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  1. SRP3006


    Cracking looking set up, I would be very proud to have a aquascape as stunning as that in my living room.
  2. SRP3006

    Olympus is Calling.

    +1 on the inspirational journal, I can remember reading through so many pages of this journal when I started out on here. Hope the move goes smoothly [emoji106]
  3. SRP3006


    Your tank was one of the first tanks that really inspired me to look at aquariums differently, as works of art if you like, I know very little about aquascaping and the iaplc but I prefer your tank to many of the higher entries. I would be more than happy if I could create a scape and maintain a...
  4. SRP3006


    Those Congo tetras have truly stunning colours. Really finish off the scape beautifully.