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    making a 4dKH solution using a teaspoon?

    Accuracy is the key to making this solution, and teaspoons just aren't accurate enough. You can get 0.1g scales for about £6 on ebay
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    http://kywater.org/ww/ramp/rmdo2.htm between 25-28C the average O2 saturation is 8.4-7.9ppm respectively. Considering we have lots of plants I think we can be fairly confident we are always close to that point. 5ppm< x >15ppm You need a value of x, otherwise, to the left plants/ fish die...
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    Metal diffusers

    looks neat, i like the long tube that is already attached too.
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    Sicce CO2 Life

    It is a different system, but it still uses the same technique through electrolysis, so i would read the comments on the link gave above, or shortened down: dont buy one. Thanks, Aaron
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    Measuring CO2 in low-tech?

    either a) there is 25-30ppm of CO2 or b) it is a false reading, through innacurate 4dkh. Im saying b as it is impossible for there to be that much CO2 in the water without injecting any!
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    definitley :thumbup:
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    Measuring CO2 in low-tech?

    It isnt measurable with a drop checker, the levels are that low it just shows as blue on a dropo checker. pH/ KH charts dont work the only viable way is to use a CO2 analyser if you have the cash!
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    Using Liquid carbon to spotdose.

    do it under water. turn the filter and any pumps off too so it stays around the affected areas for longer.
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    2kg C02 > 240L = 2 weeks?

    i too get approx 3months (well, i saw yesterday the pressure had started to drop)
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    Another liquid carbon question

    good quaestion and one that i have not thought about before. however, i have never taken those instructions and just gone with the daily dose from day 1 (no large intial dose), i do this with all chemicals.
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    i havent experienced it, but it looks like surface scum (excess proteins). it occurs in low flow areas hence hwy you are getting it there, it may affect your DC reaction time, so just remove it. not sure how you can fix the problem, because i havent heard or seen it before :!:
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    Adding CO2 to a Tank with a pH of 6

    plants in the wild grow in acidic conditions more often than not, they will be fine. sometimes, the hardness can be low, so a GH Booster is needed (to add more Ca & Mg into the water). but pH itself doesnt have a direct affect on plants.
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    Cannot get CO2 going again ?

    like Paul said just wait until the pressure builds. depending on the amount you inject will depict how long it takes. it took up to 30min on a little tank i had but on my large tank it takes seconds lol
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    liquid carbon to battle BBA

    adding liquid CO2 would make it a high tech tank as growth rates would increase too
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    yes stop the CO2 otherwise it is a waste. I try to perform my water changes before CO2 is on, that way, there is none wasted, and it will be like every other day. It would still probably drop back to blue over night, mine does. 12hrs+ is usually plenty for it to gas off.
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    yes, it only did it for the first 1-2hrs though, just the pressure needed to foce the gas through
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    Sterilising Fluid

    i used to give it a good, forceful shake and it slowly comes out, however, it may bubble so you need to wait for the bubbles to settle again :roll: Only way that worked for me though,
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    Bubble counters... Who uses them???? [POLL]

    The only reason i have one is to use as a reference when i change my FE over, to make sure it is set at roughly the same as before, apart from that i never use it.
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    Smallest reg?

    A needle valve (or thumbwheel) is used to change the output/ bubble count. Without one you have no control over the injection rates! A solenoid would probably be larger than the reg itself :lol:
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    Drop Checker.....

    I think JBL drop checkers are plastic, not entirely sure though.
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    CO2 Injection Virgin

    there is a link in my sig for equipment
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    fluctuating water level in drop checker?

    the air is diffusing slowly into the water :wink: Simila rto a CO2 bell diffuser which the tetra optimat comes supllied with, not very efficient method though.
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    4KH solution. Has anyone tried to DIY

    it depnds how much water you use ;) 3g to 2.5l is the same as 6g to 5litres. There are lots of different recipes out there but they all produce exactly the same product
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    4KH solution. Has anyone tried to DIY

    it needs to be accurate. i am guessing here but a difference in say, 0.5g either way of James recipe i doubt would show a difference on the test kit, however it may be off 4degrees by quite a bit. EDIT: forgot to say you can always scale it down, but it just makes it a bit harder to get the...
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    CO2 timing?

    i have mine 2hrs before lights on, and 3hrs before lights off. Plants strat to wind down towards the end of the photperiod, and what CO2 is left in the water will be plenty. It doesnt gas off, or get used that quickly which is why i turn mine off so early.
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    What colour drop checker?

    tank water is just as bad too :lol: It contains other acidic substances in the water, basically what you are doing is using the same pronicples as a pH/ KH relationship chart, hence why they are innacurate
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    What colour drop checker?

