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    Buying good aquality plants in UK

    I would reccomend Aquafleur plants. They are half the price of tropica and just as good, if not better :thumbup: thanks, Aaron
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    Potted plants

    yep, it just doesnt do them that good if they are left in there for life.
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    yes, blyxa is a stem plant :wink: damp kitchen roll or newspaper around them in a food or fish bag. Then in a jiffy bag. Blyxa doesnt always travel too well for some reason though.
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    You an do what Paul says to thin it out, but if you want to cut it so it is shorter, then just cut the top off like a stem plant.
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    using oasis flower foam in tank?

    Carbon adsorbs toxins (physical attrcation) whereas absorbtion is when a molecule would enterthe carbon (like a sponge) Carbon is in equilibrium with the aquarium water, but only a tiny amount is released. if 1% is in equilibrium, and you do a 50% water change there is only 0.5% of the toxins...
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    using oasis flower foam in tank?

    Not only that it adsorbs nutrients to make them avialable for plant roots too :thumbup:
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    using oasis flower foam in tank?

    It could either be a large rock(s) with the root sitting on top. Plants then just tied on and some pushed into the gaps and it just spreads and overs the whole lot. Or he has sloped the substrate. If you find you cant get it that tall, then get some plastic and bury it in the substrate for support.
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    Anubias yellowing?

    yep, 2x dosing of the traces helps.
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    Leaves yellowing and pinholes

    Thanks for that post Darrel :thumbup: fair enough :thumbup:
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    Leaves yellowing and pinholes

    40g Try once a week first, then if necassary raise it to twice weekly. the liquid Carbon won't hurt anything, so you might aswell use it :thumbup:
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    Leaves yellowing and pinholes

    KNO3 = 40g > 500ml of water & add 10ml per 100l to get a value of 5ppm NO3 & 3ppm K
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    hard water and nutrient uptake

    where do you live? Have you tested/ can you get a water report online? The water in my area is pretty hard, KH 8 GH12
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    Leaves yellowing and pinholes

    yes, 5ml per 50l adds 1.5ppm of Potassium. usually with low light, non CO2 tanks people do water changes every couple of months so the CO2 levels aren't fluctuating too much, as it taks time for plants to adapt. http://www.barrreport.com/showthread.ph ... O2-methods when i said P above I...
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    Leaves yellowing and pinholes

    People are busy at this time of year :thumbup: how often are you doing water changes? (and percentage) try dosing 2x per week, at the reccomended levels as it could be a N or P defficiency. BUt CO2 cant be ruled out either (which is why i asked for water change schedule)
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    Will HC grow in hard water?

    Hi, fishbeasts is 50ppm (so he said on another forum) but if he has got mixed up then yes his water will be 4x harder than mine. It is easy mistake to do and can throw results/ theories way off as you & Darrel have pointed out above! We'll just have to wait for clarification. thanks, Aaron
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    Will HC grow in hard water?

    My water is over 4x as hard as Fishbeasts - GH is 12d/ 215ppm and it grew like a weed. As do my other plants which dont suffer from any defficencies either :thumbup: As I said on TFF, try placing your DC at different places across the substrate to make sure CO2 is available at the corect...
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    Plant Indentification

    if you want petite, then aquafleur call it "bonsai" which is the same thing.
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    Achieving redish color in plants such a eleoharis and glosso

    I was thinking the same as Tom, going by the almost turquiose coloured plant i have never seen that colour before. here is a thread discussing limiting Nitrogen: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3972
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    looking much better, i would add some cryptocoryne species in the midground to break up the rocks a bit so it looks as though they have fell into the middle of a jungle :thumbup:
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    salt tolerant

    Hi, if you look here, on the right is a drop down list with the option of brackish tolerant plants http://www.tropica.com/default.asp
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    Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis pruning question.

    i always leave about 1cm, but it depends on the hieght you want it. you may want to have it short at the front, going full height towards the back,
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    Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis pruning question.

    you have pruned it correctly :thumbup: it may knock it back but it shouldnt be much longer until you see new growth
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    Hygrophila difformis

    lol, im 16 so i'm good up to yet :mrgreen:
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    Hygrophila difformis

    haha, i is always useful if you have a tank & equipment to sell, i would of never of got my 216l without selling off my 60l... and also from Christmas money and leftover holiday & birthday money!
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    Is There An Easy Starter Carpeting Plant?

    which is why i said generally, i find HC easy (never tried glosso), but others struggle. not many people have failed with marsilea and hairgrass :wink: It is possible that Gordon can grow any plant, but you just need to make sure HC is getting lots of CO2 & Nitrogen. hairgrass isnt as fussy IME
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    Is There An Easy Starter Carpeting Plant?

    eleocharis acicularis or E.Parvula are easy. As is Marsilea too. Just stay away from HC & Glosso which are generally classed as the hardest to grow. i am surprised you dont run CO2, how are the other plants doing?... any algae problems?
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    beautiful, if you can make that work as a foreground plant then you are a very skilled aquascaper :thumbup:
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    I have grown it under 1.2wpg T5 & no CO2. in lower light the leaves tend to fall off easier. But give it a go, aslong as you have nutrients covered too then you can grow anything,
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    Help on prunning these plants.

    yeah, EI was based on tanks with silly amounts of lighting, and CO2... basically a tank ensuring everything was non-limiting have a nice holiday :thumbup: hope you havent gone away from it, it is 25C here, warmest it has been all year lol :roll:
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    Help on prunning these plants.

