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  1. SRP3006

    Rescape and temp tank help

    Hi guys, The whole downstairs of our house is due for redecoration and new flooring so I have to temporarily move the tank. Therefore I've decided I will rescape the tank. Can anyone recommend a good temporary home for all my fish and shrimp? I've been looking at storage boxes but was worried...
  2. SRP3006


    I've found a large number of bloodworm and smaller black worms in my water butt, however there is a decent amount of crud/leaf litter and moss at the bottom. Is there an easy way to separate the two so u don't add loads of mess to my aquarium?
  3. SRP3006

    Water containers

    Hi. Could someone tell me whether empty sodium hypochlorite containers are suitable for storing water in for water changes? Well rinsed obviously. If its any help it's 11% strength. Sam.
  4. SRP3006


    Hi all, I've tried reading multiple old threads on here but struggle to get a definitive answer. I have noticed quite a few planaria worms on my glass recently and would like to remove them as I've heard they eat certain snails and shrimp. I've read that the no planaria treatment can kill...
  5. SRP3006

    Adding livestock after dry start.

    Hi all, I flooded my tank on Sunday after a 12 week dry start. It's a high tech so I'm obviously going through setting up the co2 correctly and stabilising it whilst doing a ph profile. However I am experiencing mould on the wood and die back/crypt melt and wondered when I could add critters...
  6. SRP3006

    Worm ID

    Hi all, Started a Dry start off yesterday morning and this morning I have noticed little squiggle marks in the condensation on the glass. On closer inspection there is a tiny little white worm. Can anybody help with ID please. Is it something I should worry about. The worm is approx 2mm long.
  7. SRP3006

    Cover glass.

    Hi all, Trying to clean the cover glasses on aquarium, they are cover in hard water deposits from keeping African cichlids. I have tried vinegar and elbow grease to no avail, even leaving to soak overnight. Has anyone used anything that has got rid of these marks? The old tank used to be...