    RO is pointless unless you know the KH of it. As is any solution. if you cant afford 4dkh, then just watch plant growth & fish reactions.
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    External c02 diffuser

    external doesnt matter really, it is just how tough it will be (reffering to hose). Not sure about the reactor though! I have only just started using the diffuser on my 216l, (literally days) and so far it is good :) search boyu diffuser on here and there is a couple of threads on them. The...
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    External c02 diffuser

    they are reactors, not diffusers. This is an external diffuser: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CO2-Carbon-Dioxid ... 1|294%3A50 the hose dimensions 16/18 mm mean: 1st number, internal diameter, 2nd number external diameter
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    Would i benefit from c02 on a 35litre?

    guessing here, but i would say mine is about 60cm
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    Would i benefit from c02 on a 35litre?

    true, but doesnt make much difference, if any. Does MA fill FE's too Mark?
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    I've lost part of my regulator!!

    i used to have a spare, but i cant find it :roll:
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    I've lost part of my regulator!!

    have ou tried ebay?
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    Recommned me a regulator with solenoid

    theres a guide in my sig with links to everything. :D
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    would this really be all that good....

    yes, any reg that says "CO2" should fot an FE. dont buy CO2/ argon mixes.
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    would this really be all that good....

    they only measure the cylinder pressure. A reg with a 2nd gauge measures the output pressure. You could use one of those but ideally you want one with 2 gauges. http://www.welduk.com/Details.asp?ProductID=82 above is a cheap option. Missing out the solenoid will also save you £20.
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    Fill pressure

    thats about right. My FE is around 55-65psi, witht an output pressuressure of 1.5-2bar. Any lower than this then it is hard to get a high enough bubble rate.
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    looking for a cheapish inline diffuser

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    Gassing Snails

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    Jbl M603 with ph control has anyone got any experiece with o

    hi, generally the pH drops by about 1pH, then rises agin when turned off at night (if you have a solenoid). This isnt a problem and fish are subject to this in the wild. this thread might be useful: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=3701&hilit=ph+controller
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    Boyu CO2 diffuser - so far so good...

    mines waiting to be setup :)
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    JBL CO2/PH computer

    cool :D
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    what do you think of this reactor?

    nice job, like above, very professional.
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    external reactor, gas build up?

    not teaching you to suck eggs but is it the correct way?
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    co2 regulator

    single gauge reads the tank presure (FE around 55-70psi), the second gauge reads the output pressure (1.5-2bar reccomended) 2 is better than one because if the output pressure is to low, then it is hard to inject enough, it is too high then it can split your tubing, solenoid allows you to cut...
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    High CO2 levels

    if you arent using "pure" 4dkh in the DC, then you can get it from Aquaessentials or make your own. this guide explains more: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=467 Also because any oxygen produced by the plants cannot dissolve into the water due to the saturation levels.
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    Your preffered diffuser ?

    you might find this interesting: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=2799&p=30292&hilit=hagen+ladder+calc#p30292 As you can see diffusion is good, but you need to get the ditribution correct. EDIT: i have only ever used these cermaic diffusers off ebay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Set-of-2-Aquarium ... 1|294%3A50...
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    Anyone aerate their tank when lights go out??

    correct :) The DC changes colour as the CO2 gasses from the aquarium, into the DC. The solution then changes pH (6.6 - green)
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    Anyone aerate their tank when lights go out??

    the amount of O2 plants use for respiration is minimal. i take it you mean blue? what type of system are you using? (pressurized or fermentation) I dont use an air pump, i just have a gentle ripple across the surface
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    New external CO2 diffusers

    Thanks, i shall be ordering one then :D
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    New external CO2 diffusers

    cool, does it say anything about diameter of hosing?
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    Co2 pipe keeps coming off !!!

    you can, like superman says, get different strenthgs of airlline. I had some really tough airline, and then i replaced it with the airline that comes with the nutrafin fermentation kit. It is very soft & flexible. Ideal for removing/ changing the diffuser too as it is soft it can be pulled of...
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    Diffuser size

    it depends. You need to position the diffuser(s) in the path of water flow where the bubbles get blasted around the tank, if you can do this with 2 diffusers then go for it, but if the bubbles will be rising to the top then there isnt much point to it.
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    AquaGro CO2 Starter Unit

    it would be bad if it run out in the midle of the day. At least with fermentation it is 24/7
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    AquaGro CO2 Starter Unit

    it is similar to the tetra-optimat, where you squirt CO2 into the bell diffuser. it dissolves very slowly and sometimes it needs refilling twice a day. I would rather go with nutrafin yeast system or DIY. ps i am only pointing out the bad points of the the tetra, as i am assuming it to be the same.
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    New external CO2 diffusers

    lol, Andy run his on an EX700 which has 12/13mm so you should be fine! thanks for the link nelson, although it looks as though he has it upside down :? the water will flow down into the CO2 cannister like that!
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    New external CO2 diffusers

    what size tank is it reccomended for and what diameter hose? If there is any details on the box nry please can you let us know. I have emailed them too. Thanks.
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    JBL CO2/PH computer

    say if you didnt have the computer... Injecting CO2 causes the pH to drop, and CO2 levels rise. Before the pH gets dangerously low (ie. <5.5pH) the CO2 will already be at 40ppm+ and your fish will be gassed and killed from the CO2 level, not the pH level. So in affect, there is no need to be...
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    JBL CO2/PH computer

    You are more likley to gas your fish before the pH drop will do any harm.
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    Crank up the CO2?

    it depends on the BC. My old one counted 3BPS on a 60l, i recently upgraded to a glass BC and now i cannot count them!
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    Bromo blue

    hagen low ph test does.
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    4dKH solution.

    when the ph lowers to 6.6 (because of carbonic acids produced) and a kh of 4 (hence 4dkh) CO2 is around 30ppm (green)
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    carbon suplement with aeration?

    it will be fine
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    splitting co2

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CO2-Needle-Valve- ... 634.c0.m14
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    splitting co2

    Thats why Dave said you need a needle valve on each line ;)
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    Bubble counter. Is it fixed on correctly?

