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  1. Ed Seeley

    Kribensis with these fish?

    In a 4ft tank with another pair of cichlids then I'd only add a pair. This should still leave some space for you other fish to get out of the way if both pairs of cichlid spawn at the same time. If you give fish enough room then they will just chase fish off - you only get serious injuries and...
  2. Ed Seeley

    Journal My New Filter and Pond - Lots of pictures

    It's all still running well thanks guys. Will try and remember to take some photos when I'm over my folks next time. Future plans are to convert the filter on this pond to run on air like my new pond as it's much more efficient. We will keep the skimmer running on a pump to power the...
  3. Ed Seeley

    Tropica 1-2 grow

    Will try and have a look. They're all still in an old firdge at my parents house as dry agar powder in tubs. Will try and look when I'm over there next time.
  4. Ed Seeley

    Setting up a 'higher' tech planted tank

    Cheers guys, glad it helped.
  5. Ed Seeley

    lake malawi cichlids

    3ft is a little small for Lake Malawi cichlids, you would be best with Tanganyikans in that size though you would only be able to keep a few as they need more space. If you really want Malawis then stick to the most peaceful mbuna - Labidochromis caeruleus Yellow and small, peaceful...
  6. Ed Seeley

    picking the right fish for a planted tank!

    Kribs will sift substrate and disturb plants but they don't eat them and if you replant them they might well not remove them after. All cichlids do not damage, eat or dig up plants. Very few cichlids are herbivorous (but many are omnivorous and will nibble them) and all most cichlids are doing...
  7. Ed Seeley

    Decreasing pH and hardness

    Peat has a negligible effect on pH and hardness unless your tap water is fairly soft already. IME the only way to reliably lower the pH and hardness in a plant and fish friendly way is to use water with a lower GH and KH - ie. RO water.
  8. Ed Seeley

    Tropica 1-2 grow

    I grew Dactylorhiza. I grew a few fuchsii, foliosa and another I can't remember now! I also tried Cypripedium calceolus but wasn't very successful. I was growing them from spawn/seed and disinfecting them without killing them off was the challenge! I still grow fuchsii if you want some sealed...
  9. Ed Seeley

    garden pond coming to life

    My fish are up and begging for food. Fortunately no frogs, toads or newts in my new pond as the koi would probably just eat them!
  10. Ed Seeley

    Tropica 1-2 grow

    I've tissue cultured hardy terrestrial orchids in the past and, as has been said above, the real key to it is keeping the media, equipment and the plant material itself sterile otherwise you just grow moulds and bacteria. To be honest I think you'd find more traditional emersed or submerged...
  11. Ed Seeley

    Quick question...

    The static head will be from the water level in the sump to the top water level in the display tank so even if you keep the sump inly 30cm below the base of the aquarium (tricky to do when you will need the thickness of the stand too) you will still have 30cm plus of water depth in the display...
  12. Ed Seeley

    Lampeye fry

    If the tank is empty of all other fish then you might be best to leave them in the tank and add newly hatched brine shrimp to the tank. The fry will soon find it and eat it and they will eat all the microorganisms in the tank too.
  13. Ed Seeley

    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    £60 was what I paid but looks like they've gone up! Not the best idea from them as if they get close to price of other filters then they lose their big selling point!!!
  14. Ed Seeley

    Plant ID please!

    The leaves look terrestrial to me, like it has been submerged or fallen in - they look too tough for most aquatics. Although it's not from the right continent maybe Anubias might be the closest match? Or thick leaved species of cryptocoryne or amazon sword?
  15. Ed Seeley

    Drop Testers - are they reading CO2 or PH ?

    Only if you have 4dKH water in the drop checker. If you're using tank water for it then it will not give you an accurate measure of the CO2 level as other chemicals will affect the pH reading - it needs to be just (bi)carbonate providing the KH and CO2 providing the acidity to be totally accurate.
  16. Ed Seeley

    Drop Testers - are they reading CO2 or PH ?

    Both. They are reading the pH in the water in the drop checker. However as you use a known KH water in there (4dKH) it means that the pH solution will turn green when there's 30ppm CO2 in the water. So indirectly they measure CO2 by measuring the pH of a known KH water where the only outside...
  17. Ed Seeley

    Quick question...

