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  1. SRP3006

    Storing plants

    Hi guys, Shutting down my tank at the mo but I want to keep a selection of the plants for the new tank. Mainly Cryptocoryne and epiphytes, buce and anubias mostly. What's the best way for me to keep and prepare Cryptocoryne for the new tank? Let them float in the spare tank and give them a trim...
  2. SRP3006

    Hygrophila pinnatifida

    Hi all, I have been having some trouble with the above loosing it's lower leaves. They go like in the picture then slowly go pale before falling off. I have recently changed my co2 injection towards two aps style reactors and have been struggling to keep a decent pH profile. Could this be the...
  3. SRP3006

    Cryptocoryne ID

    Hi all, could anybody help my ID this crypt? I'd like to buy more however bought quite a few at the same time and can't remember which one it is. It's very low growing and spreading quite well . No pro camera so only have a phone pic. Thanks.
  4. SRP3006

    Sagittaria subulata melting

    Hi all, My SS has been melting at a very fast rate for a little while now. It seems to be spreading through the thick growth from one spot. Could dosing liquid carbon be causing this? I've got a 1.2 ph drop for lights on and stable throughout photoperiod 6 hour photoperiod. Dosing full EI...
  5. SRP3006

    Eloecharis acicularis tips

    Hi all, Currently at 4 weeks in my dry start stage and need some advice on the above. The tips of the grass on a few plants have turned brown. Tried researching but found a few answers so nothing for sure, could it be drying out or just normal die back. I've attached a photo and as you can...