    That is how mine is set up too.
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    Cleaning diffuser

    have you tried shaking the mixture out? I do that when it gets water inside, apply quite a string force and a firm grip :wink:
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    Reg Guages

    one is the pressure inside the bottle, measured in "bar" and the other is the output pressure measured in "PSI" Once the bottle starts to empty the Bar will start to drop,
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    No, it wasn't that old either (5 months approx) and it was proper CO2 tubing
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    It is working agin, i changed the pipe. I still checked over the existing pipe to make sure but i couldnt find any cracks etc. :?
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    Ok this just gets stranger... The drop checker is now showing a dark green colour, yet no CO2 is being injected? :?
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    Aren't the aqua medic cylinders disposables? In which case you cannot refill them?
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    i havent adjusted it anyway
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    The bubble counter used to go where the airline connects to the needle valve.
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    Simon, did you get a leak from the bubble counter, or needle valve? They are two different things :wink:
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    diffuser clean, Andy, i have ordered new hosing to be on the safe side! I will also attach my spare on atlaafe, when i get the CO2 line i will run it without any extras attached :)
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    Ok, although i doubt it as it is a 2kg on a 60l. When i was having problems (since original post) i turned the bubble count up really high so it blasted out the diffuser, it just didnt work on a lowercount setting.
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    yes, it has never been moved from day 1 back in June/ July
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    I have taken the Bubble counter off, and it is still not working :evil: My setup: Fe > reg > solenoid > needle valve > check valve > diffuser Highlighted in bold is all built in one, i have checked for leaks... nothing. The only place i would of suspected is the check valve. But anyway i have...
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    CO2 Kit for My OSAKA 320

    The trouble you will have is finding a large enough CO2 cannister (preferably 2kg) that wont cost you an arm and a leg. A 2kg FE costs around £25 whereas a JBL 2kg could cost you around £70!
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    Bubble Counter Question

    It should last you at least 1 month before it needs topping up.
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    ok, i will check again and i will report back.
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    short video to prove i am not going mad!
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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    Hi, i topped up the water in my bubble counter yesterday morning as the level was getting low. Afer re-attaching it the CO2 is not coming out the glass ceramic diffuser, although the bubble counter is still showing 2BPS - exactly the same as before :!: It has the tiniest stream of bubbles...
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    Ladder or diffuser

    here is a thread showing that ladders can be 98% effective, although i still prefer ceramic diffuser as they are neater 8) viewtopic.php?f=37&t=2799&p=30292&hilit=bubble+ladder#p30292
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    How to clean drop checker?

    thanks for all the replies, cotton bud is first on the list :D
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    Recycled drop checker...

    quite a lot, other acids in the water affect the results - one of the reasons why the kh/ ph co2 tables are innacurate.
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    How to clean drop checker?

    In my DC i have noticed s few small white particles and they are bugging me :roll: Eventually it will make the DC harder to read, has anyone else found this and how do you clean it? I would use bleach but i dont want to get a small residue which could affect the readings? Thanks.
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    Hydrolysis Unit

    All the people i have heard who use them say they dont work, just some info incase no one has heard of them: Water is converted into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis. The hydrogen rises up and the oxygen combines with the carbon in the carbon plate to form carbon dioxide, The plates are...
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    Is this an ok BPM to start with??

    i run 3BPS on my 60l tank :lol:
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    Drop Checker Test - 'Teardrop' versus 'Chameleon'

    having the drop checker filled half way means there is more surface area for the gasses to exchange. viewtopic.php?f=37&t=2817&p=30415&hilit=drop+checker#p30415 so with the chameleon havng more surface area, it could change quicker, but then the size of the hole is smaller, so it goes both...
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    Glass Diffusor

    i would go for the 2 for £4 off ebay, or if you are wanting better quality then rhinox are very good.
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    bubble rate has dropped?

    this is the first time i have topped it up after about 5 months, definatley no leaks as i checked it.
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    bubble rate has dropped?

    Hi, the water level in my bubble counter had dropped to about 0.5cm above the nozzle where the gas/ bubbles are released and the bubbles were not coming out as fast as they usually do (normal = 3BPS but they were only at 1BPS) so i decided to top it up, but then i noticed that the bubbles...
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    When do I need a new FE?

    have you checked for leaks? i have had mine for 3 month and it should easily last another 3! (15gal)
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    Ebay Regulators

    Wilkinsons is a shop that sells most things for home & garden...
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    Ebay Regulators

    yes, go to wilko's though, there about 40p :D