    Working out the flow with a given head is possible if you have the performance curve of the pump and can work out the frictional head from all the piping (usually you can estimate this) to add to the static head. How is your sump's water level only 30mm below the water level in your display...
  18. Ed Seeley

    Quick question...

    I would. Always better to overgun the flow as it's easy to turn down but the only way to increase is to buy a bigger pump. With a sump you must also take into account the static head the pump is working against to lift the water from the sump water height to the display tank's water surface.
  19. Ed Seeley

    Increasing flow in a deep tank

    What are the dimensions of the tank? If it's a deep cube then I would add some way of getting CO2 rich water to plants lower down in the tank. You could either have a deepwater outlet to the filter though I would only do this if you have inline CO2 reactor/diffuser as the outlet will put CO2...
  20. Ed Seeley

    carpet plants and corydoras and hoplo

    Depending on what cichlids you have then they should be ok.
  21. Ed Seeley

    Stocking Help Please

    If you're looking for decent sized tetras then definitely look at Bleeding Heart Tetras and Diamond Tetras. Both look awful and washed out in shop tanks but give them 6 months to a year and they look stunning. Some of the barbs are a great choice too - Puntius nigrofasciatus is one of my...
  22. Ed Seeley

    What the hell has happened?

    Why would you want to increase GH and KH? I used to use pure RO water and only ever added a bit of RO salts occasionally (1/2 teaspoon to 25l) if anything as if you're dosing ferts you will be adding everything you need through them IME.
  23. Ed Seeley

    carpet plants and corydoras and hoplo

    Hoplos get pretty big. When I used to keep one I found that it would uproot most types of stem plants by swimming through them after replanting, never mind carpet plants! One of my favourite fish though - makes me wish I had a big softwater tank filled with discus, angels, festives...
  24. Ed Seeley

    Anyone use rain water?

    Probably. Best way is to test the water thoroughly before you start - test GH, KH, pH at least. I'd also test Nitrate, nitrite and ammonia (the last two just to be safe) and, as I said before, run the water through carbon at least. If the tiles are still new then your KH will be above 0, it...
  25. Ed Seeley

    Slow release/dissolving food blocks any good?

    Complete waste of time and money. If well fed for the rest of the year then fish can go for up to 3 weeks without food. If you really want to feed them then get an automatic feeder and set that up with food in - much better investment and you can control when and what is fed.
  26. Ed Seeley

    Marginal ideas

    Iris laevigata Variegata is a must for me - it has very neatly variegated broad leaves and then blue flowers. In the marsh marigolds you can get double yellow and white versions too which are rather nice and a little more unusual. Another one I like, is Zandeschia aetheopica - Arum lilies -...
  27. Ed Seeley

    Anyone use rain water?

    It's fine to use. I used to before getting an RO unit. All I did was syphon it out through carbon and floss just in case. You don't want to use the tap if it's right at the bottom unless you have to as you will pull more of the settled debris out with it - if you want to use a tap fit another...
  28. Ed Seeley

    How many discus?

    Discus are reported to live at high densities during the dry season when the flooded areas dry out but when the rivers flood they move out into the shallows and then spawn and defend a space to breed. With cichlids in captivity you can use high densities to reduce one-on-one aggression by...
  29. Ed Seeley

    Balloon rams mix

    Please bear in mind that Mikrogeophagus species are naturally pair forming, not haremic so you may end up with a spare female if you buy a trio. Sometimes in captivity harems will form but often not. With all cichlids that form bonds you are much better off buying a group of 6 or more fish...
  30. Ed Seeley

    Balloon rams mix

    They're all the same species so get two pairs and you might end up with two mixed pairs. I prefer the natural form and assuming a 200l tank is around 1m long I'd go for one happy pair; two at the very most.
  31. Ed Seeley

    Balloon rams mix

    what size tank is it? While these are deformed, line bred they are still cichlids and need a decent amount of space, around 2ft per pair plus room for spares if both pairs breed at the same time.
  32. Ed Seeley


    I would have said flow though the shrimp do come from cooler water. you don't need to go over 24 ime.
  33. Ed Seeley

    Blackwater and Plants

    blackwater habitats have no plants as the very heavy tannin staining reduces light and the water is very acidic and very low in nutrients which doesn't allow much submersed plant growth. In an aquarium you rarely get such high tannin levels and you can fertilise the plants.
  34. Ed Seeley

    Ember Tetras won't eat. Please help with diet...

