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  1. LancsRick

    Green algae on glass (not green dust)

    I've been giving one of my tanks a much needed overhaul today, and noticed there appears to be quite a lot of algae on the inside of the glass. Details as follows... - Dark green colour - Pattern/distribution is similar to what you'd see with mould on cheese - small dense dots scattered around...
  2. LancsRick

    Hair algae - I'm now at a loss!

    Ok, well a few weeks ago I stripped down my Fluval Ebi because I'd lost a battle with hair algae and brown algae on the glass. Despite dropping my lighting I was still not winning (and dosing glut for a short time), so I decided that starting afresh was the best option. When I put the tank...
  3. LancsRick

    Diatom solution that isn't Oto's or Snails?

    My Fluval Ebi (30 litres) is a good couple of months old now, but still producing a lot of diatoms on the glass. With it being so small, I don't really want to put 4 Oto's in there, and after my previous experience with Red Ramshorn snails taking over my tank, I don't want to put them in there...
  4. LancsRick

    Spot Dosing - Check list

    I'm quite enjoying the fact that I'm beginning to understand my tanks as ecosystems, with my Rio showing good health, Ebi currently under a layer of frosted film since yesterday to combat the hair algae, and therefore just one challenge remains... My Trigon has a fair measure of BBA on some...
  5. LancsRick

    Hair algae - is the Fluval Ebi light too much?

    Doing my weekly inspection of my tanks, I was amazed to see a fair amount of hair algae on some of the ele. acic. in my Fluval Ebi tank. The reason I say amazed is that I'm just using the Ebi light (4 hour photoperiod), and have a JBL e700 (at half throttle) on it, which is giving significant...
  6. LancsRick

    Trying to combat green spot algae on anubias

    There was a similar recent thread on this, but unfortunately it didn't solve my issue, so here we go. My Trigon 190 is getting quite mature now, it's nice and stable, with maybe a 30% water change every month or two, and for the most part the plants are healthy and the tank is algae free...
  7. LancsRick

    Algae just at high levels of tank?

    Where my plants have grown within about 4 inches of the surface, I'm now seeing hair algae develop on their leaves. The rest of the tank is fine. Am I right in assuming that this is due to the PAR at that depth of water becoming such that algae is thriving as the leaves at that level cannot...
  8. LancsRick

    Hair Algae with T8s?

    Ok, struggling to get this under control so I've been reading up on hair algae. Tank is a Trigon 190, T8 lighting with reflectors, not dosing any carbon (gas or liquid). Lights are on for 8 hours a day. My flow isn't great, and something I'm sorting out in the next week or two. I'm also...