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    No competition for 1st quarter of 2010?

    You could indeed, but unless you have access to lots of wild plants that are included in the judges list filling it for less than £30 would be rather difficult :wink:
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    No competition for 1st quarter of 2010?

    The idea I think everyone was going for was to have any tank size you want (within reason) but it can only have 10 litres of water in it as a maximum.... It would also promote many different ideas as we wouldn't be forced to a set tank size ;) Again, just a thought!
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    No competition for 1st quarter of 2010?

    I already Have my tank planned if this goes ahead; hense the Clearseal question ;)
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    No competition for 1st quarter of 2010?

    Sounds great to me. However, maybe three plants and one moss? Just a thought.
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    No competition for 1st quarter of 2010?

    So, when do you think we could get this going by? 1st Quarter is nearly over !
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    Steve's 40cm shrimpy mossy concoction

    Re: Steve's 40cm Low light scape - Planning. Really like the look of that. Most impressed with the way the rocks sit against the wood; looks very natural. :thumbup:
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    Is it just me.....?

    IE8 is horrific. Anything buy... I use Mozilla Firefox. Much smooter and more features if you like to use them.
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    Possible UKAPS booklet?

    Did this article ever materialise?
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    No competition for 1st quarter of 2010?

    The rules would be: - budget of £30 - 10L water - emmergent or swampy - cold of tropical, after all there are a lot of plants in the UK that could survive on room temp - the tank would be evaluated on use of natural materials, ease of setup and aesthetics So what would the tank size be? No...
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    45*26*27cm HC Nano

    Definitely convinced me to try HC next time around. Looks great!
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    oh where do i begin?

    Someone has recommended this to me: ... -3882.html I am deliberating myself... there are lots of threads on here about Co2. just trawl through until you find the answer, its bound to be there.
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    Some chap walking his fish.

    That's ridiculous.
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    A Study of Iwagumi

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    Lake Inle Biotope

    Wonderful. Particularly like picture 3.
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    the pacific

    Just to let you know, its AWESOME :D
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    UKAPS Pico Contest - Results!

    The plants in Fell's Crag look amazing! Not much between any of them IMO. Congrats!
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    Laptop to TV

    Welcome, send a PM if you have any problems.
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    My First Journal! 25L Corner Tank

    Wow, probably won't be opting for that system then! There was link within that topic to another system for around £88 with everything including bubble counter etc. Hopefully opt for that. Had a change of heart with the tank. Its more of a learning curve to growing plants. avoiding algae etc...
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    Walk in the forest

    The moss in my tank look rather boring now, ha! Lovely photographs!
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    the pacific

    I think that is only available to people in the US. I remember trying to watch Lost and didn't get very far.
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    Laptop to TV

    It will be far easier if you have a USB pen. Simply put the film/episode on to the USB stick and then into the TV. The TV will either recognise that it has been added or there will be a menu you can select it from to view the media on it. You will have to ensure that the codec of the file used...
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    60cm Riparium

    Re: Pre-journal: 60cm Riparium I like the idea of Lace rock as it isn't all that common, as you said. If you were planning to cover some of the hardscape in moss then I think you could be rather clever with the lace rock due to the amount of indentations in it and the extremely random shapes...
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    Equipment Recommendations

    Wow, thank you for the reply! All seems OK. I have been surprised how check 2nd hand equipment seems to be. For instance I have found a 1 year old Co2 complete setup for under a third of the rrp; and that was asking price! Like you said though, better learn how to grow plants properly before...
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    What/who are you listening too?

    I have basically never heard of half the people mentioned ha! Ian Brown - Fear
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    F1 GP Who do You support

    Anyone but Alonso, I hope Jenson gets it again. After all the BS he has been put through with shocking cars etc he kinda deserves it.
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    Honest Ebay Seller (Funny)

    Hahahaha, very funny
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    24l/5g Nano

    As someone who is very new to all this and looking at all the different ways to bring a tank to life, this seems very promising way to beat the algae problems! Love the rock formation and tank dimensions as well!
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    Equipment Recommendations

    Hi folks, I'm trying to find out what equipment I need for an idle beginners set up, and at what cost with substrate, plants ect excluded. I'll probably be going for a 60l Optiwhite Tank, so all everything will need to be on that scale. Preferably I would like it to only be my scaping skills...
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    'patience is a virtue'

    Looks good! One question with the tank, did you take the plastic bit around the top off the tank off?
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    My First Journal! 25L Corner Tank

    Actually, I lied, it's my first fish tank, planted or unplanted!! A very kind soul recently advised me to create a journal after answering a few questions I had, and well, here I am. Fundamentals: Aquarium: 25L (6.6USG) Corner Tank. Lighting: 1x 8W (1.21 WPG) Filtration: Sponge Filter with...