    I take it they are new? If so call the store and find out what they were eating there. If they are new they will survive for a couple of weeks without food. If they don't eat in a couple more days get some live foos, such as Daphnia, as the movement will encourage eating response and it will...
  35. Ed Seeley

    Replace T5's with LED

    If you've got the T5s already set up then it probably isn't worth the cost. A good LED set up that dims and has other features is going to cost you a few hundred pounds at least and, as most are designed for marine set ups, they offer very high light level but not too much spread meaning you'd...
  36. Ed Seeley

    Silicone - setting times

    Silicone applied will initially cure quite quickly but it takes longer to get to full strength and cure fully. If the tank builder has put a sticker on saying leave until 29th March then leave it until at least then. If you only leave it for a day or so then the tank may fail when filled.
  37. Ed Seeley

    Filter Tubing

    You looked like a Dave I knew when at York!
  38. Ed Seeley

    ophiopogon gigantea

    It's a fairly common plant sold as aquatic that isn't. Best to get it out and keep it in a pot in the bathroom IMO.
  39. Ed Seeley

    frozen food

    Frozen food is fine but do bear in mind any uneaten food will rot down quickly and also you need to feed a lot compared to dried food for the same nutrional value as a lot of it is water!
  40. Ed Seeley

    Corydora Injured?

    Can you get a larger pic posted up please. Looks like some kind of damage then possibly infected. Catfish are pretty tough so it may recover nicely. What you might need to do is treat if there is any infection. Best way to do this is in a hospital tank so you don't add treatments to the main...
  41. Ed Seeley

    Filter Tubing

    Only if the internal diameter is rougher on one than the other or they are made from much thinner tubing which will collapse and kink more easily. If I had a long run to use (More then 3m or so) I would look at either rigid PVC / solvent weld black pipe or high quality ribbed pipe with smooth...
  42. Ed Seeley


    No that sounds fine. They are just cichlids and as such relatively intelligent fish and if they've got a spot where they found food once they will keep hunting for it there. I keep Mbuna from Lake Malawi in my main tank and they scour the areas around the rocks as it's where the food collects...
  43. Ed Seeley

    Filter Tubing

    Length of pipework can have a big difference on the frictional head that the pump has to work against, especially with external filters which work against a static head of effectively zero. Another thing that makes a big difference is the diameter of the pipework and any restrictions to it such...
  44. Ed Seeley


    They're probably looking for food. Angelfish will clear an area to spawn but unless they're a mature pair this is unlikely and they don't eat plants for the sake of it. Some mesh over the area will stop them.
  45. Ed Seeley

    Whats better: 2 little ones or 1 Big one?

    It's not the way the water is spread that causes the inefficiency it's the actual design of the motor itself. Streamflow type pumps have a large propellor type impellor that shifts a lot of water at low pressure and never restricts the water in pipes meaning huge amounts can be shifted short...
  46. Ed Seeley

    Protogynous hermaphroditism in Cardinal tertas (also other Tetras?).

    Almost all subdominant male cichlids Will colour down and adopt female / juvenile colouration giving the clear signal that they aren't competing for territory. In a species that pairs up like rams an odd fish, male or female, possible.ur down so that the pairs ignore it as much as possible. In...
  47. Ed Seeley

    Whats better: 2 little ones or 1 Big one?

    A narrow output powerhead is relatively inefficient in moving water - you're much better off putting up with an in tank streamflow type of pump - it's much more efficient.
  48. Ed Seeley

    Protogynous hermaphroditism in Cardinal tertas (also other Tetras?).

    In cardinals (and many other small tetras) in the wild they are effectively annuals living, growing and breeding in just one year before dying / getting eaten. Unless the rate of death is different for each sex or they maintain harems (like Anthias) which tetras don't then there isn't much...
  49. Ed Seeley

    Threaded hose tails

    'Gas' isn't a common term. Usually threaded fittings are BSP sizes.
  50. Ed Seeley

    Giesemann Teszla

    Another thing about the geisemann units is the controller isn't out yet so you only have a limted amount of variability with this unit at the moment. The controller will also be extra like the AI units whereas some have one included or are controlled by linking to a laptop like the Radions.
  51. Ed Seeley

    Fish for my water parameters

    In a 2ft tank a pair of West African cichlids would be perfect. Try rarer Pelvicachromis or tank bred Nanochromis. For South America you could go with Apistogramma but for something different that is absolutely stunning when settled and mature in a tank try Nannacara anomola - they will look...
  52. Ed Seeley

    Fish for my water parameters

    That is soft water so you have a wide range of fish that would love those parameters. Anything really from Amazonian waters (white, black and clear waters), South East Asia or West Africa. Avoid fish from Eastern Africa (especially the rift lakes), Central America and North Western South...
  53. Ed Seeley

    Anyone come across a really nice Internal Corner Filter ?

