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    how many cardinal tetras

    because there is a slight difference, you are using rounded numbers, to be precise, 1ft isnt exactly 30cm, it is 30.48 cm = (120 x 60 x 60) / 1000 = 432l feet (but convereted to cm) = (121.92 x 60.96 x 60.96) /1000 = 453l You wouldnt think it would make that much difference though!
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    saintlys tiger endlers

    ahh ok,
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    saintlys tiger endlers

    How long have you had a nano :eh: Is there a journal or some pics of it anywhere? I used to have the standard endlers you usually see and they ended up becoming deformed because they had inbred that much. Took about 1yr starting with 1M/ 2F
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    I have eggs.....

    dont have a clue, never been into breeding fish :text-imsorry:
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    I have eggs.....

    I would say it is the harlequins. You can cancel out the gouramis as they are bubble nesters. The other fish are very hard to breed and some haven't been bred in captive conditions.
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    Chocolate gourami

    you still need to remineralise it. Pure RO isnt good for any fish or plants.
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    ah, ok. probably where i was going wrong then, luckily, this was the first person i have explained this too! i apologize polly for confusing you, :thumbup:
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    only plants, i have had other non-planted tanks, I used to use test kits when i first started in the hobby, and according to the NO3 kit it was 100ppm> just recently i have had a cichlid tank which was very heavily stocked too. Fish can withstand NO3 levels into the hundreds, some the...
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    the limit is 50ppm for Nitrate, the avergae in my area is 33ppm. phosphate is unregulated in tap water, so it varies quite a lot, but i think the average is 3ppm.
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    i used to have endlers until they finally inbred and became deformed. they were in a planted tank (the 60l in my sig) which was pH6-7 depending on the time of day KH 8 GH 12 going off what my fert added to the water: 6ppm NO3 daily 0.5ppm PO4 daily. that isnt taking into account what is in...
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    Bredding Bosesemani's?

    i thought they laid eggs on them, but i must be wrong.
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    Bredding Bosesemani's?

    Males are more colourful, with more intense colours as is the case with most rainbowfish. get some large leaf plants in there too and do some cool water changes.
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    Red area behind/to side of gills?

    the level of ammonia produced from dechlorinating wont be enough to affect you fishes like it has been doing,
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    Fin Rot?

    not finrot, you will notice some pale white marks appear first, then the next day that section will have gone, then some more marks appear and the cycle continues until it hits the fishes body. My endlers were really bad for it
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    Bengal Loaches and Crystal Red Shrimps: Live or Die?

    one persons fish may react differently to anothers. I have seen people keep botia striata with red cherries, and in other cases they ate them within 1 day. It is partly luck.
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    Where can I buy cheap MS 222 / TRICAINE-S / Finquel Anaesthe

    blimey, sounds like a right job!
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    that is what i did too. I didnt feeed my shrimp either, but they still breed like crazy :roll: lol
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    Pitbull plecs & plants?

    thanks for the confirmation
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    yes they eat diatoms, and it is best to introduce them when there is diatoms available as they usually die from starvation when introduced. I would get about 10 as they are only small - depending on other stocking.
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    50 of what tetra?

    there nice fish, i also like glowlight tetras too
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    Pitbull plecs & plants?

    well there will be loads of wood for them :P Thanks for the pictures too, and i will give smithRC a PM :D true, my common went a beautiful light brown colour when I swapped my blue gravel (hangs head in shame :oops: ) for pea gravel. Thankyou :)
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    Pitbull plecs & plants?

    thanks Helen.
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    Pitbull plecs & plants?

    might leave them out then to be on the safe side and go for cories instead. They were just an option as my Mum loves plecs :roll: Thanks for everyone's input.
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    Pitbull plecs & plants?

    I was thinking about braod leaf species too.
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    Pitbull plecs & plants?

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    Pitbull plecs & plants?

    Are pitbull's ok with plants? I have read they are but i dont always trust the internet :roll: And how many would you say is enough for a group? I was thinking about 3 or 4. Thanks.
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    Fish ID

    Not to take over but i'll offer my experiences too... I had a shoal of 6 in a community tank with lots of other tetras, and a few gouramis - they are said to be fin nippers so it wasnt the best idea (beginner mistake) however i found mine to very peaceful and a joy to watch, they were very active.
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    Cherry Barbs & Stock Levels

    I was in the same situation a few months back, i had a beautiful 8" plec but it was too big, :( What is the plant to the left of the rocks (in foreground)? It looks similar to a plant i used to have but i never found out an ID for it - one of the best plants i ever had :D I might try a layout...
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    Cherry Barbs & Stock Levels

    I like it all except the rocks at the front.
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    Fish ID

    definatley serpae.
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    Bosemani Rainbow fry maybe!?!?!?

    Rainbows have small throats, like discus so they tend not to eat fry
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    Timid Rummynoses

    I am having the same problem with my 15 x Black neons at the moment :( They have been constantly hiding in the back corner since i bought them (my 60l tank). 8 of them have been in since November 1st and they were out constantly. A week later I added another 7 and ever since they have been...
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    Plant friendly plecs.

