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    CO2/ Diffuser not working! please help.

    Hi, i topped up the water in my bubble counter yesterday morning as the level was getting low. Afer re-attaching it the CO2 is not coming out the glass ceramic diffuser, although the bubble counter is still showing 2BPS - exactly the same as before :!: It has the tiniest stream of bubbles...
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    How to clean drop checker?

    In my DC i have noticed s few small white particles and they are bugging me :roll: Eventually it will make the DC harder to read, has anyone else found this and how do you clean it? I would use bleach but i dont want to get a small residue which could affect the readings? Thanks.
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    bubble rate has dropped?

    Hi, the water level in my bubble counter had dropped to about 0.5cm above the nozzle where the gas/ bubbles are released and the bubbles were not coming out as fast as they usually do (normal = 3BPS but they were only at 1BPS) so i decided to top it up, but then i noticed that the bubbles...
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    Does the amount of liquid affect Drop Checker results?

    Hi all, if you filled the drop checker ball full, will it take longer for the solution to change colour? I just saw gareths tank which had a tiny amount of solution in the ball part and it got me thinking. Thanks.
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    Equipment needed for Fire Extinghuisher CO2 - With Links!

    Here is a how a typical set up goes: FE > Regulator > Solenoid (optional) > Needle Valve > Bubble Counter > Check Valve > Diffuser/ Reactor. CO2 Airline is also needed. We will start of with the Fire Extinghuisher, Dan Crawford regularly sells 2Kg's for £15 + £7 P+P. And he can also get...
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    how do you inject CO2?

    Well, how do you? I have it come on 2hr before lights on, and 1hr off before lights off simply to save CO2
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    diffusion problems...

    Hi, i am worried that my plants aren't getting enough CO2 (you are going to say up it i know). I am running 1BPS on my 60l (comes on 2hr before lights and goes off 1hr before lights) after 4 hours, my DC is still blue :? If you look at my tank (in my sig) you can see that it isnt heavily...
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    Cheap CO2 Supplier

    On PFK, a member posted this: Thanks to, Christian French
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    FE and Regulator problem

    i thoiught i would set up my FE today properly, i took it outside to change the pressure, i can get it down to 2 bar with the knob, when i aim for 1.5 bar then the knob has 2 small holes opposite each other and the gas comes out, should it do this? I am thinking no :( I havent got the plug...
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    have i set my FE up right?

    well my reg from aquatic magic arrived today, slightly different, on the pic they advertised, the bC was upright when fixed to the needle valve, on mine it is horizontal so i have attached the reg like this: will this be ok? also when i fill the BC up with water, will it not run back into...
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    Someone on TFF has asked for some advice about FE & the USA

    Will the reg from aquatic magic of ebay fit on a FE over where he lives or is it a different thread? Anything else i/ he should know about aswell? Thanks. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... =p3907.m29
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    Is low co2 better than no co2?

    as above, what do you think? Also why we are on co2, i have 1 x nutrafin on a 180l/40g tank and the DC is green, it is putting out 6BPM - i am really confused about this?
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    New design of drop checker

    It is here on APC: http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/foru ... lable.html It's a very good idea because you get get an even more accurate result!
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    Which of these regulators is better to fit FE

    This one from aquatic magic, it includes double gauge, solenoid, needle valve & bubble counter, Is the big brass thing that sticks up on right hand side above needle valve the BC? If not what is it? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CO2-Regulator-Ele ... dZViewItem Then there is this one from aquakh8...
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    Would 1Kg FE from argos work?

    It is the powder form, if i cant use powder which can i use? (Excuse me if there is only the powder variety! :oops: ) Also it doesn't have the horn thing so would it still be ok to use? First time i am getting one you see so i want to make sure, it is for a 180l/ 40g tank...
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    Is this hydor advanced co2 set any good?

    http://www.1st4aquatics.com/hydor-advan ... 3039-p.asp I would only need to get a needle valve right? or should i go for this D-D set http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... ed8681fa5a
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    Does it matter if i have an 'undersized' ceramic diffuser

    I have a 180l/ 40g and was looking at the rhinox 5000 but i was wondering if i could have a smaller version like the 2000 to save on money (cheapskate) :wink: Is there a problem with that? It will be positioned under my outake of my filter so the bubbles will be getting blown around.