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    Acclimatising Shrimp

    The way I have always done it is the same for fish. Add a small cup of water every 5mins for 30mins then release them
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    amano fry?

    Or sometimes they are born, but after a few days they strat to die off.
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    I'm Giving Up With Trying to Keep Shrimp

    maybe you have a high coper content in your water (or if you use the hot water pipe to fill back up) and the additional Cu in the fert maybe a reason.
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    Video of my Shrimps

    lol, Good quality video, poor shrimp being chased by the cory lol.
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    Will snails eat plants as well as algae?

    the pressurized system should sort out CO2 problems then. If it doesnt, look at flow. Not very often you find amazon swords grown submerged, IME i can take up to 2months before they have totally adapated.# Steve, i used to have 2 golden apple snails (2" diameter shell size) and they never...
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    Will snails eat plants as well as algae?

    they usually leave healthy plants alone and just go for the rotting matter. What snail species is it? Also what symptoms are the plants showing? You might need to CO2 to support healthy plant growth, but the instability may be causeing algae. WHat type of algae are you getting? It might be...
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    New spider crabs

    just been doing a bit of research and found out there are a few different sub species which probably explains the colour variation :D i first saw them here, quite a few questions asked by me :roll: lol. http://www.fishforums.net/index.php?sho ... 85743&st=0 you can get 5 off ebay for £25 inc...
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    New spider crabs

    can you get different colour variation sin these? or is it just your pics? all the one's i have seen have been brown. thanks.
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    Best Algae Eating Snail?

    nerites are your best bet. excellent for getting stubborn algae of rocks too. :D
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    Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp

    a couple of guides http://www.ukshrimp.co.uk/index.php?opt ... &Itemid=54 http://www.planetinverts.com/Cardinal_Shrimp.html
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    Where can I get a Mantis Shrimp from In the UK (Websites etc

    you could try planet inverts or there is a site called A1 shrimp (name escapes me). Bothh are outside UK, but both will ship over here.
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    What is this snail??? - Can anyone identify?

    I only feed my tetras flakes, anything that falls to the bottom the shrimps get but they dont get much! I have noticed a HUGE drop in numbers by the MTS. I have also noticed a few more babie shrimps than normal aswell :?:
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    Nice web site

    personally i like Planet Inverts as it has some great articles and information on there.
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    Do my shrimp need a slight change to water chemistry?

    to increase gh, use a GH Booster Alternatively you could feed them a calcium based food, or buy some calcium and coat the food in it, there is lots of choice HERE
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    Assasin Snails

    they will send once he log's on.
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    amano or cherry

    amano's are better algae eaters, and they are double the size of cherries.
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    Shrimp horror stories

    not so much a horror story but it amazed me. i took out a sponge from my cycled filter to cycle another tank, opened it up the other week (after 4 months) and i found an adult RCS living in there!
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    What are these???

    i was going to say daphnia but i didnt think they were like that :roll:
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    What are these???

    that vid makes it look as though some abnormally large shrimp come in and attacked them :lol:
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    unidentified creature

    :lol: that or he is extreeeeemly bored out of his mind :shock:
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    unidentified creature

    never seen anyhting like it before :shock: :shock:
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    African Dwarf Frog

    no they dont, they are kept in a tank with loads of snails (at shop) and they didnt bother my snails when i had them either.
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    nice shrimp, is the 1st moss fissidens?
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    Crystal Red Shrimplets

    cool, have you seen any females carrying anymore eggs?
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    African Dwarf Frog

    also they keep some ADF's with apple snails of all sizes in my local MA
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    African Dwarf Frog

    smallest fish i had were 1". they could pick at the snails though :wink:
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    African Dwarf Frog

    ADF dont eat snails, i had 2 large apple snails with them and they never touched them. The frogs used go for a ride on my plec though, they used to sit on top of it then he would swim away lol. Good fun to watch.
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    African Dwarf Frog

    They stay under water, feed them frozen bloodworm, just before the lights go off (they are nocturnal & use sense of smell) Keep the water parametres good. Watch out for red leg which is a common disease amongst frogs. They sometimes float at the water surface and they look dead! When getting...
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    Snail ID please

    thry do look like them more.
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    Snail ID please

    they get to about 1.5", when i had them, they didnt touch my plants (only had a crypt and anubias though lol)
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    Snail ID please

    trapdoor snails (pond snails)
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    Should I add MTS?? - Yeay or Nay?

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    Shrimp feeding problems - any ideas???

    In the first few months mine never fed either. I used to drop an algae pellet in at night every so often as the fish were resting at that time :wink:
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    Malasyan Trumpet Snails

    I ordered some of of 5teady (£2.50 for 10) - i will remember in the future though to ask you lol
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    Malasyan Trumpet Snails

    I ordered some the other day only to find out that sam enight i actually had some in my tank :roll: It was the first time i have noticed them, maybe it come in on the new tropica plant but i thought they were dipped in a copper solution. Typical :lol:
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    Assasin Snails

    there is an artical on them in the latest PFK, they may eat shrimps aswell from hat i have heard so something you might need to check up on.
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    Cherry Shrimp Swimming Problems

    in my tank with shrimp this is my maintenance: dose 2.5ml TPN+ daily inject CO2 50% weekly w/c filter clean every 2month+ check filter weekly for any baby shrimp feed algae tablets, cucumber & flake if they get some. nothing to it really, get shrimplets constantly. NO3 - 20ppm NH3 - 0 (0.6...
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    Cherry Shrimp Swimming Problems

    i overdosed excell and shrimp ok, it cant be that much difference from easyarbo
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    Anyone know what this???

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    Shrimp eggs

    mine took a week :shock:
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    How many shrimp?

    Shrimp can be kept in larger groups than fish bcause they only prduce a small amount of waste, for a 25l, about 15-20 should be ok.
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    Apple Snail Eggs!

    I think they can hold sperm for about 6month, aslong as the eggs are kept moist then just leave them, they will hatch in 14days. if the eggs turn white i think it means they are infertile (or is it the other way round?) (or is it another specie of snail?) I can't remeber exactly, take a look...
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    Nerite snails