    Chris, it is true that lower N can promote red growth, but just make sure you dont lower it too much that defficiencies begin to appear. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3972
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    Cyperus helferi

    for some reason my cyperus has started to go brown at the tips, :?: EI, ADA substrate & good CO2 distribution/ levels. not sure what step to take next :eh:
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    Rotala Rotundifolia not growing

    hi, this may be of interest: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3972
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    Supperglue plants to wood.

    you only need a tiny bit on the plant, just enough to secure it. Too much and you will suffcate it :wink: it is only harmful to fish when wet/ not dry.
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    plants that flower.

    aponegetons are easy to get flowering, also echinodorous species. For low level, you could try blyxa, anubias & saggitara. Lots of ferts & CO2 help as always, but it is possible without these. Just make sure everything is non-limiting
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    Crypt ID

    i agree,
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    a generall query regarding plants that match

    well you have to look at what "jungle" means to you. Personally, i think a jungle scpae is wood with overgrown plants mingling in to look natural, not well pruned or particularly planned out well either, so any plant will in a jungle scape IMO.
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    green rotal rotundifolia

    I have been trying to tell people that green wavlengths arent useless too, im glad i now have something to go on :thumbup: All i did have was an experiment i did at school :lol: Thanks, Aaron
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    Cyperus helferi

    this may help: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=7198&p=80160&hilit=cyperus+helferi#p80116 pruning heavily produces new growth
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    Guess what's a weed in my garden!

    I think i had the same specie and i have been looking for an ID viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6546 I dont think it is bleheri though :?: I'm not sure, i will just look next time i'm in MA.
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    Guess what's a weed in my garden!

    lol, what's the echindorous? specie at the top of the picture?
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    Obscure Ground Covers and Rosettes?

    Welcome :) Staurogyne sp. is the newest plant i can think of, cryptocoryne parva, glossotigma elatinoides, hemianthus callitrichoides, utricularia graminifolia, marsilea, to name a few. Not new really though
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    Crypt's plants

    I find that too, i pulled one up yesterday, it had 1 new leaf but the roots were about 6" :shock: Hard work too lol.
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    Plants ID Please

    i agree with Dan, i had his a few year back labelled as bolbitis "malaya"
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    Plants that absorbs Po4

    after reading that thread i am still no wiser why you want to lower the PO4 levels? maybe i am missing something? But like Dave said, any fast growing plant will consume PO4 quickly. The Hygrophillia you added will certainley help
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    p stellata

    hi Bazz, thi thread is on liminophillia aromtica, but they are 2 very similar species, it may answer some questions for you. http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1690 However, i dont think it has a life cycle as such,
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    making plants bush out

    let them grow to the surface then hack back at them, here is a good post: http://www.plantedbox.com/?p=838
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    Leaf issues

    Hi Paul :mrgreen: The 2nd pic doesnt look like any defficiency, due to the rest of the leaf being in perfect health, it does look as though it has been eaten, however, with the first one the abnormal leaf shape could be a calcium defficiency. Do you know the KH & GH of your water?
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    what plant is this?

    it is narrow or needle,
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    Superglue and plants?

    just had a look as i used it earlier, it was gel :P
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    Superglue and plants?

    yes, just a little bit and dont glue the whole rhizome and roots otherwise it cant grow. As long as it is dry before placing it onto the water then it is safe, i didnt know there were 2 types of superglue lol, i have different brand, both different consistencies
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    Plant ID please

    thanks, i keep a look out for it.
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    some people do it to encourage new growth, and that is the only reason people do it on crypts incase they rot.
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    Plant ID please

    i dont think so, because it never got any higher than that :?: And i have kept swords before, even at the same time i think and they were totally different in leaf shape. The leaves on this plant were longer. Thanks EDIT: here, hopefully you can see the difference (amazon swords in the back...
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    Plant ID please

    Hi, if anyone has an ID on the plant in the front left corner that would be great. I loved that plant, i think it was an echinodorous sp. only staying at around 6-8" in height. thanks.
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    46 different mosses from Swiss ebay seller

    I have seen all of the above grown successfully in aquariums, not so sure on this one, but seeing as it is a plagiomnium sp it should be fine: Plagiomnium cf. Maczimowitzii Nice find, Thanks.
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    How big are 'XL' tropica plants??

    lol, paulo. I tried looking for that thread but to no avail. Nice plant Clark.
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    How big are 'XL' tropica plants??

    nice 8) They have a 50% sale on at AE so i am just ordering some plants :D
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    How big are 'XL' tropica plants??

    so that PM i have just sent to Richard was pointless then :lol: Normal or wood for me then.... they have an offer on thw normal pots now for £6 (usually £7.50) Only trouble is it is too early and i dont want them to become algae infested :roll:
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    How big are 'XL' tropica plants??

    no worries, you have been a great help :)
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    How big are 'XL' tropica plants??