    I'll have to have a look at that, make sure you tell us when it's done ;) How big is the tank?
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    Substrate damaging cory barbels?

    i am not sure, when i had corys i had pea gravel and all my corys were fine. Although the little piece of gravel were quite smooth with no sharp edges, but i am unfamiliar with EC & flourite. Are there any rocks or pieces of wood that may of caused damage. What are the water parameters?
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    Rams and Excel

    Dose at the reccomended level, it will still kill the BBA although it will just take a bit longer.
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    the most resilient fish in the world

    I had a full grown shrimp in my filter for 2months two, but i am surprised it survived. I took a sponge out of my planted tank filter to help cycle my larger tank (obviously taking the shrimp with it!) and it was still surviving two months after, i am surprised it didnt die from shock of the...
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    unhealhty discuss fish

    did you cycle the tank? If so how?
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    Help! Catching Columbian Tetras

    Nice fish... Best way is to try and corner them, sometimes you have to be quite aggressive. Another option is to get a piece of mesh or plastic, then trap them all in one half of the tank if possible.
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    Buying mail-order fish

    I have used these before: http://www.tropicalfish4u.co.uk/ I ordered cherry shrimp and otocinclus (so not very hardy species) but all survived. They were packed in a 2ft poly box, loads of newspaper and bags of air with heat packs. HIghly reccomended :)
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    Bosemani Rainbow fry maybe!?!?!?

    Re: Unidentified fry?!?!?!? Well done on the Bosemani's, i have heard they are 1 of the hardest rainbow species to breed.
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    Fish for aquarium - top water fish.

    penguin tetras (Thayeria boehlkei)
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    Distressed cardinal tetras - could it be allelopathy?

    if you have surface scum, it could be affecting the gaseous exchange and the fish may suffering from oxygen defficiency, do you inkject CO2?
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    Feeding otto's

    well i have a 60l with 4 ottos, and i feed 1 algae tab, and 1 veg tab on a sunday night, that keeps them going :P plus there is loads of shrimp too
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    best shoaling

    other stock inluded: 6" plec 3 silver mollys 2 x silvertips 3 x ray tetras a few endlers 2 x hiney gouramis 1 x cory cat (this was my 1st tank hence the bad stocking lol)
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    best shoaling

    when i had them they were always together. :)
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    Little Help Please - Fungus

    this is a nifty tool: http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/p ... finder.php
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    What fish foods do you use?

    frozen brineshrimp frozen bloodworm tetramin crisps nutrafin max flake nutrafin spirulina algae tetrapro veg hikari cichlid excel pellets.
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    Otocinclus Vestitus Fry

    That's a shame, s/he was doing well too, i though it might of stood a good chance with it being born in the tank water so not as bad as having to acclimatise like with new otto's.
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    50 of what tetra?

    i like glowlight tetras & black neon tetras
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    Mid - Top Dwelling Fish. Give me suggestions

    penguin tetras
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    fish from zoostock - ebay??

    wow that is beautiful :o
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    fish from zoostock - ebay??

    200 cardinals :shock: how big is the tank? i want to see a pic :D £100 is extremely good, they are £1.50 each at my local MA
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    Will these be suitable?

    MA would take them, they havea polcy in which they wont leave a customer with a fish they doont want.
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    Fish ID help

    it looks like an otto but then the top fin doesnt. Is it a Synodontis afrofischeri? does this link help, all synodontis species. http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/ge ... s_id=29#95
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    Babies :) - Mystery solved - Sparkling Gourami fry.

    Re: Babies :) congrats, didnt you see a bubble nest?
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    Babies :) - Mystery solved - Sparkling Gourami fry.

    Re: Babies :) I used to have a net when breeding endlers, but since going heavily planted they survive anyway, i have a couple of bags waiting for a trip to MA lol. They are stunning fish, good photo aswell, i like how you have the fine detail of the roots
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    most amazing Oto survival story ever

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    most amazing Oto survival story ever

    he must be a string little guy, they are supposed to be fussy
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    I got mine from here: http://www.tropicalfish4u.co.uk/Fish/Fr ... uthcatfish Come in a huge box, well packaged with lots of newspaper, heat packs, bags of air etc, they will email you when they post it (24hr courier)
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    no, i keep RCS and otto's together and just found about 5 more fry today, if they do eat any it wil be minimal but it wont keep them under control!
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    Otocinclus fry!!! I can't believe it!

    wow cant wait for pics,
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    Here is my tank, it was just after a water change so every single fish & shrimp were hiding :roll: It's come a long way now though, i have windelov fern where the anubias is and the hairgrass has completley covered the substrate, viewtopic.php?f=49&t=1465 if you want a pic of the otocinclus...
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    I have 5 in a 60l with a load of RCS and endlers.
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    HELP: best treatment for velvet?

    I like how you have started it lol try this: http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/p ... finder.php
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    An amazing fish that can do football, limbo...

    http://www.r2fishschool.com/ Quite amazing, it also proves they dont have a 3second memory like some people think :roll:
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    poecilia wingei (endler's)

    I have them in my 60l, they don't shaol that much, rather a group if one forms, they don't jump and they are a community fish
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    Nano fish

    there is aquatics inline, there biggest HOB would give you 4x tunover for £19
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    2 Mysterious Deaths?

    i have: 10" plec 2 x 4" clown loaches 2 x X-rays (1 now) 3 x mollies (2 now) 2 x penguin tetras i am not getting any more fish as i am thinking of stipping tank own and starting again as i just chucked some easy plants in with a nutrafin as i like planted tanks, i set up a 2nd tank and found...
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    2 Mysterious Deaths?

    i didn't mind the x-ray as they dont live long but it is the fact that is 2 in a short space of time, i haven't had any deaths in about 1yr. I am doing a 50% w/c tomorrow. 1) the x-ray died either in the morning or night and the molly come to think of it around the same time i think, i found...
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    2 Mysterious Deaths?

    i have a 40gal planted aquarium, i run co2 (drop checker green) dose 5ml TPN+ daily, water - no3 - 20-40ppm (gets up to 40 by end of week) nh4 - 0 ph - 8 no2 - 0 i have had an x-ray tetra and a silver mollie die for an unknown reason in the last week, there were no signs of ill helth, fins...
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    Pics of my bred guppies!

    Hi, nice pics, i can never get any decent pics of my fish
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    red line torpedo barbs (puntius denisoni)

    They also like fast flowing water.