though. Never changed colour or had any precipitation that I've seen, but I always mix up in a separate mixing bottle and leave for a few days.
  6. SRP3006

    Discoloured macro mix . . .

    I use the same ferts from apfuk and its strange that your macro is the same colour as my micros mix. My macro always has been completely clear whereas the micros are a tinted colour. Im not sure but I'd probably pour it away and make another batch. [emoji106]
  7. SRP3006

    GUIDE: Auto Dosing EI (Estimative Index) With Jebao / Jecod DP Series

    I've added several cable ties to the parts above and below where it joins if you see what I mean. Regularly check for flow problems ie on water change day, and all seems to be working fine. Also, don't know if you are but I'm using co2 resistant tubing not airline tubing. Been running for 8...
  8. SRP3006


    Is there not a worry that it is not 100% as advertised?
  9. SRP3006


    Thanks guys, I've used it now, and have plenty left from the 10kilo I used to dose to adjust my hardness for the mbuna. Just wondering what other salts I can get on the cheap now.
  10. SRP3006


    The tub says 100% MgSO4. Thanks.
  11. SRP3006


    Hi all, I've foolishly ran out of my MgSO4 for my EI Dosing. Until I get a new delivery of salts can I use some epsom salts I have left from my past Malawi cichlid tanks? Pharmaceutical grade epsom salts. I'm thinking yes but wanted to double check just to be sure. Sam.
  12. SRP3006

    Micro fert bottle

    Hi all, Just a little curious if the bottle of my dosing bottle is normal. Just refilling them and it seems to have stained the bottle. Is this effecting the ferts going into my aquarium at all? Cheers