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    actinic lighting vs algae growth

    Is it fact or myth that actinic lighting promotes algae growth? I know plants can use blue wavelengths, but from what i have read "they can only use so much of the light, because they also need red wavelengths to grow/ photosynthesise efficiently, so this gives algae the edge" from that, it...
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    Glo T5 overhead lighting

    How is the light spread on these? I am thinking about getting one (2 x 54w T5 version) but the 2 tubes seem too be close together and it looks as though the majority of the light will be focused just below the unit - is this the case? also, what is the maximum width of the glass that can be...
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    Check this out!

    You may have seen it but anyway: http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... ts_id=1936 it's a giesemann lighting pendant and it fits a whopping 12 x 80w T5's (960watts!) That's a lot of light, and it is only 150cm long! Thats your average 400l. you will have to have an extremely deep...