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  1. SRP3006

    WORLD WAR 3???

    My better half is originally from South Eastern Poland. About 2.5hrs drive from the Ukrainian border. I've been over multiple times over the years as she has most of her family over there. Her city have set up make shift refugee camps and pop up sleeping areas in gyms etc. Naturally being so...
  2. SRP3006

    WORLD WAR 3???

    I believe they only hand out lengthy services or life in prison for war crimes. The death penalty should be used on many of the criminals the Hague has tried over the years imo. Mind you one thing is accusing Putin of war crimes ( which is obvious he has commited), its quite another getting him...
  3. SRP3006

    Bug ID

    Thanks guys, I've emptied the shed and checked for any form of nest or sign of nest and couldn't find any. Getting a professional in to look at the shed wasn't on top of my list of priorities at the minute, nor possible. So I've literally cleaned it as best as I could and sprayed it (liberally)...
  4. SRP3006

    Bug ID

    Haha @Wolf6 senior moment
  5. SRP3006

    Bug ID

    Hi guys. I need an ID is possible please. Ventured into the shed for the annual Christmas light power on.... And found quite a few of these scattered across the floor and some actually inside the wood. There are little piles of sawdust on the floor, and I'm a little concerned the shed will be...
  6. SRP3006

    Water storage

    Farmers quite often have excess containers. I managed to grab a 200l one for a fiver from a farmer with a tap.
  7. SRP3006

    What books are you reading?

    Absolutely and definitely ones to read before (if) planning on seeing the films, used to get proper immersed in those books.
  8. SRP3006

    Darrel Reaches 10,000 Posts!

    Before I joined UKAPS I lurked for a bit [emoji2958] and posts from @dw1305 popped up and helped me all the time, and since I joined I am still reading old posts and new posts that help many people.
  9. SRP3006

    Found a baby bird. ID needed

    Looks like a common swift,
  10. SRP3006

    Driving Post Lockdown

    Completely know what you are saying, I've been driving HGVs throughout this throughout Wales and England and I've definitely had more near misses with idiots since the 'lockdown'. Including with other lorries, especially at red lights like you say. In 'normal' times it's just part of the job but...
  11. SRP3006

    Apology -OFC

    Quality [emoji1787]. I just assumed it meant that [emoji1787]
  12. SRP3006

    British summer time

    I'm up before 4am weekdays and always look forward to this time of year, into the summer, where I can see light early on in my shift. The idea of it getting light at 9am in the winter is quite depressing. Guess I like it how it is, [emoji848]
  13. SRP3006


    Setting an example for others to follow hopefully, the NHS will need help before the end of this. No unpaid leave either, Virgin Atlantic and others should watch that.
  14. SRP3006


    We switch all the time, banks, utilities insurances, staying loyal doesn't pay. To echo what the others have said we use money saving expert, they ask you a few questions to set up the account like the prices you pay, and they find the best deals but they will also notify you during your...