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    my planted tanks

    Hi , here are the planted tanks i realized in the past 2 or 3 years , hope you like it :D 240L , Sonata 36L , Kamikakushi , low tech 240L , in lucem sanctam 65L , "classic nature aquarium" 65L , "classic iwagumi" 65L , "la clairiere" (never been finished) 240L , "mino no...
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    65L douce ambiance

    Hi everyone , i just finished a new tank , this one is 60*30*36 , 65L , i tried to do something natural with a lot of contrasts , i tried to balance the heavy hardscape with a light and aerian stem plants part , using myrio matogrossense seemed to be a good way to do so ,as well as not so much...
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    hi here's one of my tanks , this one is now a bit more than 2 months old , basicaly it was meant an iwagumi but the stem part went well so i kept it that way....anyways it is gonna turn to an iwagumi next week so here are the final pictures of this scape.i feel l ike the matogrossesse part...