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    65L Skeleton coast

    Hi :D here is another new tank , 60*30*36 , 65L , plantation is not finished yet , i need to put some moss on the wood ans also a bit on the stones , at the separation between sand and stones and here and there between the stones . on the background there will be mainly vallisneria nana ...
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    65L iwagumi , new lay-out

    Hi everybody , Here's a new tank i am starting now its a 60*30*36cm , 65Liters , at this point only the hardscape is done , plantation is going to be very simple , moss in the foreground , only in the central part sand will be visible , midground and background will be a mix of...
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    Hi everybody , Here is a lay-out i'm working on, the tank is 240L , 120*45*45cm , i still have to finish the plantation , the background will be fully planted (nothing in the left part at this moment) , i want the background to be light and colorful , only have to wait for it to grow :D...