    Thanks, i think it might be a bit awkward attaching a piece of wood to a piece of wood thats all.
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    How big are 'XL' tropica plants??

    That fern does look big :D so you would say the species on wood are larger than XL plants having used them yourself? I would probably take it off the wood (if that is at all possible :!: those things do stick on well!) Thanks everyone :)
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    How big are 'XL' tropica plants??

    yes but they dont do "narrow" :| thanks
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    How big are 'XL' tropica plants??

    same here, i have seen pics but it is hard to tell sometimes :roll:
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    How big are 'XL' tropica plants??

    Hi, i am going to order quite a few pots of M.Pteropus "narrow" but wondering if the XL plants are worth the extra cost? How many "normal" plants would you say is the equivalent to the XL pots? Thanks.
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    small leaved stem plant - suggestions please

    didiplis diandra myaca fluvitialis
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    Microssorum Pteropus (Java Fern)

    It takes quite a bit to grow in, i found "narrow" to grow twice as fast.
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    Microssorum Pteropus (Java Fern)

    plant them close together, as possible. Or seperate them by a few cm and they will soon grow in.
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    Didiplis diandra

    17th!! :wink:
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    Nesaea pedicellata flowers - Photos

    nice flowers, i wonder if they get any bigger.?
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    Attaching Pogostemon Helferi

    I have too, i have also seen crypts and echinodorous sp attached to objects aswell.
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    Microssorum Pteropus (Java Fern)

    i would plant it with as mnay leaves as possible. These have grown in the water, so there is no need to try and encourage new growth, like when you introduce new plants.
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    Attaching Pogostemon Helferi

    i was going to say superglue onto pebbles as, it has to dry before being submerged :wink:
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    Utricularia graminifolia flower

    beautiful :D
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    How long can they last?

    you can cover the platic in the substrate, you wont notice it then!
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    How long can they last?

    If you cut a strip, then bury it as far as it will go so that it touches the base, that will prevent any tiny gaps being available to the roots, using pebbles would work, but you may get the sneaky root poking through.
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    How long can they last?

    as long as they are moist they can last a few days. No oxygen required. With the roots, you could try getting a plastic tub and cutting some strips off it to place in the substrate.
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    Eleocharis parvula - how to trim

    Re: Re: i got on fine with it, it was suceptible to algae in areas with less flow however. i cant find a pic of when i trimmed it but i cut it back to 1cm and it grew back:
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    Hemianthus micranthemoides

    and depth of the stems, i only left about 3" and it caused me loads of problems :twisted: you live & learn... :lol:
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    Hemianthus micranthemoides

    it started to get a bit straggley in my tank, and that was 30cm (actually less considering water line & substrate depth)
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    Hemianthus micranthemoides

    i planted mine in single stems, then waited until it reached the surface and trimmed. I doubt it would of got past 30cm anyway so if it gets to that height then give it a trim.
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    Propogation of cuttings

    just replant the cuttings again
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    Anubias Leaves Falling Off

    dosing extra trace seems to go down well, as seen by Paulo's anubias
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    Aquatic plants in CA

    It's ok if you know where to look i suppose. I have seen some nice places but no places with aquatic plants that i know of. :roll:
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    tips on growing hc

    high CO2 and higher levels of NO3 seem to help.
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    Aquatic plants in CA

    same, the US has lots of places to visit, UK is too small, too many houses now. :(
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    Has Riccia gone out of fashion?

    I like to see it in a tank, but definatley not keep it. Paulo kindly sent me some, i used it but then i didnt need it after a few months. Still after 6 months i has little bits of it growing all over my tank, it is almost impossible to get rid of :twisted:
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    an unusual leaf from blyxa

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    an unusual leaf from blyxa

    flower? viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1967&start=0&hilit=blyxa+flower
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    Planting HC in EcoComplete ??

    sure is lol, i sent it to about 3 people now! You will get a nice carpet planting it like that.
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    Planting Dry???

    plant as deep as you can, max 2cm as there is no need for it to be deeper. You could also get some substrate and create a mound around the base which will help a little. You could just add enough water to cover the substrate/ carpet plants - it may not be as bad then
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    Planting Dry???

    get a plastic bag or a platee and pour the water in slowly. Better still use a hose pipe.
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    Maidenhead Aquatics

    Most MA stores stock tropica or Aquafleur plants which are great quality
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    Pruning Riccardia Graeffei

    just give it a hair cut. :)
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    I would say so too, it is quite hard to tell from the picture. Definatley an aponegeton sp though!
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    echinodorus tenellus

    haha, it should start producing new growth after a couple of weeks, especially in a high tech tank.
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    echinodorus tenellus

    Yes it does.
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    trimming staurogyne

    trim it like any other stem plant. cut off top - plant produces side shoots and gets bushier cut off bottom - plant grows taller.
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    Alternative to Vallis

    The OP has a "high tech" tank: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4377
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    Alternative to Vallis

    cyperus helferi