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    My lights have failed

    get on to juwel ...mine went like that also within about 10 months of purchase... i told my lfs where i got it from and he told me to bring in the old one..he sent it off to juwel and they replaced it free of charge through sending it back to my lfs and i simply picked it up from...
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    Open Top Lighting

    WHAT...when ive been looking for lunminaires for my tank all ive found is luminaire's for the 2ft x 1ft sized tank...lol check out http://www.aquatics-online.co.uk/catalogue/lighting.asp..dnt no if it's any gd to ya but there is a selection of light's on tht website and they do sell the...
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    LIGHTING for a 18.12.12 (inch) NANO tank

    cheers... so what lighting u using on tht tank now then...?? cheers...passerby
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    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    so.. would u recommend the luminaire or not, and seeing as its an 18" t8 are there options for different t8 tubes or are the arcadia ones supplied good enough.. to not need other options.. cheers....passerby
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    LIGHTING for a 18.12.12 (inch) NANO tank

    cheers will do ...... (ur quick at replying)
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    LIGHTING for a 18.12.12 (inch) NANO tank

    Hi, I have a 18”.12”.12” (inch) tank and I am struggling to find a suitable lighting system for a well planted tank, I was thinking of getting a arcadia arc pod 11w but I don’t think it will up to the job.. I want the lighting system to be compatible to the open tank design ….if that...