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  1. SRP3006

    45cm Stands/Cabinets - Non Existent?

    I'll pm you some pics of it tomorrow in the daylight as it's in the garage not being used.
  2. SRP3006

    45cm Stands/Cabinets - Non Existent?

    https://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/45cm-white-black/ This one. Edit, I've just seen it's exactly the same as the one you've posted, the pic is completely different to the actual stand do threw me off, 🙄 It's 45cm wide and approx 60cm deep, with a cut at the back top for pipework etc. If that...
  3. SRP3006

    45cm Stands/Cabinets - Non Existent?

    All pond solutions have one for sale, 45 wide anyway, it's a bit deeper. Only one I could find for my 55l scapers. Not the best quality admittedly but was fine for what I needed it for.
  4. SRP3006

    Small heater.

    Aquael ultra or easy heater. Good flat shaped heaters for small tanks. Can be hidden quite nicely and seem to be reliable.
  5. SRP3006

    tropica vs aquavitro vs ada

    I've got the tropica fine tip tweezers. I like them, I upgraded from my cheap ones and they are much much better. Can't comment on ADA, [emoji848]
  6. SRP3006

    Help with pre owned Aquaone 140 litres

    Vinegar would be my go to for removing all but the most stubborn algae and dirt, and quite a bit of elbow grease. When I broke my other tank down I used vinegar in a spray bottle, sprayed it on and left for a while. Seemed to work OK with a good scrub. Looks like there are some water/salt...
  7. SRP3006

    Smart extension lead

    Im using a WiFi one from amazon, it came up on a thread on here (can't remember which one sorry) and so far seems to be pretty good. Got all the standard things running off it, heater, lights co2 on timer etc. No probs at all and if the WiFi goes off it keeps its program. It's not the one in the...
  8. SRP3006

    Jecod auto doser programming??

    I'm not entirely sure but I believe that as long as the nutrients are in the water then the plants will use them. Hence the need to do a large (50%) wc once a week to 'flush' the system. Im sure someone with more knowledge of plants and nutrients will add the info I've missed. Sent from my...
  9. SRP3006

    Jecod auto doser programming??

    They are 23hrs and 57min apart on the instruction thread. Mine is set like that and they dose separately, macros at 00.01 Monday and micro at 23.59 Monday so effectively 24hrs apart.