    I'd say you can't do much better than the Juwel filters. They are big, but that means plenty of room for media and, as you don't remove them from the tank when cleaning, easy to clean too. You can also get different power pumps for them. Downsides; they are big boxes to have in the corner of...
  54. Ed Seeley

    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    I have a 2000 and the elbows on it filters are much smaller than the tubing and will reduce the flow (the restriction will increase velocity locally though). Personally I've changed mine for some tubing and two 45 degree elbows from a juwel filter (that is the same diameter). This has reduced...
  55. Ed Seeley

    Journal My new pond

    Martin's right not all koi are worth a lot of money. Mine have cost me from £10 upwards (most significantly upwards!). All of them are British too, bred from very high quality Japanese and own bred broodstock by a breeder in Weston Super Mare. The pond is netted at the moment to prevent fish...
  56. Ed Seeley

    Weird question......

    Water from tanks is a great fertiliser for all plants, though I wouldn't use it on orchids (unless you know what you're doing with them) as they generally don't like high nutrient water.
  57. Ed Seeley

    Journal My new pond

    Added 5 more fish today, Goshiki (30cm) Sanke (28cm) Orenji Ogon (approx. 36-38cm - forgot to measure it!) Yamabuki Ogon (45cm) Kohaku (47cm) I've also been messing with the static section of the filter to make it larger as the flow is so high through the filter. While I was...
  58. Ed Seeley

    What makes fish colours realy pop??

    The right lighting and good food as others have said. I've fed red granular crumb for years and it really enhances colours imo and is cheap too.
  59. Ed Seeley

    Journal My new pond

    Thank you. I've still not added any more fish due to the cold weather. The water is also still green but I'm not adding a UV as you just end up with a ton of blanketweed then. IME the bloom will die out as the filter matures. Filter is running brilliantly all on air. With the air done off...
  60. Ed Seeley

    Serious issues with Juwel Bioflow 3.0 filtering system

    Set up correctly all the water should go through the top half of the filter with a slower flow through the bottom half. As long as you have mechanical filtration in the top half then it will work fine if the water is flowing correctly. If it isn't then either it's set up wrong or there's a gap...
  61. Ed Seeley

    purigen question

    Probably best to rinse it in old tank water or RO but tap water will be fine and won't make any difference. I dunk the bag full of New media in the bucket of old water when I'm doing a water change and swirl it around which is quick and simple way to rinse it.
  62. Ed Seeley

    Serious issues with Juwel Bioflow 3.0 filtering system

    Check the pump in the filter is working properly and drawing the water in. The juwel filter is pretty effective IME.
  63. Ed Seeley


    Cherry barbs are lovely if you get good stock.
  64. Ed Seeley

    Dennerle Co2 long term test correct

    I agree with hoggie; a pain to open and the two small suckers aren't as firm a connection as a single larger one IME. However it has some advantages - as someone who is red green colour blind I found it easier to tell the colour change initially (until I got used to the colour and then was ok...
  65. Ed Seeley

    too much light

    Be very careful, by reducing the surface agitation and increasing your bubble rate you could overdose your fish. Keep a careful eye on things and at the first sign of any distress from the fish turn the bubble rate down again.
  66. Ed Seeley

    If airstones were so effective...

