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  1. LancsRick

    Greetings From Lancashire

    Welcome, good to see another northerner on here! The 60l Arcadia is a great size, lovely scape in it too.
  2. LancsRick

    Hi from Copenhagen, Denmark

    Welcome, and what a gorgeous city you live in :).
  3. LancsRick

    New to the site!!

    That Spec looks lovely, nice sense of scale you've got out of such a small tank. Welcome!
  4. LancsRick

    Lurker finally says hello!

    Fantastic layout, really really like it. I suggest you post up the following info if you're after help: - Fert dosing - what and when - CO2 regime - Filtration/amount of flow - Light intensity and photoperiod
  5. LancsRick

    Hello Lancashire

    Where in Lancs are you?
  6. LancsRick

    Hello Lancashire

    A fellow member of the Red Rose county :).
  7. LancsRick


    Welcome! I'm a new guy to the board too, only been knocking around a few weeks. Hopefully you'll find the residents as helpful and friendly as I have!