    Most of the advantage of airstones in aerating a tank are actually down to them cirulating the water due to the rising stream of bubbles, not because of extra oxygen dissolving from the bubbles. Also gases will only dissolve until they are in equilibrium with the water and the content of the...
  67. Ed Seeley

    Fish swimming at the filter current

    Glad to hear that. Once most people get an idea there might be a problem they start chucking medications in left, right and centre. Unfortunately you never can tell how healthy stock really is until it's home which is why a simple quarantine tank is invaluable.
  68. Ed Seeley

    Fish swimming at the filter current

    How would this mean they were free from infection? Infections are more likely to spread through a population that is overcrowded. Please don't treat them unless they actually become ill and you can diagnose it. Just adding treatments in case will stress them more and likely bring on an issue...
  69. Ed Seeley

    TNC GH Boost

    Unless you're keeping sensitive wild Tanganyikans then any pH above 7 will be ok. The easiest way to raise it is to add aragonite into your filter somewhere which will slowly dissolve and raise the KH and GH. BYW GH doesn't effect pH it's KH that does. You can raise this using bicarb.
  70. Ed Seeley

    O2 through a co2 diffuser

    Atmosphere of Earth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Air is 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and around 1% of everything else. Sounds like you just need a small fine air stone.
  71. Ed Seeley

    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    You'll get bad examples in all filters - I've had issues with Ehiems - but you'd hope more expensive filters would have better quality control as well as maybe a better build quality. My APS 2000 is great if you don't expect it to perform like a filter 5 times it's price. It's as quiet as my...
  72. Ed Seeley

    O2 through a co2 diffuser

    First of all using an air pump won't give you oxygen bubbles - it will give you air bubbles in the tank that are mainly nitrogen. If you want O2 bubbles, get an O2 cylinder and then you could run it just like a CO2 cylinder using an atomiser. Second, why do you want such tiny air bubbles...
  73. Ed Seeley

    Kessil A150W "Amazon Sun" review

    Any word on the results of the PAR/PUR tests yet?
  74. Ed Seeley

    Water mains flushing

    BTW with the amount of fertilisers salts most people add I think you'll still be fine to use that water, just keep up your water changes afterwards with tap water.
  75. Ed Seeley

    Water mains flushing

    I've used seachem equilibrium and Kent RO right and both add a decent amount of GH with no KH and little rise in salinity. However you don't really need them. I used to add a teaspoon full of RO salt to 25l of water just to add some minerals back for the plants when keeping soft water fish if...
  76. Ed Seeley

    Anyone with Clown Killifish experience?

    All killifish will jump - it's only a matter of time. They will also get through the smallest gaps in a cover too. You can't dose anything to soften water. You can add chemcials to lower the pH but they add to the TDS and raise the salinity / hardness. If you want soft water then you need...
  77. Ed Seeley

    Halide 150W

    When you add in extra running costs and bulb replacements over a 5 year period you might surprised how 'cheap' an LED unit suddenly seems compared to T5 or halide lights. Also IMO you won't need a real top of the range unit for a planted tank - aquarays and the like will do a good job as some...
  78. Ed Seeley

    Discus in Hard water

    I'd stick at 4. They are large fish once mature. BTW is the fish in your avatar one of your tetras? If so you have cardinals, not neons. Your temperature shouldn't be dropping that much really with the lights off. What lighting are you using? Being open topped your lights shouldn't be...
  79. Ed Seeley

    Water mains flushing

    Cut back feeding and maybe dosing if you're currently using EI (though you shouldn't really need to do this) and skip a water change. Your tank might then need a few weeks of higher maintenance to get it back on track and looking perfect but nothing should come to permanent harm.
  80. Ed Seeley

    Discus in Hard water

    Agree with the above. If you keep domestically bred fish (preferably tougher varieties and reared in harder water (usually German or UK bred)) and don't want to breed them then they should be fine. I'd be wary of more inbred newer varieties and stick to older, less inbred forms and definitely...
  81. Ed Seeley

    Nitrate level after HMA filter

    The HMA filter could be allowing something to dissolve in the water that is causing the higher nitrate reading. That doesn't mean it has to be nitrate, there could be something else causing a false positive. No evidence to back this up, just a possible idea.
  82. Ed Seeley

    Advice on suitable Cichlids for an aquascaped tank please?

    And whatever you pick they will eat small shrimps so your population will reduce. But I wouldn't have a freshwater tank without at least 1 cichlid species in there.
  83. Ed Seeley

    Another Rain Water Question

    If you're maiing up the 4dKH water using a test kit then it won't matter what the TDS of the starting water is really as long as it's 4dKH when you're done.
  84. Ed Seeley

    Trickle filling tank from HMA filter (will it work?)

    Ideally I'd use solvent weld pipe (probably the 22mm white overflow pipe as it's cheap and easy to get) but snall diameter push fit will be fine. All you will need to do is step the rigid pipe down to hosepipe or similar to get to the drain. Trust me however much you think you'll be watching...
  85. Ed Seeley

    Rain Water - Who uses it in their tanks

    Mine was used from a shed roof and no problem. It wasn't a new roof though but a couple of years old. This is one reason why I used carbon as I drew the water out to help reduce any slim possibility of any contaminents.
  86. Ed Seeley

    Trickle filling tank from HMA filter (will it work?)

    That will work but I guarantee it will only be a matter of time before you overflow the container and spill water everywhere. Instead of buying the timer you could just work out the flow rate through your HMA and set a kitchen timer to let you know ehn to turn it off. Much simpler and less...
  87. Ed Seeley


    Not really! Some very experienced keepers might be able to have a go at venting them but it won't be easy(if it's possible at all) with young fish. Another reason for buying a good sized group and let them pick their own mate. You also get a much more stable pair bond in cichlids if you let...
  88. Ed Seeley

    Rain Water - Who uses it in their tanks

    I used to use it and just filtered it through a length of pipe with carbon and floss in it just to be safe. I'm going to be experimenting with using rain water in my koi pond soon too to reduce the GH in there. I only stopped using it as the water butt was at the end of the garden and in...
  89. Ed Seeley

    Trickle filling tank from HMA filter (will it work?)

    You won't be able to balance the water syphon out with the trickle of new water in. You could trickle the new water in and set up an overflow that will drain out excess water. You can make one of these using solid pipe set up like this, Once filled, the loop of pipe over the tank remains...
  90. Ed Seeley

    How to lower KH and GH?

    If you're mixing RO with tap then you don't need to RO right - it will just increase your GH. Increase the amount of RO to reduce KH and GH and if you want it very low then use pure RO.
  91. Ed Seeley

    Wood ID

    Looking at the widely spaced growth rings and the compact root ball with no major tap roots I'd say that wasa softwood stump (probably a pine or cypress) and I wouldn't use it submerged in a tank personally. However you could soak it and see what happens if you really like the shape.
  92. Ed Seeley

    One powerhead or two?

    I agree and you also then have options of running both on different timer to create different flow patterns at different times of the day which may help move detritus into the filter.
  93. Ed Seeley


    Get 6+ and watch the interactions. With plenty of cover they may be able to carve out territories and give each other enough room, but even if not it'll be interesting watching them grow and pair up.
  94. Ed Seeley

    Is this a Fern producing oxygen?

    +1. You can get a leaf to do it by stabbing it with a pin or bending the leaf, however you don't always get the stream of bubbles when you do this.
  95. Ed Seeley

    Small interesting/unusual fishes - suggestions wanted

    Depends on the length of the tank. If it's a 2ft long 60l tank then yeah that'd work great. Female apistos tend to defend an area of 12-15" when breeding around their cave so your tank would have room for the male and other fish to get out of the way. Add a dozen unusual tetras and a group of...
  96. Ed Seeley

    Small interesting/unusual fishes - suggestions wanted

    Non-annual killifish would be an excellent choice, just have tight fitting lids. Choose the apistos wisely as some will be quite aggressive to partners in small tanks and may need separating after spawning.
  97. Ed Seeley

    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    I've got a 2000 running alongside an Ehiem 2128 on my mbuna tank and this is a great filter. And for £60 it's about a fifth of the cost of the Ehiem (Ok without the heating part it's more like half - third)! The only grumbles are the flimsiness and construction of the plastic used for media...
  98. Ed Seeley

    inline reactor help

    You can try bioballs in the tube for starters - they will break up the flow and give the bubbles more time to diffuse. If that doesn't work then you; A. need to fit a bypass so that most of the flow goes past the reactor; B. build another and run two in parallel or C. Build and longer and...
  99. Ed Seeley

    Co2 Atomizer Vs. Reactor

    Her's mine from the depths of time... DIY Reactor - pictures, assembly and testing | UK Aquatic Plant Society
  100. Ed Seeley

    Kribensis young

    As has been said, Pelvicachromis are good parents and if you leave the fry in the tank they will postpone laying the next batch for longer. You'll find you can leave them in about 10-12 weeks if you're lucky. You will need to grow them on more before they get to sellable size though to be able...